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Larry Williams

August 18, 2015
Larry Williams

Larry Williams

Expertise:   Reinvention, Motivation, Personal Development, Productivity, Creativity

Speaking Style:  Inspiring. Captivating. Polished.

Travels From:  Reno, Nevada

Nancy Says:  “Larry first captured my attention with his intriguing program...such a great title! After we became better acquainted, I quickly disovered his genuiness, lively personality and dedication to his work. Larry is a wonderful speaker; I'm truly delighted to include him in our Portfolio of Speakers."


Finding the Next Big Hit in Life's Catalog!

Have you ever wished you possessed the creative talents of a recording artist? Well, guess what . . . you already do! They are hidden like the B-Side of a vinyl record just waiting to be discovered. As a radio broadcaster, Larry Williams uncovered an amazing concept that served as the blueprint for artists and their music to skyrocket to the top of the charts. He has now adapted this easy-to-implement principle to help others achieve chart-topping success in any field.

His keynote presentations offer an inspirational musical message of reinvention that is supported by actionable content to increase productivity and enhance personal development. Williams uses the lessons of music to discover untapped skills and talents that will make you a rock star in your life and career! His unique and original message is sure to fire up your attendees and give them the confidence to celebrate the talents that make them unique, valuable and in-demand.

Learn more about Larry Williams...

Larry Williams is a veteran broadcaster with an amazing story. He is one of the few successful radio personalities in the nation that never applied for the job. He was discovered! His casual stroll into an FM station in 1990 changed his life forever. Within months, he was hosting popular community oriented broadcasts and interviewing everyone from the Vice President of the United States to A-list celebrities.

In 1995, he met his idol – entertainment legend Dick Clark. What started out as a casual “meet and greet” turned into a life-long friendship. He was blessed to serve as Dick Clark’s personal DJ and Master of Ceremonies for his private family functions – an incredible honor. Williams worked hard at emulating his mentor and sharing the examples of his character and work ethic. Soon, his entertainment company and freelance journalism articles were quickly getting noticed by small business entrepreneurs across the nation.

By 2006, Williams became regarded as an expert in small business development. His first book Mind Your Own Business was soon followed by his landmark book Customer Service A to Z. With a Foreword written by his friend and mentor Dick Clark, this book changed the landscape of customer service training to re-introduce often neglected traditional standards.

His latest book Develop Your B-Sides shares an original concept based on a discovery from his early days in radio. This methodology offers actionable content that will inspire and motivate everyone from the new hire to the president of the company. Using the universal language of music, Larry Williams now travels the nation to share this powerful original message of reinvention, productivity and personal development. He is an accomplished TEDx Speaker and member of the National Speakers Association.


Presentation Topics

Chart-Topping Success: Your B-Side Reinvention

What if second best really was good enough? For years we have been conditioned to think that only our best efforts are the ones worth believing in. But what about those hidden gems that are left undeveloped? We each possess talents and skills worthy of being given a second chance to shine. In his talk, Chart-Topping Success: Your B-Side Reinvention, Larry Williams will explore an amazing methodology that is based on the universal language of music. This program offers an inspirational message supported by actionable content to increase productivity and enhance personal development.

As a former radio broadcaster, Williams storied career behind the microphone found him focusing intently on the dichotomy between the A-Side and B-Side records that changed music history. Along the way, he discovered an amazing mechanism for self-improvement. The B-Sides message is powerful and original. Attendees will walk away with a proven concept that will use the lessons of music to help discover untapped skills in life and business. The result will find you taking your second efforts out for another spin.

Outcomes & Takeaways
  • Reinvention - The B-Sides message offers a fresh look at reinvention. It will offer a new perspective and focus on re-purposing seldom used ideas, passions, skills and talents for personal and professional development.
  • Productivity - Attendees will immediately become more productive. Four action steps will be given that will establish a path and direction for ideas to quickly move forward from inception to completion.
  • Creativity - Attendees will approach new projects like an artist develops new music. They will become fired-up at the prospect of introducing unique and original material that will become their next big hit.
  • Leadership - Attendees will become more empowered to be team leaders and work more in concert with one another. This musical methodology will find them working more collaboratively towards a mutual goal. 




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