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Michael Genet

March 24, 2014
Michael Genet

Michael Genet

Expertise:   Attitude, Leadership, Excellence

Speaking Style:  Magnetic. Commanding. Connected

Travels From:  New York, New York

Nancy Says:  “I’ve crossed the path of hundreds of speakers in my long career, but few have caught me by surprise like Michael Genet. Beyond his immense talent and natural ability to reach into the hearts and minds of an audience, he is one of the nicest people I know. I am privileged to include him into my speaker family and introduce him here.”

Lessons in Defiant Resilience 

You may not know the name, but you probably recognize the face. Speaker, Author, Actor, Screenwriter, Singer Extraordinaire…Michael Genet has carved out a stellar career in the toughest game in town: Show Business. Michael’s award winning talents have graced Broadway and the stages of every major theater in America and abroad. He’s lit up the big screen in such films as One Fine Day, 25th Hour, and Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps. He’s popped up in living rooms everywhere on such shows as Ugly Betty, As The World Turns, Law & Order and CSI.

With a skill-set that knows no bounds, Michael has successfully collaborated with show biz royalty, from Denzel Washington, Will Smith and Viola Davis, to Al Pacino, Oliver Stone, Elton John and Anne Rice. Michael is the 2008 NAACP Image Award winning writer of the FOCUS Features film, Talk To Me, and the author of the critically acclaimed book They Must Not Know Who I Think I Am: Lesson’s In Defiant Resilience.

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ichael Genet‘s 30 year journey in the competitive world of show business makes him an expert in handling critics, rejection and the ability to comeback no matter how many times you get knocked down. One of the truly great storytellers of our time, Michael is that rare talent who was forged in the streets and carries the voice of the “everyman” in his heart, all the while having the showmanship that can play in any back room, ballroom, palace or arena. His compelling message of “Defiant Resilience” is uplifting and motivating people across the country to embrace a defiantly resilient lifestyle, so they can endure any failure, recover from any defeat and continue to chase their dreams. Michael is a hit maker, attitude adjuster and expert mentor to anyone with a mountain to climb, crisis to overcome or brand to build. Anyone needing a jolt of Defiant Resilience…should place their order here.

Dreams are the only roads that lead to victory. And only those with defiant resilience will be able to stay on that road long enough to claim it.” ~ Michael Genet


Presentation Topics

They Must Not Know Who I Think I Am: Lessons in Defiant Resilience 

At one point or another everyone faces rejection. Some let it utterly defeat them, while others rise to great heights. What is the difference? Defiant Resilience! Michael Genet‘s presentation is a sixty minute tour de force that not only entertains, but teaches your attendees that in order to be resilient, defiance is the crucial element to developing our talent, realizing our purpose, and accomplishing our goals, despite what others may say, think or do to discourage us.

Michael shares his fascinating personal stories and life lessons of how adopting a defiant stance has allowed him to stay resilient in the intensely competitive world of the entertainment industry and succeed at the highest levels.

Audience participants will be:
  • Inspired not only to survive, but thrive and succeed in tough times.
  • Motivated to defeat their critics and use rejection as a tool to become stronger, more productive and effective.
  • Energized and filled with a renewed sense of excitement and commitment to their goals.
  • Determined to finish what they start, no matter how many obstacles are thrown their way.

How would your organization be different if everyone harnessed the inner power of defiant resilience, learned to rise above the critics, overcome rejection and turn failure into opportunities? Let Michael Genet’s powerful voice show you the way! This is a keynote audiences will never forget, leaving everyone fired to take on the challenges in front of them.

This program makes a perfect opening or closing keynote.



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