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Mike Dilbeck

February 11, 2014
MIke Dilbeck

Mike Dilbeck

Expertise:   Courageous Leadership, Bystander Intervention, Confrontation, Ethics

Speaking Style:  Dynamic. Engaging. Pragmatic.

Travels From:  Dallas, Texas

Nancy Says:  “Mike’s presentation is vital in a society fraught with aggression and frailty of the human condition. We need more Mike Dilbeck’s in the world, now more than ever. He’s a remarkable human being and a splendid speaker with a such a noble purpose.”

Leading the Way for Courageous Leadership by Standing Up, Stepping In, and Speaking Out 

Mike Dilbeck started a revolution — a revolution for courageous leadership. A movement away from the shame, regret and guilt we all feel from standing by to any kind of injustice or wrongdoing. A movement towards a whole new world where we are standing up, stepping in, and speaking out against inappropriate, abusive, or unhealthy behaviors. Mike’s take on leadership — courageous leadership — lies in our ability to respond to bullying, sexual harassment and abuse, violence, corruption, cheating, discrimination, hazing, or other situations by going beyond our fears and demonstrating courage in momentary choices…For colleagues. For family. For friends. For strangers…in organizations. In business. In community. In life.

As an award-winning filmmaker turned revolutionary leader, it was in 2008 when Mike knew the educational film he just produced was distinct from all the others. This one struck a chord. This one sparked a demand for more. The reason why has showed up in each of the nearly 4,000 stories he has accumulated via live texting from his keynote audiences. Each story is heartbreaking. Each story is filled with the shame and regret from not intervening in a moment of need. Each story points to the pain we carry with us for the rest of our lives…pain that determines whether we will ever stick our neck out again. Pain that impacts our own confidence and self-esteem. Mike is on a mission to change the way we see ourselves and our ability to make this difference. To change the way individuals, organizations, companies, communities, and society, as a whole, react when another human being, or a group of people, is being adversely impacted by someone else’s behavior. To give people permission to go from being passive to powerful.

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Mike Dilbeck is an award-winning video/film producer, speaker, trainer, social entrepreneur, and revolutionary leader.

He is on a mission to change the way individuals, organizations, companies, communities, and society, as a whole, react when another human being, or group of people, is being adversely impacted by inappropriate, abusive, or unhealthy behavior.  Mike’s take on “courageous leadership” is when someone does go beyond their fears and stands up, steps in, and speaks out for any injustice or wrongdoing.

In 2008, Mike released an educational, reality-based film on bystander intervention entitled, “RESPONSE ABILITY.” This project caused a flurry of activity and requests around this phenomenon and went on to win multiple awards within the higher education community as well as the International Telly Award. It has now evolved into an educational and empowerment initiative which includes a comprehensive website engine, keynote speech, workshops, certification trainings, DVD package, and book.

Mike delivers hope for a new world in the form of a message and this movement he is passionate about. He speaks frequently for audiences of all sizes — delivering his powerful, yet challenging, keynote.

When not traveling, running, writing, training others, or creating the next big thing — you can find him scurrying about the city he loves most: Chicago! 


Presentation Topics

Revolution for Courageous Leadership 

Standing Up, Stepping In, and Speaking Out

The impact of standing by to inappropriate, abusive or unhealthy behavior is too great to ignore — by individuals, organizations, companies, and society. The impact on confidence and self-esteem. The impact on morale. The impact on productivity. The impact on safety. The impact on life. 

We can no longer stand by and wait for a crisis to occur before we wake up to our responsibility to intervene in problem situations. We must do what we can now to empower ourselves and others to stand up, step in, and speak out for what is right and just.

Mike provides a compelling, challenging and powerful keynote to fulfill this mission. Through powerful storytelling — starting with his own as a bullied eighth grader surrounded by observers and then giving the audience a safe opportunity to see their own — the phenomenon called the “bystander effect” is made real for each and every person. No jargon. No psycho babble. Just real talk about a real threat to our own satisfaction, fulfillment and power in life.

Each audience member will walk out of this presentation:

  • Experiencing the impact that standing by to injustice or wrongdoing has had on their own life.
  • Reacquainted with the six signature strengths of courageous leadership and their personal assessment of each.
  • Having the social awareness, personal power and tools to intervene and demonstrate courageous leadership.​



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