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Phillip Van Hooser

February 4, 2014
Phil Van Hooser

Phillip Van Hooser

Expertise:  Leadership, Communication, Decision-making, Motivation

Speaking Style:  Compelling. Conversational. Authentic.

Travels From:  Nashville, Tennessee

Nancy Says:  “I know hundreds and hundreds of speakers, so I could easily be jaded. Definitely not so with Phil. He’s a splendid speaker who makes you feel like you’re the only one in the room. He’s genuinely one of the nicest people I know.”

Build Trust. Inspire Leaders. Get Results. 

Common Sense Leadership from an uncommon speaker…that’s Phil Van Hooser. Since 1988, Phil has spoken, written and consulted on leadership development, guiding his clients and audiences with sound strategies that help leaders maximize their performance to achieve their organization’s goals. Phil spent ten years in corporate human resources, gleaning leadership truths he now brings to companies all over the globe.

With his unique brand of presenting, Phil delivers golden nuggets of wisdom and ideas in a down-home style. Perhaps that’s because he grew up in rural Kentucky where he learned the values of hard work, perseverance, and what it takes to succeed. A member of the Speaker’s Hall of Fame, Phil’s topics include Leaders Ought to Know, We Need to Talk: Building Trust When Communication Gets Critical, and his decision-making program, It’s Your Call.

Learn more about Phillip Van Hooser...

As a successful entrepreneur and business owner, Phillip Van Hooser understands firsthand the complexities of building, sustaining and leading profitable enterprises. From his work in Human Resources and Safety to his experience as a leadership training expert for top U.S. companies, Phillip Van Hooser knows what it really takes to successfully lead people.

Since 1988, Phil has successfully developed and marketed customized leadership keynotes, management training programs, videos and books on leadership. His company consistently experiences double-digit growth. The opportunities to work with executives, mid level managers and first line supervisors of U.S. and international corporations gives him a bird’s eye view of the leadership development plans that work in business today.

Phil is the Founder and Concept Director for Leaders Ought to Know®, a comprehensive leadership training program incorporating online and onsite leadership training to transform and sustain leadership growth.

Phil is also a Board Member of Farmers Bank & Trust Company. He is directly responsible for setting the strategic direction and goals for this locally-owned financial institution. This business environment provides Phil a practical opportunity to observe and evaluate leadership development principles that directly affect organizational productivity and performance.

Formerly, Phil was a Fortune 500 Human Resources Manager. From 1980 to 1988, his responsibilities included multi-plant human resource activities for both unionized and non-unionized facilities in heavy manufacturing and consumer products organizations. He directly supervised management training programs, safety and employee relations functions while introducing quality-focused, team-driven programs.

Phil also served as President of the National Speakers Association. As president and a member of the national board of director’s executive committee, Phil offered guidance and oversight to NSA’s board. His term of service as President of NSA was from July 2009 to July 2010.

His achievements and credentials are extensive. He received the Council of Peers Award of Excellence (CPAE), Member, Speaker Hall of Fame. Only those professional speakers who have reached the highest level of speaking performance as judged by their peers are selected for the National Speaker’s Association CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame.

His clients run the gamut from Alliance Coal and Blue Bell Creameries to REEBOK, Wells Fargo and Westar Energy.

Phil’s latest leadership book, Leaders Ought To Know: 11 Ground Rules for Common Sense Leadership, is a must-read handbook for leaders feeling the pressure to perform.


Honest. Trustworthy. Genuine.

These are just a few words that describe Phillip Van Hooser.

Phil grew up in a rural farming community in Western Kentucky. His dad was a construction painter who never shied away from the tough jobs because they were challenging and offered better pay. He often kept his family traveling in search of better work, and Phil’s mom took it all in stride. She liked to see their frequent moves as a big adventure and used each new journey as an opportunity to foster Phil’s curiosity. They raised their son to value hard work, perseverance, and to understand that what you do reflects on your family and your community. You have a responsibility that is much greater than yourself.

After college, Phil brought this work ethic to corporate America. In his early years as an HR professional, he was struck by something he learned while watching a video on the Quality Management Movement. The message was simple but significant: “No matter how good your tools or processes are, they are only as good as the person leading the process.” It was then that Phil decided he wanted to be a leader, not simply a manager.

After 10 years in corporate HR and earning what he calls a “master’s degree in ‘What the Worst Leaders do in Poorly Managed Companies,’” Phil was at a turning point. It was time to take the leadership truths he had learned and share them with companies who cared and were willing to listen. Van Hooser Associates, Inc. was born.

