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Robert Wendover

March 29, 2014
Robert Wendover

Robert Wendover

Expertise:   Critical Thinking, Productivity, Learning, Managing Technology

Speaking Style:  Enlightening. Whimsical. Thought-provoking.

Travels From:  Denver, Colorado

Nancy Says:  “ “When it comes to workforce issues, Bob’s the go-to guy. Plus, he makes it easy to grasp the content. When he speaks it’s as if you’re having a friendly fireside chat.”

Rethinking Thinking in a Menu-driven Workplace

In his inimitably entertaining fashion, expert and author Robert Wendover delivers compelling presentations on topics ranging from critical thinking and leadership to generational diversity in today’s workplace. For more than 20 years, Bob has worked with leaders and organizations intent on creating a fluid work environment by effectively managing the evolving workforce. In this pressure-filled-do-more-with-less economy, a decisive and productive staff means the difference between healthy profits and an also-ran bottom line.

Bob is the author of ten books, including Crossing the Generational Divide, Two Minute Motivation: How to Inspire Superior Performance and Common Sense by Friday: Re-thinking Your Thinking in a Menu-Driven World, upon which one of his keynote presentations is based. In Common Sense by Friday, Bob shows how to rekindle critical thinking in a world that relies too heavily on technology rather than productive decision making.


Learn more about Robert Wendover...

Robert W. Wendover has been researching and writing about workforce trends for more than 20 years. He currently serves as Managing Director of the Center for Generational Studies.

Bob has authored the Center’s training curriculum Generations: Understanding Age Diversity in Today’s Workplace. His nine books include: Crossing the Generational Divide, On Cloud Nine: Weathering the Challenge of Many Generations in the Workplace, High Performance Hiring, High Performance Recruiting, Two Minute Motivation: How to Inspire Superior Performance, andHandpicked: Finding and Hiring the Best Employees. His first book, Smart Hiring, first published in 1988, has just been released in its sixth edition.

Bob serves as the editorial director of the Center’s monthly newsletter, GenTrends, and has written or contributed more than 200 articles for a wide variety of publications. Mr. Wendover is a regular guest on radio and TV across the U.S. His credits include CNN, CNBC, The Atlanta Journal Constitution, The Detroit Free Press, The Florida Sentinel, The Denver Post, The Providence Journal, The Fort Worth Star-Telegram,Entrepreneur, Money and even Women’s Wear Daily. In addition, he has written monthly columns for both retailers and Realtors. Mr. Wendover has also served as special advisor to the American Productivity and Quality Center.

Bob’s education includes degrees in psychology, education and industrial arts. He served on the management faculty of the University of Phoenix for more than ten years. He has earned the designation of Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) from the National Speakers Association. Along with being past president of both the Colorado Speakers Association and the Rocky Mountain Chapter of the American Society for Training and Development, he is two-time past chair of the National Meetings Industry Council.

His clients include IBM, KPMG, Discover Card Services, Shell Oil, International Dairy Queen, Kaiser Permanente, CITGO, Chevron USA, the Food Marketing Institute, Searle Pharmeceuticals, Super 8 Motels, Ace Hardware, Major League Baseball, the Professional Golfers Association and a host of other household names, government agencies, and educational institutions.


Presentation Topics

Figure It Out! 

Making Smart Decisions in a Dumbed-Down World

Enhance the decision-making skills of everyone on your team…

How much does over-reliance on technology cost you?

In today’s overwhelming workplace, we rely on technology to help us get more done at a faster rate, but are we also allowing to think for us? When it comes to making the tough decisions, you can’t afford to let your people navigate their way solely dependent on the menus in front of them.

Figure it Out! Making Smart Decisions in a Dumbed-Down World is an engaging keynote presentation based on Bob Wendover’s newest book.  You’ll leave this interactive session with strategies for enhancing the everyday decision making skills of everyone on your team.

  • Explode the myth of multi-tasking!
  • Reduce the question parade in your office by instilling the five C’s of problem solving.
  • Understand why think-alouds may be the best management strategy you’ll use all year.
  • Battle safe decision syndrome that will encourage calculated risk-taking.
  • Use alley rallies to reinforce decision-making and reduce costs.
  • Keep your people focused on making reasoned choices.

Business-to-Business Selling and The Emerging Generations 

Your long-term customers are being replaced by smart-phone-wielding digital natives who manage their time, tasks and purchasing with apps and mobile devices. Traditional sales relationships are being upended by these younger buyers who screen calls, avoid meetings, and demand catalogs, pricing and support at the touch of a screen.

How has your team adapted to this new way of doing business?

Business-to-Business Selling and the Emerging Generations will show your team how to sell to the most wired, skeptical, demanding, impatient, fun-loving customers in history! Learn what successful organizations have been doing when prospects refuse to connect in person. Walk away from this session with field-tested strategies for closing the deal the way this new generation does business. You’ll learn:

  • The first five questions to ask every young prospect.
  • How to establish relationships with buyers who don’t care for personal contact.
  • Why buyer education is the key to closing business with young customers.
  • How to remain connected to “don’t call me, I’ll text you” young client.
  • How to cope with “menu-driven” buyer demands while increasing your sales.
  • How to use customers’ social networking habits to increase your sales traffic.

Crossing the Generational Divide 

Managing Today’s Talent Transition

Get the most out of your Generational Groups at work…

Sure, we know all about the generations in the workplace. The Boomers are hanging around. The Millennials are pushing hard to advance. The Xers are squeezed in between. The generational transition is here to stay.

What can you do to manage the generational groups today?

Crossing the Generational Divide: Managing Today’s Talent Transition is an entertaining and interactive session that will help you resolve conflicting expectations and approaches to work. Learn how to develop mentoring relationships between digital immigrants and digital natives.  Discover how top workplaces engage veteran contributors and enhance productivity among their newest hires. Loaded with practical illustrations of how to manage a cross-generational team, you’ll take away simple but powerful strategies for integrating the most diverse workforce the nation has ever seen.

Establish a communication protocol that meets everyone’s needs.
Foster smart decision making across all the generations.
Improve the productivity of cross generational teams.
Help your “sandwich managers” connect with people of all ages.
Bridge the technology gap between digital immigrants and digital natives.
Make the next generation of contributors productive from day one.
Reduce retirement on the job among long-timers
Establish a culture of succession planning and knowledge transfer from one generation to another.

Two-Minute Motivation 

How to Inspire Superior Performance

Two minutes is all you need to re-energize your organization’s top talent…

Two-Minute Motivation: How to Inspire Superior Performance is a session that will provide you with practical ways to jump-start your team’s energy and focus. Hailed by Fortune 500 managers as an easy-to-follow, commonsense approach, you’ll return to the job with a simple, but effective plan of action for inspiring the best in everyone that you manage.

  • Establish a communication protocol that meets everyone’s needs.
  • Uncover the self-talk of those on your team and use it to motivate them on the job.
  • Overcome competitive listening and really connect with individual contributors.
  • Use the power of face-to-face contact to motivate instantly.
  • Use two minute profiles to develop plans for inspiring individual team members.
  • Use two simple strategies for making inspiration immediate.
  • Tie individual motivation to real outcomes.
  • Use “send-it-home” messages to reinforce two-minute motivation efforts.



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