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Marc Hardy

February 14, 2014
Marc Hardy

Dr. Marc Hardy

Expertise:    Leadership, Philanthropy, Motivation

Speaking Style:  Humorous. Engaging. Profound.

Travels From:   South Bend, Indiana

Nancy Says:  “Marc has been one of my favorite speakers from the beginning of my bureau career. His message-oriented programs are filled with humor and great stories. Audiences love him!”

Sharing Fire: How Leaders Can Use 'Personal Encouragement Philanthropy'

Dr. Marc Hardy believes that, at some point, everyone encounters another human being who does or says something that profoundly changes their lives. This interaction can have lasting implications, causing a ripple effect that touches many others. Being conscious of this unrealized power and using it to encourage others is an act of philanthropy. Marc’s program, Sharing Fire, is inspired by the ancient myth of Prometheus who gave fire to humans to help them create a better life.

Marc is an author, an educator at the University of Notre Dame, a master storyteller, researcher and a very funny man! With a Ph.D. in Philanthropic Studies, he brings his expertise to audiences in a very unique and personal way. To Marc, the most powerful gift you can give another is appreciation and a belief in one’s gifts and talents.

Learn more about Dr. Marc Hardy...

Dr. Marc Hardy, is the Director of Nonprofit Executive Education at the University of Notre Dame. He is a graduate of the Ph.D. program in Philanthropic Studies at the Center on Philanthropy at Indiana University and has taught nonprofit leadership and management at IU and Butler University. In 2006 he was voted the “Outstanding Associate Faculty of the Year” at the School of Public & Environmental Affairs at IUPUI. He was also formerly the Associate Director of the Institute for Research and Scholarship at Butler University where, over a three-year period, he helped triple the grant revenues for research and programs. He has led several nonprofit organizations and was once the Executive Director of a private operating foundation, the Fourth Freedom Forum, in Goshen, Indiana, which is now the foremost think-tank in the country on the subject of peace through international trade incentives and economic sanctions. Marc has served as a board member of several nonprofit organizations, including a term as President of the National Speakers Association of Indiana.

An actor, director and playwright, he is the Past President of the Indiana Theatre Association. He is co-author of two books, “Only the Best on Customer Service,” and “Only the Best on Leadership” as well as several articles on management and leadership. Voted one of the top three speakers in the country during the “World Championship of Public Speaking,” he has spoken to more than four hundred groups in the U.S., Canada, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Mexico and the Caribbean. He has given over one hundred radio and television interviews, hosted his own morning radio show, and co-hosted a live public television interview show on WNIT-TV. He is currently the producer of a pilot for a public television show titled “Sharing Fire.”®


Presentation Topics

Sharing Fire: The Philosophy; The Programs 


If we live long enough, someone eventually shares with us about an action we took or something we said that profoundly changed his or her life. The kicker is that we often do not remember the action or the conversation, and sometimes not even the person! All of us have a story about someone who influenced them in a significant way.

This integration can have positive or negative implications, causing a “ripple effect” that touches many other lives. Being conscious of this unrealized power and using it to encourage others is an act of philanthropy that drastically affects people’s lives and helps them create a better, more hopeful future. The giver gains a deep respect from his or her employees, peers, family, and friends. This is a power we all possess that takes little time, effort and absolutely no money, but it is the most powerful form of giving in the world. It fills the greatest human need of all—the need to be appreciated, recognized, and encouraged. Most importantly, the ripple effect we cause using our “Personal Engagement Philanthropy” comes back to us in the experience of “Ahwowaw!”

Marc Hardy will share heartwarming and hilarious stories about people sharing the fire of encouragement and engagement to create a fulfilled life, a positive workplace, and a better world.

Sharing Fire as a Leader: Learn How to UseYour Innate Ability to Share Your Fire and Igniting the Inner Motivation in Others to Follow Your Lead and Accomplish a Shared Mission

Sharing Fire in Your Organization: How to Create a Productive, Profitable and Creative Workplace that Makes People want to Come to Work

Sharing Fire in Your Life: How to Become the Person that You Want to be and that Others in Your Life Want to be Around



Sharing Fire in Your Personal Life Will:

  • Make you the most powerful person in the room
  • Create stronger, life-long relationships
  • Repay the debt you owe to those who inspired you
  • Set an example for your family, friends and colleagues
  • Help others build better lives so that they can build a better world
  • Bring personal rewards and recognition from others you have encouraged
  • Give you a sense of fulfillment unlike any other you have ever experienced
  • Enhance your confidence by focusing on the strengthening of others


Sharing Fire in Your Professional Life Will:

  • Inspire others to greater commitment
  • Give employees and colleagues a reason to follow your lead
  • Create a sense of loyalty to your organization
  • Make a workplace that people want to come to every day
  • Supply a better quality of life to all
  • Increase creativity and productivity
  • Insure your competitive edge in the marketplace
  • Reduce turn-over
  • Elevate a sense of shared purpose toward an important mission



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