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Kristin Arnold

February 9, 2014
Kristin Arnold

Kristin Arnold

Expertise:   Teamwork, Communication, Critical Thinking

Speaking Style:  Enthusiastic. Practical. Interactive

Travels From:  Phoenix, Arizona or Prince Edward Island, Canada

Nancy Says:  Kristin is the consummate speaker, extraordinary in her delivery, in the way she connects with her audience, in her attention to detail and the client’s needs. I’m very selective in who I align with, and Kristin is a perfect example of what that means.”

Team Facilitation and Mainstage Conversations™ 

As a high stakes meeting facilitator and MainStage Conversationalist, Kristin Arnold has worked with thousands of senior executives, project managers and team leaders, challenging their traditional notions about teamwork. Involving the audiences in an engaging way, she facilitates concrete, practical concepts, tools and techniques her clients can immediately apply and realize substantive results.

In her signature keynote, Bring on the Bravo, Kristin creates a high-impact conversation with the audience, moving the most vital issue facing the organization, from concept in their brain to action in their hands – where they can actually do something about it, literally, when they return to work.

Learn more about Kristin Arnold...

Kristin J. Arnold, MBA, CMC, CPF, CSP is the president and founder of Quality Process Consultants, Inc., with offices in Scottsdale, Arizona and Cape Traverse, Prince Edward Island, Canada. As a professional facilitator specializing in high stakes meeting facilitation, interactive speaker and engaging trainer and consultant, Kristin is passionate about teamwork, engagement, action and momentum.

Kristin’s passion for teams is reflected in her writing, speaking, facilitation and consulting. She is the author of several books in theExtraordinary Team Series (Team Basics, Email Basics and Team Energizers), as well as a newspaper columnist and contributing author to a myriad of other team-based books, such as The IAF Handbook of Group Facilitation. Her latest book, Boring to Bravo was published in August, 2010.

Featured in numerous publications such as Harvard Business Update, USA Today andSelling Power, Kristin knows what it takes to lead, facilitate and participate in high performing teams. She was the national president for the National Speakers Association of the United States in 2010-11. She also served as president of the Downtown Hampton (Virginia) Development Partnership (2001-2), a nonprofit business organization attributed to turning Downtown Hampton from a quaint, sleepy town to a thriving entertainment, retail and residential center.

Prior to founding QPC, Kristin was one of the first female graduates of the United States Coast Guard Academy and the first woman stationed onboard the USCGC Buttonwood, a sea-going buoy tender. She parlayed her understanding of teams and teamwork with an MBA in Marketing Strategy into a specialized management consulting firm focused on building extraordinary teams in the workplace.


Kristin Arnold is on the Executive Development Faculty in the Schulich School of Business at York University in Toronto, specializing in Leadership through Team Building.  Kristin has achieved three of the highest designations available within each of her core competencies:

  • Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) from the National Speakers Association (2002)
  • Certified Professional Facilitator (CPF) from the International Association of Facilitators (2002)
  • Certified Management Consultant (CMC) from the Institute of Management Consultants (2002)

Kristin is also certified to administer several assessment tools that assist people in determining their thinking styles, personality preferences and management effectiveness:

  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®
  • Kolbe™
  • Human Synergistics’ Group Styles Inventory™
  • Organizational Culture® Inventory

As an active member of her community, Kristin has received the following awards:

  • Axiom Book Award for Boring to Bravo (2102)
  • National Speakers Association Presidential Award (2012)
  • Capital Outstanding Speaker Award (2007)
  • National Speakers Association Presidential Award (2005)
  • Outstanding Woman of Hampton Roads (2001)
  • Virginia Speakers Association Chapter Member of the Year (2001 and 2002)
  • Hampton Roads Inside Business Rising Stars “Forty Under Forty” (2000)
  • Women in Business Advocate of the Year for the Virginia Peninsula (1998)


Presentation Topics

Bring on the Bravo!

A Game Changing Conversation

How would it affect your organization’s performance if every one of your employees understood and were able to focus on the #1, most important aspect of your business? Does everyone on your team know the behaviors that translate into success?

Kristin Arnold’s presentation is an engaging and interactive experience revolving around your organization’s key strategy or corporate initiative.  Kristin creates a high-impact, directed conversation with the audience, highlighting key concepts, best practices and solutions to their biggest challenges.

