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Khalil Hachem

February 9, 2014
Khalil Hachem

Khalil Hachem

Expertise:   Cultural Diversity, Marketing to Arab/Muslim Americans, Personal Interfaith Dialogue

Speaking Style:  Dynamic. Entertaining. Thought-provoking,

Travels From:  Detroit, Michigan 

Nancy Says:  "I’m so appreciative of the awareness Khalil brings to those who have little or no understanding of the Arab-American community. With understanding comes respect, which leads to acceptance and harmony. I can’t think of a more noble purpose than that.”

Bridging the Cultural Gap 

Fleeing the civil war in Lebanon, Khalil Hachem immigrated to the U.S. to attend college and major in engineering. He didn’t speak a word of English. Ultimately earning an advanced degree in diplomacy, communication is at the forefront of all of Khalil’s work. His many accomplishments include as a noted journalist, business advisor, founder and executive editor of a digital business magazine, and as a public relations and marketing expert.

Formerly the Communications Director for the American Arab Chamber of Commerce, the largest Arab-American business organization in the country, which has helped companies like Ford, GM, Chase Bank & Comcast market their services to the Arab-American community. Fluent in Arabic and English, Khalil’s mission is to erode the misperceptions of Arab/Muslim Americans and to bridge the gap between cultures. He does so with a reverence for all people.

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Khalil E. Hachem is the founder and executive editor of, a rapidly growing digital network, linking businesses and customers through mobile technology in Southeast Michigan. The team provides ethnic marketing and diversity training to companies that want to sell to Arab- and Muslim-American customers.

Khalil is a graduate of the University of South Florida, with studies in political science, political theory, international relations, world geography, American elections, government and foreign policy. He has a master's degree in Diplomacy and conflict resolution from Norwich University in Vermont, with studies in Islam and Democracy, Islam and the United States Constitution, the economics of zakat and economic sanctions. He is a graduate of the Dale Carnegie leadership school and is certified by the state of Michigan to administer elections.

Thorough and effective communicator, Khalil has more than 17 years of journalism and public relations experience.

He began reporting for the St. Petersburg Times in St. Petersburg, Florida in 1994, capturing unusual stories from Syria and Southern Lebanon that humanized the Middle Eastern conflict for American audience. He covered courts, local government and economic development for the Beaumont Enterprise in Beaumont, Texas and joined the Ann Arbor News in 1999, effectively communicating unfamiliar information and insight to a broad audience of readers, including the Iraqi war and the Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca, Saudi Arabia.

In 2010 and after the Ann Arbor News closed, he became the communications director at the American Arab Chamber of Commerce, the largest Arab-American business organization in the country. He helped the chamber triple its media coverage, capturing a large audience through web, print and social media posts.

As the Arab- and Muslim-American communities continue to grow rapidly in number and economic strength, fostering an impressive buying power, Khalil realized the need to help American businesses to sell their products in the Middle Eastern communities. He drew on his journalistic and communications experiences and created a cultural diversity program in 2013 to acquaint businesses with cultural norms, habits and diet of Arab and Muslim Americans.

Building on those two facts, Khalil launched to create a digital hub of business news and information, linking businesses and customers through mobile technology.

Khalil is a firm believer in community empowerment, and the wealth of a community that is measured by the success and the quality of its members and the preparation of its youth to become future leaders. So, we added a leadership segment to to allow us to celebrate the achievement of our community members and inspire young leaders and entrepreneurs.

Over the years, Khalil has emerged as a dynamic and sought-after speaker about diversity, Islam, food and international relations. He has participated in numerous seminars and conferences, lectured at various universities and churches and is a popular mater of ceremony for various occasions in the community. He employs multi-media presentation and thought provoking style. 



Kahlil Hachem customizes all of his presentations based on the needs of the organization and the makeup of the audience, working collaboratively with the client to create a meaningful and powerful message. Please inquire about a complimentary consultation to explore further.