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Sheryl Roush

February 9, 2014
Sheryl Roush

Sheryl Roush

Expertise:   Communication, Teamwork, Motivation, Marketing, Branding

Speaking Style:  Energetic. Connected. Light-hearted.

Travels From:  San Diego, California

Nancy Says:  ““Sheryl is a multi-faceted speaker, highly skilled in all things pertaining to communication. With a sparkling personality, she’s intuitive, hitting the mark with just what the audience needs to hear.”

Bring Out Your Person, in Public, and in Print!

When it comes to communication and perceptions – as a business, an organization or individually – Sheryl Roush offers a myriad of fresh and valuable techniques to apply for immediate improvements. She helps you deliver your marketing and branding promises more effectively by expressing them in an authentic and congruent way. Her signature keynote, 7 Secrets to Connect with Anyone, is tailored to each audience, revealing how to establish instant rapport and respect, create cooperation and productivity with team members, and improve communication and listening skills.

For over 20 years, Sheryl has been speaking to rave reviews and standing ovations, presenting over 3000 programs in 10 countries, from IT and healthcare to government and women’s conferences. She was the sixth woman to earn the elite Accredited Speaker designation from Toastmasters International out of 4.4 million people worldwide. Sheryl is the author of 16 books, including Solid Gold Newsletter Design.

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When your organization is dulled by negativity, stress overload, declining customer service, lack of teamwork or poor communication, Sheryl Roush will help raise the bar, create excitement and help your people and your organization bring out its brilliance!

From her experiences working in printing shops, surrounded by abundant negativity, constant stress of meeting tight deadlines, low morale and high demands of customers and bosses, Sheryl Roush realized early on that there must be a better way of doing business. Perhaps one where there was more “heart” … a place where people would willingly bring their talents to work. If staff was happier and could express themselves assertively, they felt better about themselves – which then rippled to their co-workers – they would naturally be more engaged in their work, carry less stress, be more productive, work closer as a team, make less mistakes, have a sense of harmony and fun, cherish their customers… and truly thrive.

After seeing this potential “ideal” workplace throughout her years in marketing, software development and self-development companies, she tested her theories – starting with her own attitude – and they worked. In spite of experiencing an assortment of character-building challenges (including bankruptcy and an abusive marriage), they still worked! Sheryl is an 8-time business owner and a multi-published author.


Presentation Topics

Sparkle-Tude ® 

Stressed out? Need an energizing boost in your attitude?  Feeling high pressure and demands with your workload?

This lively program helps strengthen people to deal with life’s challenges, restore their belief in themselves and bring laughter to real-life situations. Audiences discover tips, techniques and “treasures” for coping with change, negative people, difficult situations … and become more responsible for their own attitudes. Rekindles the spirit, touches the heart and raises the bar!

Place as a morning conference kick-off to set the tone, or as a high-energy send-off.

Length of presentation: 20-90 minutes. Highly-tailored to address your challenges.

Ideal for all types of audiences, management, leaders, teams, spouse programs, womens’ events and retreats.

Audiences will learn how to:

  • Stay sane and lighthearted in stressful times—with 67 ideas!
  • Deal with difficult people and challenging situations
  • Reduce stress, increase teamwork, and beat burnout



Attitude: The Healthy Alternative

Creating a Positive Work Environment

Heart of a Woman in Business

Keeping a Smile On Your Face When the Day Gets You Down

Sparkle-Tude® for Leaders

Sparkle-Tude® for Teams

Sparkle-Tude® Women in Business

Sparkle When You Speak™  

How to Give Brilliant Presentations

If you’ve ever needed to stand up and speak out, and were overwhelmed with nervousness, panic or anxiety — fear no more! This program helps you transform that nervous energy into excitement and skilled, purposeful movement. Whether speaking in front of a small or large group — whether you are a beginner or expert — you’ll pick up real-world proven techniques, simple tips and valuable treasures to use immediately! Learn from an internationally ranked veteran speaker and speaking coach, who has presented over 3,000 presentations in ten countries, and addressed seven nations in the Middle East.

For every level of presenter and every type of presentation.

  • Discover your current style of communicating!
  • Raise your self-esteem, credibility and presence!
  • Connect authentically with every listener in your audiences!
  • Organize your thoughts – easily and quickly!
  • Learn professional slide and handout design tips
  • Turn that nervous sweat into confidence and SPARKLE!

Length of presentation: 45-90 minute educational plenary or breakout sessions, to full-day and two-day hands-on coaching workshops.  Highly-tailored for the group and/or industry. May be further tailored in longer programs for slide makeovers in PowerPoint and iKeynote, on-the-spot coaching and video feedback.

Ideal for sales teams, businesses, executives, military, government, association meetings and retreats.



7 Simple Steps to Business Presentations: How to Craft a Speech to Promote Your Product or Service

7 Secrets to Connect with Anyone

Communication Skills for Business

High-Impact Speaking

How to Design & Deliver Dynamic Presentations

Public Speaking…Made Easy!

Sparkle When You Sell

Speaking for Non-Professional Speakers

Speak and Market Like a Pro™  

Learn How to Use Public Speaking to Attract More Clients and Make More Sales! Gain Confidence and Credibility! Get PAID to Speak!

Whether you want to learn to improve your speaking skills, get rid of stage fright, or learn how to market your speaking business to get paid big money … Speak And Market Like a Pro™ is for you!

