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Laurie Guest

February 9, 2014
Laurie Guest

Laurie Guest

Expertise:   Healthcare, Customer Service, Communication, Teamwork

Speaking Style:  Humorous. Interactive. Genuine.

Travels From:  WChicago, Illinois

Nancy Says:  ““Laurie is the real deal! A positive, upbeat and witty presenter who is terrific at meeting the client’s expectations…when the delivery counts as much as the message.”

Delivering a Perfect Blend of Humor and Content 

When laughing while absorbing information (customized to the audience) is what you have in mind, Laurie Guest is the answer! Well-known for her imaginative ideas and entertaining style, invigorating the audience with lively, empowering messages, Laurie delivers the perfect balance of content and entertainment. Her authentic style and impromptu wit are her trademarks.

Laurie has a number of popular keynotes and workshops, from dealing with our hectic world and improving attitudes, to attracting new customers and improving service. With decades in the healthcare field, Laurie knows what it’s like to work in a demanding environment. She brings a wealth of experience and practical solutions to the platform.

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Laurie Guest, CSP, is well-known for her imaginative ideas and entertaining style.  This Midwest native invigorates the audience with lively, empowering messages.

Laurie is a member of the National Speakers Association and is a Certified Speaking Professional, a designation held by less than 10% of speakers worldwide.  To earn this distinguished honor, Laurie speaks to thousands of people each year and consistently receives near perfect ratings.  Her ability to blend real-life examples with proven action steps, is the reason over three-quarters of her clients ask for an encore appearance.

With experience that encompasses over 24 years in healthcare and more than a decade as a business owner, Laurie can speak from practical point of view. She now reveals the lessons she learned along the way that help others in their professional and personal lives.

Laurie Guest applies the “laugh while learning” approach to staff development.  Her authentic style and impromptu wit are her trademarks.  Meeting planners can count on this program to deliver the perfect blend of content, entertainment and energy.


Presentation Topics

Life in the Espresso Lane: 7 Ways to Thrive in a Fast-paced World 

With a mix of fun and wisdom, Laurie shares six behaviors that can help change your accelerated life.  In this humorous program, you will learn how to manage your mental caffeine and find contentment even during stressful times.  Enjoy a fast-paced session that sends many people home with a token gift and fun for all!

Humorous Keynote.  Designed to set the tone of a meeting, build energy and enthusiasm in the workplace, motivate for personal improvement.  Can be customized.

Managing the Red Carpet: A Show Business Guide to Customer Service 

Rolling out the red carpet is a tradition of honorary treatment given to guests of the highest esteem.  During this exceptionally creative session, the audience views famous movie moments, linking the message to real-life situations.

Discover ways to create red carpet service for your customers and learn award-winning ideas for achieving your business objectives.  This unique, entertaining and practical program is packed with action steps that will energize your cast and connect them with your customers. Attendees will:

  • Identify misleading silent signals
  • Determine their E-Zone levels
  • Learn the 8 taboo words to remove from their vocabulary
  • Create a plan to deal with the diva
  • Improve their ability to “stop waiting, start wagging”
  • Generate the power of the invisible impact
  • Invent a showtime culture

Please Note: There are many additional service options available with this program, including secret shopping the organization in advance and provide a confidential report on the service outcomes with recommendation for improvements.

Swizzle Stick Strategy: 5 Ways to Stir-Up Your Business 

During this idea packed session Laurie Guest will share the five best questions to stir up your thinking and attract new business.  Mix as many as you need in order to refocus your sales and customer service approach.  Now is the time to evaluate your plan and energize your business.

This sales and marketing program is very interactive as attendees will participate in molding their current communication into a format that sells their product or service better.  



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