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Scott Greenberg

February 10, 2014
Scott Greenberg

Scott Greenberg

Expertise:   Motivation, Resilience, Leadership, Peak Performance, Franchise Businesses

Speaking Style:  Genuine. Dynamic. Humorous.

Travels From:  Los Angeles, California

Nancy Says:  “Awe-inspiring! Compelling! Profound!  Not enough words to describe what audience members will experience when Scott speaks. I’m thrilled to be connected to him.”

Overcome Mental Barriers to Success 

Only a few speakers have the finesse to cross easily between speaking at youth events to presenting in the corporate arena. Scott Greenberg is widely known for wowing teens and young adults with his upbeat humor and relevant, relatable messages. When speaking to companies and organizations, his motivational, leadership and business programs offer cutting-edge methods for excelling on all levels.

Scott is a skilled storyteller, infusing real life experiences into his programs as a way of proving that anyone can overcome adversity. Scott, a cancer survivor who battled for his life in his early 20‘s (now a marathon runner!), is continually inspired by his grandmother, one of the original Schindler’s List holocaust survivors. Scott also owns one of the top performing “Edible Arrangements” franchises in California, recognized for both top sales and superior customer service.

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Scott Greenberg was a promising graduate film student when he was suddenly diagnosed with cancer. Having grown up hearing stories of how his grandparents survived the holocaust, he knew it was now time to apply their lessons to his own fight for survival.

During his chemotherapy and radiation treatments, he kept a journal, noting the attitudes and behaviors of fellow patients. Why did some suffer and others thrive, regardless of their specific diagnosis? Would these same reasons also apply to people’s personal and professional lives? This curiosity would eventually become the basis for thousands of speeches. Scott ultimately beat the disease and went on to run the Los Angeles marathon.

For almost two decades now, Scott has been a full-time motivational speaker specializing in resilience and peak performance. While he presents a variety of programs, all of his keynotes and workshops use humor, personal stories and practical content relevant to each group.

Scott also owns one of the top performing “Edible Arrangements” franchises in California. Employing his peak performance techniques, his store has been recognized for both top sales and superior customer service.

Scott’s passion for providing nuts and bolts advice to audiences is apparent the second he picks up a microphone. Poignant stories, hilarious anecdotes combined with practical, substantive messages always leave crowds buzzing with excitement.


Presentation Topics

The Third Factor: The Distinguishing Element of Success 

Why is it that in the same external conditions, with similar resources, some people thrive while others flounder? The difference is the third factor – internal mastery — the thoughts, beliefs and emotions that influence every decision we make. Ultimately, we must have the mental “stuff” to be effective. As both a professional speaker and award-winning business owner, Scott Greenberg will show your group how to free their brains of mental distractions so they can increase productivity, find more meaning their work, and make deeper impact.

Survival of the Fittest 

Thriving During Times of Change & Adversity

The phrase “Survival of the Fittest” doesn’t refer to those who are the strongest or smartest, but to those most adaptable to change. Scott Greenberg learned this the hard way. While a graduate film student at New York University, he was diagnosed with cancer. Inspired by his grandmother, a “Schindler’s List” holocaust survivor, he beat the disease and went on to run the Los Angeles Marathon.

In this program, Scott will outline critical survival skills that will enable your group members to thrive in any type of environment. They’ll learn ways to use internal mastery to cope with external challenges. Whether your group members are facing professional or personal challenges, this inspiring, content-rich program is filled with humor, stories and strategies that will leave them encouraged, empowered and focused on their goals.

Me to We: Creativing a Superstar Team 

With a team of superstars running their organization, leaders can focus on building their organization. But great teams don’t just happen. They must be carefully built and maintained. In this session, Scott Greenberg will share best practices for recruiting, training, motivating and delegating. He’ll also take your group through a series of exercises and discussions that will enhance your organization’s internal communication and collaboration.

Additional Programs 


SERVICE 360: Rounding Up Customers Through a Culture of Service

MANAGING LIKE MICHELANGELO: Sculpting Your Staff Into a Magnificent Work of Art




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