Get paid top dollar to speak and make a difference in the lives of others at the same time. Professional speaking is one of the most lucrative and rewarding careers on the planet.

Jump-start or fast-track your way to becoming a paid professional speaker. Discover time-tested speaking techniques to deliver powerful presentations that get you invited back time and time again. Learn proven marketing strategies that you can put to use IMMEDIATELY to get booked.

You will learn how to:

  • Identify your true target market
  • Understand what your audience needs
  • Build tailored and engaging presentations
  • Leverage the three vital stages of communication
  • Create effective speaker marketing materials that get you hired

All levels of speakers will discover valuable skills that can be used immediately. This engaging program provides more than 30 tips and 3 “solid gold templates” to help you design your marketing materials with greater know-how, confidence, and professionalism.

Sheryl’s insider’s point-of-view as a marketing and graphic designer of 35 years and more than 25 successful years as a paid speaker can jump-start your speaking business. So when she gives away time saving secrets on what-goes-where and why on the speaker’s one-sheet template, you know it’s “solid gold marketing.”

Length of presentation: 45-90 minute educational plenary or breakout sessions.

Solid Gold Marketing 

How to Create Effective Promotional Materials

Are your advertising materials really working? Want more business? Time to dominate your market?

In this fast-paced how-to program you will learn proven techniques for designing promotional materials that make your phone ring –  and cash registers sing! Ideal for any type of business – and for every level of desktop designer or gold-prospecting marketeer. Pan YEARS off your design learning curve!

Discover “Golden Nuggets” to:

  • Grab attention of potential customers and buyers
  • Understand who your readers are and what they need from you
  • Save time, money and energy with simple shortcuts
  • Add “sparkle” to your current pieces with minimal effort
  • Learn where to place specific elements in your design… and why!
  • Create brochures, ads and fliers that get read and acted upon
  • Drive greater response from any marketing piece you create

Length of presentation: 45-60-75-90 minute sessions, 3-hour and full-day workshops. Ideal for associations, business, Chambers, in-house, organizations. May be tailored to include social media marketing (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter) and/or self-publishing.


Attendees can submit in advance, samples as potential complimentary review during this program by the speaker. PDF or Word.doc files must be received one week prior to program.

This BONUS SESSION may also be offered pre- or post-conference.

Marketing Design Expert Sheryl Roush is a top-rated international trainer, and 5-time published author on this topic. She has 35 years of expertise in advertising, marketing graphic design, photography and printing, has owned five graphic design studios, and received numerous design and journalism awards. She is a 17-time published author.

Clients include: 7-Up; Association of Home-Based Businesses; Beverly Hills Bar Association; ICF; Institute of Real Estate Management; Mailorder Gardening Association; Mitsubishi; NAPO; NSA; San Diego Zoo; SBA and SCORE.


Solid Gold Brochure Design

Solid Gold Flyer Design

Solid Gold Marketing Design

Solid Gold Marketing Tactics

Solid Gold Newsletter Design

Solid Gold Slide Design

7 Secrets to Connect with Anyone

Simple Tips to Improved Communication and Leadership

This program is loaded with valuable communication techniques and immediate application for speaking, training, sales, marketing, parenting… The topic is ideal for small and large audiences, and appropriate for an on-site corporate training and meeting, or as a keynote session or conference breakout… LARGE AUDIENCES?   YOU BET! Sheryl presented this as a highly-interactive workshop — to an audience of 1,900 — at the Annual Catholic Congress as a closing breakout session. It received both a standing ovation and highest session ratings for the entire annual statewide convention. Keynote closing the two back-to-back 4-day annual conventions for Stampin’ Up!® (direct sales), Sheryl presented this material to audiences of 5,000 and made it interactive, engaging, humorous and highly-tailored to creative arts and crafts stampers. It received standing ovations at each convention.  

In this high-content program, you will:

  • Assess your current communication style and what it reveals
  • Discover how to connect instantly and easily with others
  • Explore ways to generate authentic rapport and influence
  • Glean insights into public speaking skills and giving effective briefings
  • Gain confidence and credibility in your voice, image and projection
  • Enroll employee engagement, teamwork and cooperation

Boost your interpersonal skills (ideal for mentoring, training, speaking, parenting, managing, leading…)

Your program may be customized to specifically address:

  • Customer Service
  • Attitude and Morale
  • Public speaking and training skills
  • Supervisory, Management skills, Leadership skills
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Teamwork and Teambuilding



Team Communication Tactics

Building a Successful Team

Creating a Positive Work Environment 

Empowered, happy employees create satisfied customers! Numerous studies show clearly that when employees like their jobs, customers get better service and are more satisfied. Add to that, margin of errors decreases, stress decreases, absenteeism and tardiness decreases, while productivity increases, teamwork improves, and morale soars. This program is ideal for every level of management and team, and applicable to non-profit and not-for profit organizations, as much as for corporations!

Attendees learn how to:

  • Boost morale to help staff feel valued and respected
  • Engage and empower others in their work and tasks
  • Communicate effectively to promote teamwork and cooperation
  • Manage daily stress with simple ideas and techniques
  • Bring their skills and unique talents to the job
  • Tap into their own intrinsic motivation
  • Discover ways to have fun – and get the job done!
  • Offer constructive and supportive feedback that is well received



Team Communication Tactics

Building a Successful Team



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