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Scott Friedman

February 9, 2014
Scott Friedman

Scott Friedman

Expertise:   Motivation, Humor, Employee/Customer Engagement, Change

Speaking Style:  Engaging. Humorous. Positively Fun!

Travels From:  Denver, Colorado

Nancy Says:  ““I’ve known Scott a long time! His charming, upbeat manner is infectious and encouraging. His audiences instantly know the same feeling.”

Improving Performance and Productivity through the Power of Celebration and Humor 

Turn on your GPS, and start celebrating with Scott Friedman! Imagine a workplace where productivity is at an all-time high, where employees look forward to work and are matched to their strengths and recognized accordingly, and where mistakes become opportunities and successes. With lighthearted humor and refreshing honesty, Scott offers techniques for turning grievances into gratitude, dismay into play, and failure into lessons learned, all ripe for celebration. Scott’s programs are based on a GPS philosophy, one utilizing three easily mastered steps to move your organization quickly to the fast lane, on a surefire route to success.

Scott is no stranger to the concept of global positioning. He’s spoken in all 50 states and over 25 countries, bringing humor, wisdom and a “Celebration Mindset” to over 2000 organizations. A Certified Speaking Professional and past President of the National Speakers Association, Scott weaves pertinent research with ready-to-use examples showcasing the power of celebration in action.

Learn more about Scott Friedman...

Scott Friedman, CSP, and former President of the National Speakers Association (NSA), is an internationally sought after speaker and author. As a motivational humorist, Scott inspires and entertains with fun-filled, interactive and content-rich programs. He speaks on a variety of topics over 80 times a year. Scott’s main area of expertise is employee innovation, celebration, and customer experience.

In addition to being the CCO- Chief Celebration Officer at Friedman & Associates, Scott has written “Celebrate- Lessons Learned from the World’s Most Admired Organizations,” “Happily Ever Laughter- How to Engage Any Audience,” and “Using Humor For A Change.” He is also the co-author of four additional books.

Scott’s opportunity to entertain and engage as President of Salesmen with a Purpose (SWAP, now Sales Professional International) in 1985 created his desire for a career in professional speaking. He then took the marketing director position with Speech Masters, a company that trains lawyers, executives and professional speakers in presentation development, leading to the start of his professional speaking career in 1986. For two and a half decades, Scott has combined improvisational comedy, quick wit, and engaging material to become the speaker he is today. Scott’s mission as a speaker and Chief Celebration Officer is to improve organization performance and productivity through the power of celebration and humor.

As a Certified Speaking Professional (as designated by the NSA) and trusted member of the speaking community, Scott continues to have a strong presence both domestically and globally. Scott is the 2013 NSA Cavett Award Recipient, presented annually to the NSA member whose accomplishments over the years have reflected outstanding respect, service, honor and admiration in the Association and the speaking profession. Scott was awarded the Meeting Professionals International (MPI) 2013 Recognizing Industry Success and Excellence (RISE) Award. ”This award honors those rare individuals who by visionary hard work and creative insight have positively changed the global meetings and events industry community (MPI).” In 1988, as the President of the National Speakers Association of Colorado, he founded the Meetings Industry Council of Colorado (MIC), a coalition of professional meetings industry-related organizations. He is proud to continue involvement with MIC and their latest event which included over 800 meeting professionals in March of 2013.

In 2002 Scott was awarded the International Association of Speaker Bureaus (IASB) Pace Setter Award, given annually to an individual outside the IASB who played an integral role in partnership with IASB to further advance the speaking industry. The IASB recognized Scott for successfully developing and executing “an alliance between the NSA (National Speakers Association) and IASB [to encourage] partnering among bureaus and speakers to further advance the client relationships that serve both.” In April 2005, Scott’s vision brought the first Global Speakers Summit to Singapore with 300 international speakers and meetings professionals from 20 countries attending this event. Scott has remained actively involved in the Global Speakers Summit events in Dubai (2007), Cape Town (2009), Amsterdam (2011) and Vancouver, Canada (2013).

Scott now spends 30% of his time speaking throughout Asia and other locations around the globe. His international clients include Singapore Airlines, the Singapore Government, Gold Fields of South Africa, Young President’s Organization, Hyatt Asia, HSBC and many Fortune 1000 companies. He offers all his clients a global and culturally sensitive perspective on how to get more out of work and life.  His varied experiences have brought him success in many industries including: hospitality, meetings, real estate, insurance, health care, education, government and just about any association.  Scott’s customized programs are a perfect fit for kick-offs, closings, lunches, and midnight snacks. Participants will come away with tools to enhance their work, their lives and their future helping the to start celebrating and live happily ever laughter.

Apart from speaking, Scott is very involved in philanthropic projects. Scott founded Together We Can Change The World, an organization creating sustainability in children’s homes throughout SE Asia by helping poor, neglected children and women, and providing them with a safe, secure haven and with educational opportunities. Currently Scott organizes global speaking tours to create awareness, raise money and celebrate with the kids in Thailand, Malaysia , Singapore, Indonesia and Cambodia. Check out his philanthropy page to see the latest tour! He has been honored as Volunteer of the Year with Family Services of Colorado and was on the national board of directors for Camp to Belong for five years.


