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Wayne Messmer

February 14, 2014
Wayne Messmer

Wayne Messmer

Expertise:   Motivation, Overcoming Adversity, Change

Speaking Style:  Inspirational. Powerful. Engaging.

Travels From:  Chicago, Illinois

Nancy Says:  "Wayne’s story is unforgettable, awe-inspiring and potent, reminding us of the power of the human spirit. In spite of it all, he’s also delightfully humorous. What a wonderful combination!”

The Voice That Could Not Be Silenced 

For a man most noted as the voice of patriotism for singing the National Anthem, Wayne Messmer was almost silenced. In 1994, victimized in an armed robbery attempt in Chicago, he was shot in the throat. Wayne’s miraculous comeback was chronicled in his book, The Voice of Victory. His inspirational keynotes pack a punch while touching on the power of forgiveness.

Wayne’s history with various sports teams is long: He’s been with the Chicago Cubs since 1985; three years as the field announcer and soloist for the Chicago White Sox; thirteen seasons as the celebrated soloist with the Chicago Blackhawks; the founding partner of the four-time Cup champion Chicago Wolves; and many other stints singing the anthem or announcing for other teams. Wayne also owns a financial services firm and is a celebrated Chicago recording artist and radio personality

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While in demand as a motivational and inspirational speaker, Wayne Messmer’s voice remains most associated with the singing of the National Anthem. He has held a professional association with the Chicago Cubs since 1985. For three years prior to joining the Cubs, he was the field announcer and soloist for the Chicago White Sox. Wayne spent thirteen seasons as the celebrated soloist for the Chicago Blackhawks of the NHL. His association with sports began as the announcer/soloist with the two-time champion Chicago Sting Soccer Team. He is a founding partner of the four-time Cup champion Chicago Wolves Professional Hockey Team of the AHL where he now serves in a consulting role as senior executive vice president.

Wayne was the announcer at two Major League Baseball All-Star games played in Chicago, at Comiskey Park in 1983, and at Wrigley Field in 1990. Additionally, his spirited rendition of the United States and Canadian National Anthems prior to the NHL All-Star game at Chicago Stadium in January 1991 was replayed on every major network newscast across the country that evening, and still appears near the top of many lists, mentioned among the most memorable National Anthem performances.

This life-long, native Chicagoan’s career has spanned over thirty-years as a professional vocalist, radio broadcaster, musical theatre performer, narrator, voice-over artist and professional speaker. Wayne also frequently performs with his wife Kathleen, also an accomplished actor and musical entertainer and a member of the 6-time Sweet Adelines International Champion Melodeers Chorus.

His portrayal of Father (Saint) Damien, the Leper Priest of Molokai in the one-man play, Damien by Aldyth Morris has received critical acclaim throughout the Chicagoland area. Damien was also successfully staged with a performance in Hawaii.

He is the co-founder of Wayne Messmer & Associates, LLC, a Chicago-based, financial services firm specializing in building, protecting and preserving individual and family retirement assets.

As a speaker, entertainer and broadcaster, his entertaining wit and sense of humor has made him a favorite for years among the audiences with whom he visits. His popular weekly radio show “The Wayne Messmer Radio Show” is heard on WDCB 90.9FM/ Chicago every Sunday evening from 6:00- 7:00 PM. He also recently released a vocal CD with legendary jazz pianist Judy Roberts, entitled So Lucky To Be Loving You.

The powerful story of Wayne’s miraculous comeback after being shot in the throat in an armed robbery attempt in April 1994 in Chicago has touched thousands of people across the country. His experience, recorded in his book, The Voice of Victory credits the courage and support of his wife Kathleen along with the “3-F’s” of faith, family and friends as the source of his strength throughout the ordeal and along the road to recovery. He is also a respected spokesperson on the topic of forgiveness.

Wayne is a graduate of Illinois Wesleyan University in Bloomington where he received a Bachelor’s degree in Music Education, Loyola University Chicago where he earned a Master’s degree in counseling, and where he has taught sports marketing in the Graduate School of Business. He also earned a Ph.D. in Psychology from La Salle University.

He is a professional member of the (NSA) National Speakers Association, (SAG/AFTRA) Screen Actors Guild/American Federation of Television and Radio Artists.

