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Steve McSwain

February 11, 2014
Steve McSwain

Dr. Steve McSwain

Expertise:   Interfaith Cultures, Conscious Leadership, Spirituality, Life Coaching

Speaking Style:  Engaging. Empowering. Authentic.

Travels From:  Louisville, Kentucky

Nancy Says:  ““Steve has a contagious spirit and a commitment to making our planet a more harmonious place. I see him as a messenger, doing noble work. He does so with grace and love, and lots of humor too! He’s simply fantastic.”


Awakening the Spirit Within 

Dr. Steve McSwain is a trusted guide, transformation leader and spiritual teacher. He travels extensively, summoning all people to join him in the creation of a more conscious, compassionate, and charitable world. “In our increasingly global world,” asks Steve, “where commerce, communication, even religious convictions, either create community or cause conflict, what could be more important than to learn how to live, laugh, and grow together as one human family?”

Steve has a worldwide and diverse religious audience who follow his blogs at the “Religion” page of the Huffington Post and His words and talks inspire, uplift and awaken the spirit within as he challenges his readers and listeners to awaken to a deeply connected life…connected to the higher self and Source and interconnected with all other humans, regardless of race or religion. Steve is the creator of the Unity Pendant…with the word “Peace” surrounded by symbols of the five major religions, and a quote by the Dalai Lama:  “When there is peace among religions, there will be peace in the world.”

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Dr. Steve McSwain is a warm, humorous, and engaging communicator. His talks and books, as well as his blogs at the Huffington Post and, inspire people all over the world who aspire to live what Steve describes as “the transformed life.” As a professor of communication at the university level, Steve has mastered the art himself, inspiring his audiences to expand their consciousness of the sacred in all of life, to deepen their compassion toward themselves and all living things, and to release the charitable spirit that resides in the heart of everyone.

From the moment he begins his talk, Steve’s audiences instantly feel, as one observer noted, “connected to something greater and grander than life itself…you have this profound sensation within that nothing could ever keep you from achieving the life of your dreams.”  Steve’s stories are personal and filled with laughter, yet abundant in wisdom. Having visited nearly every continent on planet earth before graduating high school, Steve’s remarkable childhood has deepened his insights into the human experience and heightened his awareness of peoples, cultures, and traditions from around the world. These insights richly inform his talks. “To the degree you expand your consciousness of life itself,” explains McSwain, “as well as that life as it is expressed in all living things…to that degree you have enhanced the quality of your life and enriched the legacy you leave.”

In 2007, Steve wrote The Giving Myths: Giving then Getting the Life You’ve Always Wanted. To this day, it is still regarded by leaders from virtually every faith tradition in America as one of the most thorough and thoughtful books on charity and generosity written in the twenty-first century.

In 2011, Steve’s book The Enoch Factor: The Sacred Art of Knowing God was named one of only two finalists in the category, “Most Inspirational Book of the Year” in the Indie Book Awards at the Global Book Expo, New York City.  In this groundbreaking, at times controversial, but passionately engaging book, Steve explores a new kind of spirituality, one that transcends all faith traditions. “The survival of humanity is at stake,” writes McSwain. “Virtually every conflict — between nations, religions, and even between people within the same religion — has been the inevitable consequence of the narcissistic notion, ‘We’re right; You’re wrong!’ ‘We’re in; You’re out!’ ‘We’re the chosen ones; You’re not!’ Such insanity must end if humanity is to survive!”  More than a personal odyssey, The Enoch Factor offers fresh insights into the teachings of Jesus, the Buddha, Lao Tzu, Muhammad, and others.

Today, Steve is an executive coach. Each year, he counsels a select group of entrepreneurs, CEO’s, community leaders, and especially religious leaders interested in expanding their own consciousness and, as a consequence, enhancing their leadership, influence, and entrepreneurial skills.

Steve’s company, the Foundation for Excellence in Giving, Inc. has assisted non-profits, faith-based organizations, and congregations with strategic counsel, vision and mission casting, executive coaching for CEO’s, board members, ministers, priests, and pastors representing virtually every religious communion in America. He and his company have conducted hundreds of feasibility studies, and annual and capital campaigns for non-profits and congregations all across America. These congregations and organizations have raised more than a half billion dollars for worthy causes world wide.