Phil has built an extremely successful career developing and marketing customized leadership keynotes, management training plans, books and videos on leadership. He has taught his proven leadership skills at companies of all sizes throughout the U.S. and around the globe. More than 900 companies have trusted Phil to help their organizations achieve new levels of success.

Most recently, Phil has been the mastermind behind a comprehensive leadership development program called “Leaders Ought to Know.” This leadership development plan incorporates in-depth leadership content, systematic delivery, consistent reinforcement and ongoing engagement and interaction to achieve each client’s leadership development goals.


Presentation Topics

Ground Rules for Leaders 

There are some things every leader ought to know. The unfortunate truth is that organizations are filled with people in leadership roles who have no idea how to lead. That’s when organizations begin experiencing troubles like:

employee retention rates drop and good employees leave because leaders aren’t respected
attorney’s fees and court settlements skyrocket from lawsuits where leaders aren’t accountable
grievances and labor disputes grow because leaders can’t be trusted
work teams are unproductive because leaders can’t communicate with team members.

Prevent Costly Mistakes by Leaders Who Just Don’t Know

New leaders, mid level managers and executives – any leader who is feeling the pressure to perform — needs to know the essential, yet often, unspoken ground rules of building cohesive leadership relationships.

For those who need a dose of reality and practicality, Ground Rules for Leaders delivers leadership strategies that propel managers into respected, integrity-based leaders — leaders with staying power — leaders who can perform at ever increasing levels of responsibility.

We Need to Talk 

Knowing how to communicate is a huge factor in leadership and organizational success. A leader’s ability to communicate impacts all facets of business operations — bottom line issues like: sales and production  — customer and employee relationships — productivity, cost reduction and profitability.

Tired of the Problems Managers with Poor Communication Skills Create?

Leaders who haven’t learned how to communicate create bad results for their organizations including:

  • Low employee morale, poor job satisfaction, increased turnover:  Employees distrust and disrespect leaders unwilling to listen or talk to them. Many leave in search of a better work environment.
  • Diminished productivity: Confusion and miscommunication about vision, goals and assignments lead to costly errors, disrupted workflow and wasted resources.
  • Increased conflict and team problems: Leaders who fail to address differences among team members and across departments fuel contentious relationships.
  • Lost productivity from ineffective meetings.
  • Lost revenue from poorly communicated production, project or sales goals.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg caused by leaders with ineffective communication skills. Imagine for a moment, you had to assign a dollar value to similar scenarios in your business. How much would poor communications skills be costing your organization?

For leaders who need help with their communication skills, We Need to Talk presents six commonsense strategies that help leaders immediately improve the results of their communications efforts.

Professionalism is a Choice 

Every day, employees and leaders at all organizational levels — regardless the industry — make choices that speak volumes about their professionalism. Choices that positively or negatively contribute to:

  • quality, productivity and profitability
  • workplace safety
  • employee engagement levels and work environment
  • opportunities that are missed or maximized
  • reputation and standing in the market place.

Is the unprofessional “good enough is good enough” mentality costing your organization money, market share and reputation?

This keynote presentation teaches your team twelve practices that maximize professionalism skills to set them apart from the competition and save your organization the high cost of unprofessional choices.

Tools and Rules for Smart Decision Making 

Everyday, leaders make hundreds of decisions — some are basic, some are important — and occasionally, some are life-changing — for their employees, for their companies, for themselves.

Poor Decisions Putting Your Company and Employees in Jeopardy?

How were leaders taught to make decisions — by trial and error, usually. That approach can prove costly for companies — even fatal — with:

  • missed opportunities
  • production downtime
  • compliance fines
  • grievances, lawsuits
  • lost time accidents

Leaders don’t generally intend to make poor decisions. Leaders struggle with decision making for one primary reason—they’ve never learned a solid process for smart decision making. Tools & Rules for Smart Decision Making presents a repeatable method leaders can use to make smart, safe decisions.

The Secrets of Customer Service Professionals 

Savvy business leaders acknowledge that customer service performance is a critical component of profitability. Unfortunately, in too many organizations, customer service performance is their greatest sales reduction tool. Their poor customer service practices result in:

  • Driving current customers away and scaring off future customers
  • Lost revenue and declining profits
  • Decreasing market share
  • And a big black mark on their reputation among vendors, competitors and customers.

Rebuild Revenues and Reputation through Professional Customer Service

For managers and front line staff that need a reminder of the benefits and basics of customer service, The Secrets of Customer Service Professionals delivers a six-step model for impressing, enticing and winning over customers with every interaction.




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