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Steve Rizzo

February 9, 2014
Willie Jolley

Steve Rizzo

Expertise:   Motivation, Inspiration, Humor, Attitude, Change

Speaking Style:  Motivational. Uplifting. Hilarious.

Travels From:  Long Island, New York

Nancy Says:  “I need more blabbing space for Steve than allotted here! He slays me every time I hear him speak…from his side-splitting stories and quips to the poignant messages he imparts. He’s intent on guiding others to the other side of negativity, to see life in a more positive way, and he does it with such hilarity one can’t help but pay attention. He’s just plain great.”

How to Think, Laugh and Enjoy Your Way to Success 

Known as The Attitude Adjuster, Steve Rizzo knows exactly what you need: a swift kick in the negative behind with fall-out-of-your-chair funny stuff. But, this isn’t just comedy for the sake of laughter only. Steve’s programs are powerful messages cleverly wrapped in comic foil…so hilarious people can’t help but take in key points while being uplifted and feeling better about themselves and their world at the same time.

Steve has been making people laugh for over 25 years. Once a high school teacher, Steve landed on the comedy scene, hitting the big time with a Showtime Special, and appearances on Evening at the Improv. The Comedy Channel and Fox-TV Comic Strip Live. He’s shared the stage with Jerry Steinfeld, Rodney Dangerfield, Eddie Murphy and Ellen DeGeneres. Steve, a member of the Speaker Hall of Fame, is the author of Becoming a Humor Being and Get Your Shift Together.

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You may have seen Steve Rizzo on TV:

As a SHOWTIME COMEDY ALL-STAR and sharing the stage with Jerry Seinfeld, Rodney Dangerfield, Eddie Murphy, Ellen DeGeneres and many more giants of comedy. Or maybe you’ve seen Steve as the goto-guy on Personal   Development on NBC, CNBC, and MSNBC. His immensely popular PBS special brought him into the homes of millions revealing why he’s and expert on Attitude, Motivation, Humor and the Power of Positive Thinking.

Yes, he’s hysterical, but…don’t let the laughter fool you.

A personal development expert, comedian, motivational speaker, and author, Steve Rizzo is the Attitude Adjuster. You can’t attend one of his keynote speeches, seminars, or read his books and leave with the same attitude.

He’s like Tony Robbins – only funny…and a lot shorter!

“Steve Rizzo’s Programs are indispensable tools for maximizing your success and happiness, while challenging you to confront your inner fears and to explore the outside world. His Attitude Adjustment Strategies teach you how to SHIFT your way of thinking and to laugh at them both.  Anthony Robbins, Author, Awaken the Giant Within and Unlimited Power

What Steve brings to the table is his captivating ability to engage the attendees with laughter as he challenges them to SHIFT their focus and way of thinking to discover greater enthusiasm, increased productivity and new levels of success. He is a Motivational Mechanic who tunes and tweaks each member of the audience to succeed at their full potential.

Steve Rizzo is a SERIOUSLY Funny Guy! He educates and motivates as he entertains.

Difficult situations don’t cause us to fail or to be unhappy,” says Steve, “but rather it’s our negative thoughts and beliefs about the situation.” Steve has been Adjusting Attitudes in companies such as AT&T, American Airlines, JP Morgan Chase, State Farm, Prudential, Marriott, and even the CIA (yes, he had them laughing as they learned Success Strategies to get to a better place in Business and in life too) since 1994.

It’s no surprise that he’s been inducted into the Speakers Hall of Fame, an honor bestowed upon on fewer than 200 speakers worldwide since 1977.


Presentation Topics

Steve customizes his message to fit your audience, whether it is a keynote speech, a high humor afterdinner program, or an intense workshop (with humor, of course), this program is a perfect fit for sales,customer service, leadership, education or any other business. Great for organizations embracing change –or just in need of a simple attitude adjustment!

Give your group more than basic nuts and bolts of success. Give them a foundation to stand on when the nuts and bolts fail – delivered in an entertaining, powerful, and memorable way. Choose Steve – he’s the speaker to get your corporate, business, wellness, or association event energized and ready to SHIFT!

Examples of customized programs Steve has presented:
  • The Atti-Tools for Success
  • Don’t Just Accept Change, Embrace It
  • Why Not Enjoy the Process
  • RIZZOS HEROES: Leadership Secrets from Near and Far
  • Drilling for Optimism (For Today’s Challenging Times)
  • Emcee Extraordinaire
  • After Dinner Winner

Get Your Shift Together

Start each day with an Unstoppable Attitude to Succeed

Signature Keynote: A Seriously Funny Program

(Yes, it’s a funny keynote, but who says funny can’t be SERIOUS?)

Funny motivational speaker, Steve Rizzo, engages the audience with laughter as he challenges each attendee to SHIFT their way of thinking to discover greater enthusiasm, increased productivity, and new levels of success.

Get your SHIFT together. When SHIFT happens your life changes! In this motivational business program, based on his book, Get Your Shift Together, Steve reveals secrets of Success, Life Balance, Change and Stress management through:

  • SHIFTing focus and your way of thinking to get the results you want.
  • Training yourself to be resilient and motivated throughout the day, every day.
  • Enjoying yourself during the process of achieving your goals.
  • Starting each day with an unstoppable attitude to succeed.
  • Using humor, “The Instant Mind SHIFT” to nip negative thoughts in the bud before emotional havoc sets in.
  • Creating lifelong habits for success and happiness in business and in life.

Harness the power of SHIFTING to acquire an unstoppable Attitude to succeed every day AND enjoy the entire process. “Attitude Adjuster”, Steve Rizzo’s Secrets for Success were in part created from the lessons he learned through personal experiences with many comedy greats, celebrities and everyday heroes. Audiences learn:

  • What 3 Success Qualities catapulted Eddie Murphy to Super Stardom? “This is what everyone needs to master if they want to achieve the Ultimate Success in business and in life.”
  • Why was Rodney Dangerfield so unhappy when he achieved so much? “If you’re not enjoying yourself on your journey towards your goal, you’re ripping yourself off.”
  • How was Christopher Reeve, who was paralyzed from the neck down, able to accomplish so much in the last 9 years of life with the odds against him? “It’s all about Attitude! It’s always been about Attitude! And it always will be about Attitude!”
  • How did Steve’s brother Michael (100% disabled as a result of the VietNam War) embrace this major change and become the Ultimate Success Story? “My brother is living proof that when you challenge yourself to SHIFT your focus and way of thinking you can turn any challenge into an opportunity!

It’s not brain surgery – it’s brain adjustment!



Steve Rizzo
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