While a Christian by choice, Steve respects all spiritual traditions. In a spirit of respect similar to that of Thomas Merton, Henri Nouwen, Mother Teresa, and, most recently, even Pope Francis himself, Steve seeks to build bridges between all people and faith traditions and he speaks passionately for this inner vision of unity he holds for the future of the human family. What Mother Teresa used to say of herself, Steve now says of himself, “I love all religions, even as I’m IN LOVE with my own.”

Steve holds a doctorate in ministry and theology, describes himself as “a recovering Baptist minister,” is married to Pam and, between the two of them, they are the proud parents of four children and an ever-expanding family of beloved grandchildren.


Presentation Topics

The 4 Pillars of Success 

Get THESE right and You Cannot Be Stopped

This motivational talk motivates CEO’s, sales people, but even worshipers in a congregation, to aspire to reach their peak performance…to build their lives, as well as their companies upon what Steve describe as the “4” pillars of success…and the dynamics of effective Leadership.

This talk is appropriate for virtually any context – a Chamber of Commerce luncheon, a sales force motivational gathering, an awards banquet, etc., a community gathering of business professionals, a training meeting, even a congregation on Saturday or Sunday morning. The same “Pillars of Success” applicable to a CEO and the corporate world apply to living a successful, richly connected and meaningful life. Which is why audiences leave this talk knowing, if they get these ideas into their consciousness, they will not only transform their own lives but radically and positively change the company OR the congregation where they work or serve.


Why are People So Unhappy? 

Living Life Backwards..the Secret to Happiness and Inner Peace

Why are People So Unhappy? In this talk, Steve explores the “science of happiness” and its limitations. He then share how to live life backwards and discover the secrets to happiness and inner peace. Audiences laugh at the stories and are inspired by the practical insights for finding and following a genuinely happy, fulfilling life. This talk is full of inspiration appropriate to any setting.


Everybody's Talking...Texting. But is Anybody Listening?

The 21st century will be remembered as the most connected but disconnected generation on record.  Think about it. We talk…we text…we transmit 24/7. Were a visitor from outer space to drop by for a brief visit, climb out of his space vehicle for a triple shot, skinny latte at the corner Starbucks, he would likely find a room full of people all punching away on their laptops and smartphones while sipping coffee and occasionally nodding to the person beside them.  He would then return to his commander and report, “The humans are very, very connected to each other.”

It’s an illusion, though, isn’t it? Yes, people are connected. But, at one-and-the-same time there is more disconnectedness, more division between people and partners, employers and employees, between conservatives and moderates and liberals, and between peoples and nations. How do we communicate?

This talk is all about how to improve the way you communicate. And, the way you do that?…Well, that’s the secret this talk alone reveals.  Until you get this, you will never know how to talk to anyone else. This presentation works well in almost any setting.  A gathering of CEO’s, clergy persons, business owners, Chamber meeting, a staff or a sales team seeking to enhance client relationships, a non-profit seeking to improve communication with the donor base, or a congregation genuinely interested in reaching the unchurched. The principles here, and the secret that unleashes the possibility for real communication, are applicable to virtually any setting, including a workshop.


Life Lessons from a Recovering Baptist Minister

What Jesus, Buddha, Steve Jobs and Buffet Taught Me

In this talk, Steve shares the “Life Lessons Learned from Jesus, the Buddha, Lao-Tzu, as well as Steve Jobs, Warren Buffett and Other Spiritual Masters,” as I refer to them. The talk is empowered by personal, humorous stories, respectful of all religious traditions, as well as those who may be in the audience and have no specific tradition, too. Participants laugh and learn how to apply life lessons that will enrich not only their own lives but help them create a more conscious, compassionate, and charitable world for everyone.


The 5 People You Meet in Heaven; The 3 People You Never Meet on Earth 

In this presentation, Steve plays off Mitch Albom’s wildly popular book The Five People You Meet in Heaven and contrasts that with the 3 people you’ll never meet on earth. This is an inspiring, humor-driven talk that helps audiences to pursue a counter-culture lifestyle…instead of seeing how much they can accummulate through life. They learn the joy of seeing how much of themselves they can give away in love and generous living throughout life. This talk is appropriate for any setting, a company banquet or a Sunday morning congregation.



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