Presentation Topics


Lessons Learned from the World’s Most Admired Organizations

Imagine a workplace where productivity is at an all-time high, where employees look forward to the work day, where people are matched to their strengths and are recognized accordingly, where you can “recalculate” mistakes and turn them into opportunities.  This can be YOUR workplace, your people, and your reality!

With lighthearted humor and refreshing honesty, Scott offers techniques for turning grievances into gratitude, dismay into play, and failure into lessons learned, all ripe for celebration. Scott weaves pertinent research with ready-to-use examples showcasing the power of the “Celebration Mindset” in action. He shares how turning on and applying the “GPS”- Gratitude, Play and Surprise- will guide you toward your greatest potential in your organization and your life.

Learn how to transform your workplace for the better, from the top to the bottom line. “Celebrate!” offers practical, effective tools to help you better engage and honor your employees, your clients, and your accomplishments.  With new strategies for improving your organization’s brand, Celebrate! will help you create a culture of authenticity and innovation, where productivity, performance and profit potential soar.

Connecting with Customers 

Building Long Term Loyalty through Customer Experience and Connection

Customer expectations have dramatically changed over the years.  Today, satisfying the needs of your customers by providing fast, efficient service is no longer enough.  You must move beyond customer satisfaction and engage your customer in a memorable experience that is consistent with your brand promise.

This entertaining and insightful program is full of tools and techniques that will help you engage your customers and build perceived value.  Through creating an environment that promotes a service culture, you will develop a competitive advantage.  Learn to build long-term loyalty and the secrets to connecting with customers.


Winning the Hearts and Business of Tomorrow’s Customers

This insightful and entertaining program explores how to use humor, celebration and value-added creativity to keep your team at the top of their game. These important tools along with the “Sell-e-brate Mindset” will generate new clients and keep your existing customer base consistently engaged.  By creating a culture of celebration and honoring your employees and customers you will create happy, eager prospects, ready to buy.  Encourage creativity and innovation with refreshing new ideas for inspiring yourself and your team.

Learn ways to differentiate yourself and build perceived value that highlights what you do best. Let your “GPS” –  Gratitude, Play and Surprise guide you to better connections with customers, leading to the discovery of hidden objections.  As you learn techniques used by the world’s most admired organizations you will discover that he or she who celebrates — sells!

Using Humor for a Change 

Become unforgettable. Jump-start your creativity. Ease conflict. Gain control of tense situations. Win impossible business. Create a positive culture. Engage employees. Engage customers. Reduce burnout. Raise productivity. Build better relationships. And enjoy work more than ever before! How do you make this happen? Through the effective use of humor in the workplace.

This lively, interactive program explores ways to use humor, creativity, and engagement strategies to bring positivity and productivity to your organization. You will learn to tap into your unique sense of humor–a skill essential to creating the rapport that will pave the way to better relationships and better results. By putting the tools from this insightful program into play, you will soon discover that those who laugh, last!

Employee Innovation for Turbulent Times

What does it take to stay relevant and competitive in today’s fast-paced, ever-changing arketplace? A culture of innovation! In fact, the #1 killer of employee innovation is a culture which oesn’t honor it. When selfexpression is welcomed, when employees feel free to be authentic, when employees feel a part of the mission and vision,innovation flourishes. An action-oriented environment leads employees to thrive, brainstorm and invent.

This program will show you how to encourage independent thinking and problem solving, how to evolve through calculated risk, and utilize mistakes as lessons learned. Learn to build a culture which celebrates and engages employees, boosts teamwork and rewards creativity. Your reward will be more productive, creative and fulfilled employees.

Happily Ever Laughter

How to Engage Any Audience

To truly connect with an audience, you need to both educate and entertain. Of course, you don’t have to use humor. . . unless you want to break preoccupation, develop rapport, increase retention, and fully engage your listeners! ”Happily Ever Laughter” offers practical, imaginative ideas for using humor to increase the value of your presentations.

Participants will learn how to play off any audience–be it a meeting of five or an auditorium of 5000. From developing original (and appropriate) material to uncovering an organization’s “humor hot buttons,” this program will cover the basics and beyond for becoming a more charismatic, effective presenter. As participants begin to take risks and tap into their own unique style they will reap the rewards of an entertained and captive audience.

How to Hold an Audience Without a Rope

Throughout history, most every great leader has been a great communicator. And to be a great communicator takes humor, storytelling and proven techniques to ensure your message is conveyed with clarity and power. You’ll learn how to overcome stage fright, establish perceived credibility, and create authentic connections with your listeners. Your value as a leader and presenter will dramatically improve when you know how to engage others from the conference room to the podium. You’ll leave this program thinking, feeling, and celebrating your way towards speaking success.




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