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Kathleen Hassan

February 17, 2014
Kathleen Hassan

Kathleen Hassan

Expertise:    Self-Esteem, Empowerment, Leadership for Teen Girls, Mothers & Daughters: Relationship and Respect

Speaking Style:  Authentic. Inspirational. Fun.

Travels From:  Naples, Florida

Nancy Says:  "What I love so much about Kathleen is her heart and how she freely shares it. She deeply loves her work and the people she feels privileged to work with. She’s simply wonderful.”

Inspiring a New Generation of Confident Young Women 

Imagine a world where all the women – young and old – really love themselves, inside and out, and they embrace their true value and gifts. That’s Kathleen Hassan’s vision, and she’s making it her mission to reach as many as possible to help lift their spirits and transform their self-esteem. Kathleen recognizes that when girls and women are empowered, the world can only be a better place.

A nationally recognized speaker, author and confidence coach, Kathleen is the creator of the “Girls Voices Self-Esteem Curriculum,” and author of Square Peg Round Hole, a body image book for pre-teen girls about fitting in and standing out. Her programs are message-driven from her own real-life experiences and hard-earned lessons, offering insightful ways to help young women find their voice and authentic power within.

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Please Note:  The first part of Kathleen’s BIO section is in her own words, because her story is an important one, is worthy of your time, and besides…we can’t say it any better than this:



That’s a pretty bold statement to make, don’t ya think? If anyone ever told me when I was a teen that I would one day grow up to be an expert at anything I would’ve laughed in their face!

By the time I was sixteen years old, both my parents were dead and I was on a path of self-destruction. I had no life skills besides hurry the hell up and grow up fast. I was angry, lost and confused, but refused to ask for help because no one was gonna tell me what I can and cannot do.

For some time, that determination served me well and helped me to survive and to push my way through life. Eventually, it all became too much to handle alone and I turned to alcohol and drugs to numb out, and for awhile that seemed to be the only thing holding me together – until it didn’t.

Despite all my challenges and struggles and perhaps because of them, I had a deep desire to know if there was more to life than pain. I wanted to understand why some people seemed to have it all figured out and why others, like me, kept getting stuck in a cycle of fear, worry, anxiety and depression.

The journey from troubled teen to teen mentor and coach was a long, hard road to travel. But thankfully I learned to reach out and ask for help. I became a student of life and studied with some of the greatest teachers and mentors on the planet. I finally became willing not to know and allowed myself to be guided and to look within for my own truth instead of seeking gratification and validation externally. I learned spiritual practices and about how the Universe works and how to transform my own life from tragedy to triumph.

These life lessons became the very same heart-centered tools and life skills that I teach young women in my presentations and in my confidence coaching. The challenges teen girls face today often seem insurmountable as they are bombarded daily with negative media messaging that erodes their confidence and chips away at their already fragile sense of self.


Our girls bear witness to a society of excess and celebrity, and everything they see, thanks to a totally new world of social media, fuels their frenzied quest to be “somebody”  – anybody but who they are. This sets them up for a lifetime of striving for some distorted illusion of perfection while never feeling good enough. And it’s not going away! Therefore it is vital to provide our girls with role models and mentors that can show them how to maneuver their way through the minefield of pop culture and how to emerge intact, strong, confident and fully equipped to create a life that they want – not what the media tells them they should want.

I have so much compassion for my clients because I was once “that girl.” But I know that within each of us lies the power to emerge, transform, rise up and change the world!

It would be such a privilege to share what I learned the hard way with your girls. I love each and every one of them and our job is to help them love themselves.

My Mother/Daughter programs have received rave reviews from the event planners, the moms and the girls too! These workshops and trainings were birthed  out of the pain of my own mother/daughter relationship and understanding the importance of this sacred bond to help a girl feel confident and to go out into the world and soar. Many of us have simply been misinformed by the misinformed and together we can change all of that.


More About Kathleen:

Kathleen Hassan has developed and delivered programs on the topics of self-esteem, leadership, attitude, stress management and the power of choice. A Guest Editor and Contributor for the Dove Self-Esteem Fund, Kathleen’s articles are inspiring women and girls around the globe. She is the author of Girls’ Voices… Good Choices, an after-school curriculum for teenage girls. She is the co-author of an anthology book entitled The Burning Heart of a Difference Maker and co-wrote Square Peg Round Hole, a book for pre-teen girls about fitting in and standing out, with body image expert, Dr. Robyn Silverman. Kathleen is also the author of two audio learning programs called Tuning In: Inspiration for Transformation and If You’re Happy & You Know It: Feeling Your Way Back to Joy, and is currently writing a book for teen girls entitled The 9 Lives of Kat. Author and producer of a monthly electronic newsletter – Confident Girls… Powerful Women! which goes out to over 2000 subscribers as well as director and producer of her YouTube channel show  KatTV. 

In 1998, as the host and producer of a year-long cable series The Bright Side, she was awarded the Best Series Award from the New England Women in Cable & Telecommunications. She has been a regular guest appearing on many local shows including Channel 5’s Chronicle, and is a consultant and producer of several programs on teen self-esteem. Kathleen has been a guest DJ on GRLZ RADIO and her DJ Kat Confidence Tips continue to air regularly on the station’s programming.

Kathleen also speaks to teachers, parents, companies and associations who want a keynote speaker to impact their audience with a message of power and possibilities, delivered with humor and hope for a brighter future. Never has this message been more needed in our world today. Self-mastery lies in the moment we make conscious choice. Kathleen teaches people the tools to discipline and harness the power of our thoughts to move from the outer layers of fear, doubt and worry into a new realm of peace, prosperity and power.


Presentation Topics

Self Esteem: At Home and in the Classroom 

For Parents, Teachers, Guidance Counselors and School Nurses

Move from Wits End to New Beginnings and from Burnout to Breakthrough with these proven strategies to build and maintain healthy self-esteem in your children and students – while learning how to cope with anxiety, stress, worry and exhaustion in you.

Programs include:




Additional Topics Include:

Self-Esteem & Confidence
Body Image
Assertiveness Training
Eating Disorders
Relationships and Dating
Emotional Literacy
Teen Pregnancy Prevention
Peer Pressure
Personal Power
Dreams & Vision
The Law of Attraction


All Day Programs or Large Assembly Programs:  45-90 minute speaking program followed by optional breakout sessions with targeted subgroups.

Event Keynote Speaking: Conferences, Retreats, Colleges, Camps Worldwide



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