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Steve Gamlin

February 14, 2014
Steve Gamlin

Steve Gamlin

Expertise:   Motivation, Inspiration

Speaking Style:  Inspiring. Humorous. Real.

Travels From:  Boston, Massachusetts

Nancy Says:  “With thousands of speakers to choose from, I’m naturally selective. Steve is one who impresses me way beyond his presentation skills. He’s exceptional.”

Provider of Motivational Firewood™ 

Steve Gamlin - comedian, radio personality and motivational speaker – believes there is a unique song inside each of us, and it is his mission to encourage every audience member to let the world hear it, as loudly or quietly as they wish to sing. As a provider of Motivational Firewood™ his messages serve as sparks which, when combined with the goals, hopes and dreams his attendees, can create fire.

He’s a regular guy, from a blue-collar background, who followed his dreams, surviving many speed bumps and a few rollovers. Blending motivation, humor and personal stories of his own “crash and burn” life story (Steve’s phoenix occasionally rides a pogo stick), he is prepared to take his listeners on a very ‘real’ ride of self-discovery each time he takes the stage.

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there is a more enjoyable way to live his life than being a professional speaker, Steve Gamlin hasn’t discovered it yet. At the moment, he has no interest in changing course. He’s having way too much fun sharing the stage as Provider of Motivational Firewood™.

After spending a successful decade in the radio industry, a series of life-decisions led to Steve’s shifting gears from speaking to an empty studio to hundreds of faces from a stage as a comedian and speaker.

Blending humor and motivation, Steve’s programs deliver directly from his heart and soul, with frequent trips to the humor bank along the way. His message has been well-received by sales teams, managers and leadership audiences across the country as it targets the sweet spot between personal and professional aspirations.

Steve’s credo “that which doesn’t kill me gives me a heck of a story to share from the stage” has already guided him through hitting golf balls in a thunderstorm, his first solo skydive, leaping off a 108-story building and plunging into the ice-cold Atlantic Ocean to raise money for charity.

In his journey as an entrepreneur, award-winning Toastmaster and members of the National Speakers Association, Steve remains a student of life, at heart.

As long as life continues to teach him lessons, Steve will continue to share them…with a smile.


Presentation Topics

Vision Board Experience 

What does success look and feel like to you and your team?

This 2-hour event stresses the integration between personal and professional goals. It is delivered with a high-energy, interactive blend of Visualization, Motivation, Relationship-Building and Humor.

Creating success becomes much easier when you know what it looks and feels like. Attendees walk away with a clearer vision of their desired outcomes and necessary steps to success when they understand (and repeat) the power of the CLICK!

Attitude, Action, Traction! 

Do your team members understand the importance of ATTITUDE? Do their ACTIONS keep them on track to achieve their goals? Are they getting TRACTION, using resources to ‘go’ and succeed?

With a back-to-basics approach, blended with humor and a heaping helping of real-world lessons, Steve facilitates his simple message, making it DO-able and repeatable with the same life-changing, actionable steps that led him from the ashes of failure to success as a speaker, author and business owner. (Sixty to ninety minutes)

Better Communication, Bigger Results!

Does your team communicate your mission with confidence?

Can inappropriate social media behavior damage your credibility?

Would confident networking skills help your bottom line?

Everything your team members say and do, while wearing your name, screams your story to the world. Blending humor and awareness, Steve’s will set your organization up for success in its networking, social media and daily activity. (Sixty to ninety minutes) 



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