The Messmer’s reside in a northern suburb of Chicago. They are blessed to enjoy two grown daughters, three granddaughters and a grandson in their lives.


Presentation Topics

The Voice of Victory 

Wayne Messmer shares the accounts of his true-life story, as told in his inspirational and critically-acclaimed book The Voice of Victory, canvassing Wayne’s rise

to fame as the premier singer of the National Anthem, his career as a broadcaster, speaker, and sports

personality and his near fatal experience of being shot in the throat during an armed robbery attempt.

The audience takes the journey through Wayne’s career highs and the challenges that were thrust upon him during an incredibly difficult period in his life. Citing moments of doubt and frustration along the way, the master storyteller describes how he broke out of the darkness and onto the road of his triumphant comeback.

Wayne’s message speaks of his recovery from adversity by focusing on hope, dedication to following a dream and overcoming what appear to be the overwhelming odds, gaining strength by tapping into a foundation of faith, family and friends.

As the dramatic tale unwinds, the audience is “Messmer-ized” by the presence of a constant and singular thought throughout the process, of not just “getting well,” but evolving into a distinctively more profound state of “being better.”

Audiences are asked to take inventory of their own lives to discover their very special gifts, and they are then challenged to use them, respect them and share them.

The Voice of Victory Keynote presentation is certain to inspire and motivate every audience through its story of courage and conviction in the face of life’s great challenges. Wayne artfully describes the powerful 3-F’s of Faith, Family, are Friends that are strengthened by the “4th F” of Forgiveness, leading to the critically important “5th F” of Freedom

The Spirit of a Champion, The Challenge of Change 

The moment Wayne Messmer takes the stage after being introduced the audience joins him to launch into their own personal journey of reflection, while facing the reality and inevitability of the “Challenge of Change.”

Drawing from a career as a broadcaster, singer, author, actor, and successful businessman, Messmer delivers a timeless message of hope to connect with the audience on multiple levels of emotion, passion, survival, overcoming adversity and fear. A master storyteller, Wayne entertains from the platform with wit and humor.

Citing his personal life’s experiences, as told in his critically-acclaimed book, The Voice of Victory, Wayne engages the audience by inviting them to join him on his personal path of charting a course in life, citing the roadblocks, detours, setbacks, tragedy and his triumphant recapturing of life.

A singular event in April 1994 changed Wayne Messmer’s life when he was shot in the throat in a random act of violence in Chicago one evening. He shares the emotional and spellbinding details of this powerful story igniting a number of thought-provoking moments for the audience. They take each step of that fateful evening as well as the challenges that followed, ultimately coming to celebrate in the pure joy of the “miracle comeback” to sing again and to experience freedom through the power of forgiveness.

Taking the audience behind the scenes from his thirty-plus years as a sports and entertainment personality and businessman, Messmer shares the valuable lessons learned from identifying the best qualities of the “Spirit of a Champion,” Wayne opens the playbook of the professionals to examine the approach they take to their craft to achieve and maintain their personal best and sustainable levels of excellence until they put on their Championship CAP

Keep the Faith...Nobody Ever Said It Was Going To Be Easy

Based on the core values of Faith, Family and Friends, Wayne Messmer walks the talk in this powerful multi-media presentation to dig deeply into

the essence of taking responsibility for the roles in which we have been cast in our lives. He also looks squarely in the eye of enormous challenge that he was forced to face in his own life.

Using his personal true life story of having been shot in the throat as an innocent victim in a senseless act of violence in a robbery attempt, Wayne presents a straightforward message that clarifies the belief that it is not the severity of the setbacks in our lives, but our reaction to them that truly test what we are made of.

The difficult evolutionary process of moving from anger, hatred and wanting revenge for being victimized is examined and dissected to do the work required to move toward the ultimate achievement of freedom through healing and forgiveness. The presentation moves the audience past the darkness, bringing them to the point of realization that justice is not ours to dispense and the only antidote for revenge is forgiveness.

As the audience travels the journey with Wayne, they are reminded that hope is the basis of healing. The “Keep the Faith” Keynote presentation has been exceptionally effective in group settings that are intended to be reflective or spiritually awakening in nature.

This presentation is challenging, enlightening and insightful, while still remaining spellbindingly entertaining.



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