Kristin draws from the wisdom of the participants as well as from her repertoire of simple strategies and tangible tools to move the most vital issue facing your organization from concept in their brain to action with their hands – where they can actually do something about it, literally, when they return to work!

As a result of this HUGELY interactive session, your team will:

Understand the organization’s business strategy
Be able to carry out that strategy with specific behaviors
Turn criticism into commitment.

Kristin’s style is a bit different than a traditional “speaker” and absolutely perfect for those audiences wanting to shape the presentation and interact with the speaker and with each other.

Nine Hallmarks of a High Performance Team 

“Teamwork” is often used as a focal point or theme for an organization’s conference. But what  does “team work” really look like? Teamwork is more than just holding hands and singing Kumbya. It’s about accomplishing results quickly, effectively and collaboratively.

As a high stakes meeting facilitator, Kristin Arnold shares nine hallmarks for a high performing team – observable signs for when a team is firing on all cylinders. No woo-woo generalities; Kristin shares concrete, practical techniques to take your team to the next level.

This presentation helps organizations and team members refocus their efforts on those traits that contribute to the evolution of truly extraordinary teams:

  1. Clear Goals
  2. Robust Communication
  3. Decision Making using a variety of tools and methods
  4. Balanced Participation
  5. Diversity of ideas, methods, experiences and opinions
  6. Constructively Managed Conflict
  7. Positive Atmosphere that encourages trust and openness
  8. Cooperative Relationships
  9. Participative Leadership

A word of warning, though!  Kristin’s style is a bit different than a traditional “speaker” and absolutely perfect for those audiences wanting to shape the presentation and interact with the speaker and with each other – without holding hands!

So What? Now What? A Call to Action. 

There is a growing trend in the meetings industry that organizers must articulate a return on investment with tangible outcomes when hiring speakers to open or close their conferences.   Meeting sponsors and attendees alike ask the question:

What will this speaker do other than entertain us?

Your organization is making a sizeable investment of time, energy and money to bring their people together. The attendees have made a substantial investment as well and they want to go home armed with tools to implement positive change.

Why not try something a little “different” than your typical closing speaker? Kristin Arnold’s “endnote” is a closing session conversation that addresses the question:

So now what are you going to do with ideas and information you have learned?

In an engaging, entertaining and inspiring style, Kristin helps participants to recognize their key learnings and create a team-based plan to successfully implement their ideas.  Participants leave the conference energized and motivated to implement their ideas and eager to come back to next year’s conference for more!

But wait, there’s more!

Some clients want to QUANTIFY their investment – and she can do this! At the end the speech, she requests each participant to send her their top three commitments (mostly through text messaging, but there are other ways to get this information).

Then, 30 days later, she sends each attendee a personalized email re-affirming their commitments, asking for feedback on how they are doing and the consequence of their actions. In return, those who respond will receive a gift (typically an electronic white paper, e-book or signed copy of one of Kristin’s publications).

Kristin reports back to the organizers all key actions promised, as well as implemented. This information can then be used to:

  • Identify specific conference topics that resonated with the participants.
  • Provide tangible evidence that participants have implemented ideas presented at the conference (something they will start, stop or change the way they are doing it!)
  • Provide insight into further educational offerings/communications to support the conference theme and key take-aways.

Kristin’s style is a bit different than your traditional closing keynoter absolutely perfect for those audiences wanting to shape the presentation and interact with the speaker and with each other.

You're the Start - We Help You Shine 

Panel Moderation: Making Conference Panel Presentations Extraordinary

Kristin Arnold is adept at making ordinary panel presentations extraordinary through a lively, engaging, audience-centered conversation.  She uses her facilitation skills and process techniques to make your panel session into a robust, interesting and lively discussion.  She ensures there is audience/ panel participation, the information  is useful and the session starts and stops on time.

Kristin knows her panel moderator role is to be the producer/director of your conference panel presentation – and not the star of the program.  Your panel presenters and participants are the stars and Kristin makes them look like heros!

How Kristin Makes Panel Presentations ROCK!

Your panel moderator can make or break the success of your panel.   There are alot of moving parts that needs masterful orchestration – especially during those high stakes meetings.

Team Focus

Kristin starts with a conversation with the meeting team to clarify the purpose of the panel and desired outcomes.  Interesting panel discussions typically:

Provide different perspectives on controversial issues.
Explore multiple angles of a complex topic.
Answer participant questions about an important topic.


