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Lisa Jimenez

February 8, 2014
Lisa Jimenez

Lisa Jimenez

Expertise:   Success, Mindset, Leadership, Goal Setting, Strategy

Speaking Style:  Innovative. Inspiring. Unconventional.

Travels From:  Delray Beach, Florida.

Nancy Says:  “Lisa is a powerful, yet delightful encourager of the human spirit, guiding people to create a new mindset. She’s outstanding.”

Helping Entrepreneurs Create the Mind of a Game Changer 

Lisa Jimenez believes that the biggest barrier to achieving high results and success is FEAR. Fear of rejection, of making decisions, of change, and fear of failure. But the biggest is fear of success! Along with it’s surly cousins – worry, anxiety and self-doubt – fear is what paralyzes us and keeps us from accomplishing what we most desire. Lisa’s programs, a blend of psychology and spirituality, are filled with practical applications to overcome self-limiting beliefs and to break through negative programming.

Lisa has helped thousands as an international speaker and business coach. She’s also widely known for her Mastermind Retreats to exotic cities like Paris, Prague, Bali and Bangkok. Her bestselling books, Conquer Fear and Don’t Mess with the Princess!, have sold over a quarter million copies and are published in 7 languages.

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Lisa Jimenez has helped thousands of top salespeople shatter their self-limiting beliefs and finally get the breakthrough success they want. When it comes to personal productivity and creating unstoppable momentum – there is no one better for your salespeople than Lisa. Her fast-paced, powerful programs come directly from her real-life experience of building a successful direct sales business of her own. Because of this experience, your people will identify with Lisa’s personal stories and get the message.

They will laugh out loud when Lisa reveals the hidden messages that are in the most common fears of all sales people. They will be empowered, through humor, to identify these fears in their own behavior and discard them forever.

Lisa penetrates the hearts of your audience when she reveals her own experience of how she broke through self-limiting beliefs and turned them into the driving force behind her success. Then used these new beliefs to sign a six-figure consulting contract just 9 months later.

From her doctoral work in leadership at Florida Atlantic University, to her matchless experience building a business herself, to her home life as a wife and mother of three children—Lisa gives your people a fun, powerful message of life and work success. They will regain their drive, childlike courage, risk-taking ability, and get “on fire” for what they have to offer in creating personal and career success.


Presentation Topics

Breakthrough Your Comfort Zone to the Success Zone! 

One of the greatest secrets to success is getting out of your comfort zone and doing the things most people are not willing to do. This can be terrifying to some people. Lisa shows your people how to overcome this fear and tap into their innate, natural talents and bring out the best in themselves and others.

In this fun, information-packed program, your sales force will learn the personal development strategies and sales skills they need to master the business and achieve their goals.

They will learn how to:
  • Cultivate their innate abilities;
  • Believe in their dream;
  • Have the courage to take risks;
  • Attract opportunity;
  • Create a laser focus;
  • Build healthier relationships; and,
  • Explode out of their self-imposed limitations to accept success!

Lisa uses humor, case studies and her personal experience to give your people courage. They will develop the courage that empowers them to pick up that 2,000-pound telephone, approach more prospects and close more sales!

Book this program for your next sales meeting or convention and let Lisa teach your sales force the steps to strengthen their courage—so they can break through their comfort zone to the success zone!

How to Lead and Empower Others 

Most people in leadership positions don’t know the difference between managing their people and truly leading them. The leaders who get outrageous results from their people, do so, because they have total belief in their company, product and people. They also know how to communicate these beliefs and convictions in the most powerful way! They paint the vision so clearly and vividly—that every person they lead sees that vision too, and feels they have a unique part in accomplishing it.

In this insightful program on leadership skills, Lisa shows your people how to:
  • Use imagination and reality to achieve any goal;
  • Turn goals into a compelling vision and communicate it with power;
  • Create an emotional connection to their vision;
  • Develop and empower others;
  • Ignite a sense of synergy and team spirit; and,
  • Instill autonomy in their team members.

Lisa will teach your people how to craft a vision big enough to encompass the visions of the people they lead, communicate their vision in the most powerful way, and break down the vision into steps to take on a daily basis to bring it to reality. When you need your people to step up and lead by example—this is the program to book.

