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Marian Madonia

February 4, 2014
Marian Madonia

Marian Madonia

Expertise:   Employee Engagement, Leadership, Communication, Change, Attitude, Motivation

Speaking Style:  Relevant. Witty. Sincere.

Travels From:  Kansas City, Missouri

Nancy Says:  "Marian is boldly unconventional and that’s exactly why audiences love her hip, biker-chick style. Combine that with the ability to reach into the minds and hearts of people as a brilliant storyteller, and you have one incredible speaker.”

Life and Business at Full Throttle 

With 80% of Americans disliking their jobs, and 50% changing jobs during an upswing in the economy, finding ways to keep the workforce happy isn’t just a good idea – it’s essential. Marian Madonia steps in when organizations are committed to improving the workplace environment. She’s the guru behind the Garbage Factor™ – the management, team and customer service behaviors that inhibit employee engagement.

Marian has been at the forefront of training and development for over 25 years. In looking back, she realized she was always fascinated by people, how to deal with them effectively, how to better ourselves, and how to improve communication and workplace relationships. Her expertise includes Communication Skills, Dealing with Difficult People, Management and Leadership, and Attitude issues. Marian’s programs are fun and funny, full of poignant stories and jam-packed with bona fide solutions for immediate implementation.

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Marian Madonia has spent over 25 years in Training & Development.  During her career, her feedback ratings on dealing with people issues in the workplace skyrocketed.  In looking back, she realized she was always fascinated by people, how to deal with them effectively, how to be better yourself, & how to improve communication & workplace relationships.

Over the years, her expertise has evolved into delivering programs & coaching on Communication Skills, How to Deal with Difficult People, Customer Service, Management & Leadership, Employee Engagement, & Attitude.

Most people make sense out of that list, but have questions about what is the GarbageFactor™ and where did it come from?  When Marian was growing up, her father referred to everything that was bad as Garbagio.  When her room was a mess, he said “clean this Garbagio”, when she got bad grades, he said “what is this Garbagio?”  When everything went wrong at work, he said “nothing but Garbagio today.”

So Garbagio or Garbage became a way to say “Garbage Happens” without using more colorful language.  What is the GarbageFactor™ that you deal with?

Organizations that are ready to commit to Employee Engagement need Marian Madonia to guide them.  Marian is the guru behind the GarbageFactor™ (the management, team, & customer service behaviors which inhibit Employee Engagement).  She is a talented writer and has been an author, consultant, and speaker on Employee Engagement since 1984.  Marian is at the forefront of the Employee Engagement industry and brings knowledge, insight, and humor to every presentation. In addition to the knowledge Marian brings to clients, she is also a third generation storyteller.

Teams who get to hear her speak have as much fun listening to the stories as she has telling them.  The universal benefit of stories is they are memorable.  The lessons can be easily recalled, implemented, and retold and taught to others.  She presents with both heart and wisdom and is refreshingly real.  Marian is the same in the front of the room as when you meet her after hours.

Marian is a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP).  The CSP designation is an earned designation of the National Speakers Association and the International Federation for Professional Speakers.  Out of thousands of members worldwide, fewer than 10 percent hold the CSP.  Marian is the only woman in Kansas City to hold the CSP.  Marian is author of No More Garbage: 90 Ways to Deal with Change, Challenges, and Chaos and co-author of Fantastic Customer Service Inside and Out.  She is currently writing her third book The GarbageFactor™: The Dirty Truth about Employee Engagement.


Presentation Topics

The Garbage Factor 

Did you know that 80% of American’s hate their jobs?  Studies also report that when the economy improves, as many as 50% of Americans will start looking for new jobs.  It’s no wonder that companies are concerned about Employee Engagement.  These employees are unengaged at best and actively disengaged at worst.  This turnover will cost companies millions of dollars.  While many companies will look to start doing in the way of policies, procedures, and incentives, the savvy company will instead look at what to stop doing. Most employees don’t leave bad jobs, they leave bad environments.  They get to the point where they think “you can’t pay me enough to stay here.” All workplaces have a certain amount of “garbage” that people have to manage, and people have the responsibility to learn how to deal with the GarbageFactor™.  Managers have the responsibility to create an environment where the GarbageFactor™ levels are as low as possible.  It is management and leadership that determine the environment that people work in. What types of environments (each team is different) are your leaders creating?  When organization-wide Employee Engagement surveys are done, a company has data from a global perspective on the organization.  What is needed to effect change is a micro-level look at what is raising the GarbageFactor™.  Is it:

  • Managers who are inexperienced and thus unskilled in leadership?
  • Managers who only provide feedback when it is negative?
  • Managers who are inefficient and thus pass the resulting problems to employees?
  • Managers who have not developed communication skills?
  • Managers who have too many (or too few) rules?

For over 15 years, Marian has been collecting feedback like this from employees.  It is the basis for both her programs and her upcoming book, The GarbageFactor™: The Dirty Truth about Employee Engagement.  By bringing Marian to your teams, you start the process of eliminating the GarbageFactor™ first by awareness, then by action.  Doing so puts your organization on the path to lower turnover, improved productivity, and a better bottom line.




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