The best panels have a great chemistry with the moderator and with each other – as well as provide relevant, meaningful information to the participants.  Kristin works with the panelists to ensure they present the right amount of material given the time constraints, they provide meaningful take-aways (both verbal and as a handout), and that they respond appropriately to participant questions.

Kristin coordinates event logistics with the property to include seating options and audio-visual support, as well as using emerging technologies such as electronic polling of participants to ensure maximum engagement.


Kristin facilitates the panel discussion to meet the panel objectives by:

Providing structure and control to guide the flow of the session.
Ensuring lively balanced audience participation.
Making segues and summarizing the conversations, while highlighting key points to remember
Being humorous, where appropriate.


Kristin summarizes the key points at the end and in a written report immediately following the session.  You can reinforce these points in follow up emails, newsletters and talking points.

When you hire Kristin as your panel moderator, you know that your panel is in good hands.  You have a professional facilitator who will orchestrate a dynamic, engaging and informative panel discussion.

What Were You Thinking?

Critical Thinking Skills to Get Ahead in Your Job and in Your Life 

In a world of incredible change and information overload, it is no longer the purview of the one who knows the information; it’s about the person who can organize that information and make sense of it.  The savvy manager distills the information, thinks through the options, and is able to articulate recommendations to the CEO and the rest of the team.  

In this presentation, you’ll discover five practical techniques that will allow you to analyze and evaluate information, probe for faulty and poor reasoning, draw valid inferences based on accurate evidence and well-supported claims, and communicate the best option among many.

Team Player or Spectator? 

Surefire Strategies to Get Everyone in the Game

For lots of different reasons, not everyone is a great team player.

Only a miniscule percentage of the population plays well with others. The rest of the world may not have the motivation, experience, knowledge or skills to be a great team player.

Working collaboratively is not a natural talent. Today, more than ever, people must develop their abilities to work with others constructively. As organizations place a greater focus on teamwork rather than individual decision-making, productive teamwork becomes critical to success.

So… how do you invite teamwork? How do you get everybody in the game?

Kristin Arnold’s presentation shares specific, concrete ideas to help attendees engage “spectators,” work well with others and increase the level of team work.  Furthermore, Kristin is a master at modeling these facilitative behaviors during the entire presentation!

As a successful business leader, Certified Speaking Professional, Certified Professional Facilitator and one of the first women graduates of the US Coast Guard Academy coupled with 20 years of service, Kristin brings a diverse perspective that enables her to work with your teams to achieve higher levels of performance.

Boring to Bravo Meetings

Five Secrets to Leading an Extraordinary Meeting

Many team leaders and team members are frustrated their meetings are not as productive as they could be, worried assignments are going to fall through the cracks and wishing everyone behaved better at their meetings.

If you identify with these common concerns, Kristin can help. In this session, you will learn five key strategies for your meetings to become remarkably more productive. Your team will be able to achieve real results without the frustration, stress, and copious amounts of time. Everyone will be saying your meetings are extraordinary!

Effective teamwork revolves around the opportunity for everyone to meet – either face-to-face (F2F) or virtually – to discuss the pertinent points, make solid agreements on how to move forward and determine who is going to do what and by when.

Unfortunately, sixty percent of all meetings in the US workplace are considered to be non-productive. Let’s decrease that percentage and go from “boring” to “BRAVO!”

As a successful business leader, Certified Speaking Professional, Certified Professional Facilitator and one of the first women graduates of the US Coast Guard Academy coupled with 20 years of service, Kristin brings a diverse perspective that enables her to work with your teams to achieve higher levels of performance.

The Birds: Creating Communications Connections 

In this rapidly changing, hi-tech world, we must be even more vigilant about maintaining responsive communications with all the “diverse” people who are important to our success.  This highly interactive, thought-provoking session will help you develop awareness and skills that will increase the effectiveness of communications with a wider range of individuals and reduce conflict and misunderstandings.

To maximize your potential and communicate more efficiently with employees, management, team members, clients and in personal relationships, you must adapt to the communication style that is most beneficial for them to better process your information and messages.

Through interaction and role-play, you will identify and develop strategies to strengthen your communication style in areas where you may be personally challenged.  You will also develop a better understanding of the normal or usual reactions that others exhibit in different situations, which will enable you to use alternate responses and tactics.

Session Outcome:

Participants will be able to recognize, through a variety of means, the communication style that will be most effective with individuals they are attempting to motivate.  As well, attendees will gain the ability to predict a pattern of response and react in a more positive and influential manner.



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