Conquer Fear: Rejecting Rejection to Achieve What You Really Want 

The biggest barrier that all sales distributors have to overcome is fear. Fear of rejection. Fear of making decisions. Fear of change. Fear of failure. And of course the big one – fear of success! It is this fear (and all of its cousins like worry, anxiety, and self-doubt) that paralyzes your people, and keeps them from succeeding.

This program will give your sales force a practical action plan to empower them to overcome their fear, reject rejection, and be free to get on with creating and achieving what they really want! Lisa will guide them in an understanding of why they do what they do.

They will laugh (and be shocked) when they discover the hidden messages that their behavior is screaming out. Through personal stories and humor, Lisa reveals the most common ways that people’s belief systems can actually repel success! Positive thinking by itself just isn’t enough. This presentation will teach the steps to improve their results by developing a powerful belief system.

Your people will:
  • Identify and overcome self-limiting beliefs;
  • Stop procrastination and self-sabotage;
  • Reject rejection with the L.O.A. (Law of Average);
  • Break through negative programming;
  • Raise their self-esteem and confidence level;
  • Create momentum to stay motivated; and,
  • Attract and sponsor more leaders.

The power in this program comes from blending the two disciplines of psychology and spirituality. By blending the head and heart aspects of motivation, you will master the strongest combination of handling rejection and conquering your fear… forever!

How to Win in Business Without Losing Your Life

This insightful program will help your sales force master the balancing act of having a healthy family life while growing a business. Lisa teaches from her real-world experience of creating a successful business while raising three children and maintaining a happy marriage herself.

Your sales force will discover how to:
  • Prioritize with a color code calendar system;
  • Set and attain goals in the three core areas of their life;
  • Say “no” without guilt;
  • Create their own powerful mission statement for laser focus;
  • Intertwine life enrichment habits in everyday life to reduce stress;
  • Meet their innate needs on a healthy, conscious basis;
  • Create traditions that bond the family unit; and,
  • Live a life they love! Lisa will help each person in your sales force to design their own success standard and balance grid.

They will be empowered with extra energy after learning the strategies in this powerful program. Like thousands of others, they will master Lisa’s system in the three core achievement areas that make life worth living – so they can win in business, without losing their life!

The Princess Prosperity Program 

A powerful experience to unlearn everything you’ve been taught about success, money, relationships and creating the life you love!

The Princess Prosperity Program is a conversation like no other. It’s your opportunity to create what you really want in life and powerfully breakthrough the limitations that keep you from it!

The Princess Prosperity Program is an experience where you will transform your life from the inside out. This program will wake you up to what’s truly possible for you and give you the courage, confidence, and strategy to create it!

If you’re like most people, you have been taught incorrect paradigms which cause you to sabotage your success. The paradigms you currently have about money, sex, love, and success are driving you and are the cause of your current state. Everything you have or don’t have right now came from your current paradigm and belief system.

In the “Princess Prosperity Program” you’ll recreate these paradigms and begin seeing immediate results. It’s a new day. It’s a new YOU!

Lisa Jimenez M.Ed. best-selling author, international speaker and business coach is living her dream life. and it wasn’t always this way. She will share with you how she broke through the fear of success, dealt with rejection and even heart-break to claim her power and create her dream life. And, most importantly, how you can, too!

Lisa has been coaching high level entrepreneurs for over 17 years and knows how to help them create the success mind-set they need to grow their business, make more money and be a profound impact on the world.

Just imagine what your life would look like if you spent time unlearning your belief system: reprogramming your mindset and recreating your paradigms.

Really answer that… What would your life look like?

Lisa can tell you what it would look like because she’s seen it thousands of times with her clients world-wide…

It would look like Freedom!

You would be living a life where you are fully self-expressed. You would be manifesting money for yourself and others. You would be present to your purpose and waking up every day excited and fulfilled. You would attract the people and opportunities you need to live your best life. And mostly, you would be so grateful that you took the time to unlearn, reprogram, and recreate your life! It’s a new day. It’s a new YOU!

Let’s create the most amazing and outrageous experience for women (and the men who support them) to breakthrough to success and expand life to new realms of possibility!

The Princess Prosperity Program gives you the tools of Transformation you need to live a life of fulfillment, profit, love and contribution. Are you IN? 



Lisa Jimenez
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