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Melanie Mills

February 11, 2014
Melanie Mills

Melanie Mills

Expertise:   Personal Development, Self-empowerment, Change, Transformation, Collaboration

Speaking Style:  Motivational. Memorable. Meaningful.

Travels From:  Denver, Colorado

Nancy Says:  “I’ve known Melanie for nearly two decades, and what I’ve always loved about her is her generous spirit…which is infused into every conversation, every interaction, every presentation. She is an absolute treasure.”

Emerging from Leadership to Soul Fulfilling Influence 

For more than twenty years, Melanie Mills has felt privileged to serve leaders and their teams in 48 states and 12 countries through keynotes speeches, seminars and consulting focused on cultural transformation, leadership and change. Melanie believes that being savvy in business, with bottom-line results, is hinged on a fulfillment of the human spirit. In her work and presentations, she guides others to reach their full potential, helping them to transform from fear to freedom, confusion to clarity, and resistance to collaboration.

Melanie earned her Master’s Degree in Education after completing her Bachelor of Science. After being named Teacher of the Year in 1990, she moved fully into the realm of professional speaking and consulting. She earned the Certified Speaking Professional designation and is qualified to as a Certified Dyna Metric Professional.

Learn more about Melanie Mills...

For over 3 decades, Melanie Mills has had the privilege to support leaders in transforming their organizations into great companies.  Graduating with a degree in education, she taught middle school for 7 years before she started her own business.  That was 22 years ago.  During that time she learned a critical value that is part of how she works with leaders today.

Successful as a  teacher, leading her students to the source of their own power, she applies the same principle when working with leaders today.  Her focus is to bring them to the source of their personal power and encourage them to lead from this place.

When people ask Melanie what she does, she tells them, “I help transform leaders, who in turn transform the organizations they lead to do great things.” 

The process is powerful, intimate and real.  Melanie believes, without a doubt, you will get the results you are looking for.  The most important question is ‘are you ready?’

 You can count on Melanie seeing the whole picture of where you are and discovering a clear path with you of where you would like to go.  Your leadership development will be primary.  The development of your team will follow, and the alignment of your organization to the destination you want to reach is the ultimate goal.

 In Melanie’s own words…

I believe in the goodness of people. I am awe of the wonder of it all. I am inspired by cool people doing cool things in the world. I am committed to my own well-being on all levels.  My soul is fed by intellectual challenge, the majesty of nature in my Colorado home, and doing good in the world.”



Melanie Mills as your Presenter...

Melanie entered into the transformative work she does with leaders and their organizations through the world of public speaking.  Traveling the globe as a people-building expert, she has worked with organizations across the U.S. and on five different continents.  Whenever she spoke of change and leadership and transformation, she would inevitably have a leader ask her, “If you were to implement the things you speak about in an organization, how would you go about it?”

This question did two things.

1) Melanie realized that what we speak from the platform has profound impact and she needed to remember…her words give life.  Was she lifting people up to a better expression of themselves? Or, was she speaking in a way that felt superficial and not meaningful to the audiences’ current circumstances?

 What’s #2? 

2) Today, Melanie’s speaking addresses leadership, change, and what it takes to make real deep and lasting transformation.  It is also designed to motivate and inspire listeners to embrace change and radically shift their ideas and day-to-day performance.

Speaking is a privilege Melanie doesn’t take lightly and her commitment is to never do an off-the-shelf address, but rather develop a presentation that is meaningful and inspiring to the audience in the room.  She blends a down-to-earth style with bottom-line business savvy with the goal to always ignite people’s passion and unleash their greatness.  And every presentation is packed with practical application, unshakable truth, and clarity of purpose.