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Mike Domitrz

February 10, 2014
Mike Domitrz

Mike Domitrz

Expertise:   Respect, Communication, Sexual Assault, Education, Parenting

Speaking Style:  Enlightening. Dynamic. Humorous.

Travels From:  Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Nancy Says:  “Mike brings a serious, sometimes difficult-to-discuss topic out in the open, making it comfortable for teens and adults to address with ease. His work is incredible.”

Respectful How-to-Skills for Teen Dating 

Mike Domitrz found his calling under painful and trying circumstances. Following his sister being sexually assaulted, and subsequent criminal trial, Mike recognized that no one was addressing one of the most serious elements of sexual assault – a failure to obtain consent before engaging in an intimate act with another person. He discovered that current dating practices were based on standards of disrespect.

Mike is the founder of The Date Safe Project, an initiative to provide parents, educators, students and a myriad of organizations and governmental agencies, including the military, the resources needed to address all issues around safe and appropriate dating behaviors. The Date Safe Project works with these entities to reduce dating violence and sexual assault from a “Don’t Perspective,” to a “Wait and How-To, the Respectful Way.” Mike’s programs include:  Can I Kiss You? (for teens) and Help, My Teen is Dating (for parents). He is the author of May I Kiss You?: A Candid Look at Dating, Communication, Respect, Sexual Assault Awareness.

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As the Founder of The DATE SAFE Project, Mike Domitrz is one of the most sought after experts by parents, educational institutions, conferences and the US Military for teaching "How To" skills on respect in intimacy, consent, sexual decision-making, bystander intervention, and supporting survivors of sexual assault.

Mike's mission is personal. In 1989, he received a phone call from his Mom telling him that the youngest of his sisters had been raped. From that moment, Mike's life would change forever (the lives of millions more would also be impacted over the next two decades). He was on a mission to stop sexual assault from happening to others and to give people the skills needed to have fun, healthy relationships throughout life.  

From the inspiration of his sister's courage, Mike began speaking out as a 21-year-old college student with his interactive, fun, and life-changing program titled "Can I Kiss You? A Candid Look at Dating, Intimacy, Respect, and Sexual Assault Awareness." Mike reveals tools for insuring respect, consent, bystander intervention, and supporting survivors. 

In 2003, Mike wrote the critically-acclaimed book "May I Kiss You?" and followed that up two years later with the moving collection of survivors' journeys in "Voices of Courage: Inspiration from Survivors of Sexual Assault." Since that time, Mike produced and hosted the award-winning DVD "HELP! My Teen Is Dating."

Today, Mike is brought in by schools, communities, associations, and the US military to speak with tens of thousands of people around the world each year. He reaches millions more with his appearances and contributions to international media and news segments, including recently being featured with Natalie Morales on Dateline NBC's "My Kid Would Never Do That!." With Mike, you get a fun, revealing, and paradigm shifting look at intimacy, sex, respect, and the keys to building a safer culture for everyone.


Presentation Topics

Can I Kiss You?

Discover the specific skill set needed for healthy, respectful intimacy. From helping young teenagers slow down and make safer choices to inspiring those married for over 30 years to gain new communication tools, each person will also learn empowering approaches to bystander intervention and opening the door for helping survivors come forward, especially loved ones.

After experiencing this interactive, thought-provoking, and life changing live event lead by Mike Domitrz, your attendees will look forward to putting the lessons into action.

Audiences: Middle Schools, High Schools, Universities, Associations, US Military, and Conferences (state, national, and international).


Awkward: Talking to Your Kids about Sex and Dating 

Be taken on a jam-packed journey of how to avoid the pitfalls most caring parents make when talking about sexual intimacy with their sons and daughters - including the mistake of telling your child "If anyone ever touches you, I'll kill them." Everyone learns from each other in this fun, upfront conversation, especially those aspects of intimacy no one usually wants to talk about.

Audiences: Parents, Educators, and Corporations/Associations (who want to empower their members to a stronger family life). **Some communities love having the teenagers attend with their parents.


The Mission is Transformation

In this session, subject matter expert, Mike Domitrz, will share insights and specific skill sets for creating long-term cultural transformation toward respectful intimacy, sex, consent, bystander intervention, supporting survivors, and the language we use throughout our culture. Taking a look at common phrases, impacts of pornography, gender roles, and what lessons our country currently teaches about sex, Domitrz will reveal realistic techniques everyone can immediately use to help transition our society into a culture based on respect.

Audiences: Military Leadership, Educators, Administrators, Government Representatives, Sexual Assault Crisis Center professionals, Judiciary, and Law Enforcement 



Mike Domitrz
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