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Karen McCullough

February 1, 2014
Karen McCullough

Karen McCullough

Expertise:   Personal Branding, Change, Generational Issues, Communication, Teamwork, Trends and Technology, Women’s Issues

Speaking Style:  Informative. Energetic. Humorous.

Travels From:  Houston, Texas

Nancy Says:  Karen is such a veritable goldmine of information and ideas that her audiences can’t help but learn and grow.  Her engaging style and fun programs make the process all the more enjoyable.  She’s simply great.”

Opens Conferences, Meetings and Minds 

It’s extraordinary finding a speaker with such broad appeal in a number of topic areas as Karen McCullough. She knows what it takes to build a successful personal brand and gain a competitive edge. She understands the ups and downs of business, and how change must be embraced, not ignored. She’s savvy about human behaviors and generational traits, teaching how to leverage the gap for stronger teams. And, she’s hip to all the latest social media opportunities to strengthen the presence of your business.

Karen’s programs are innovative, full of non-stop, cutting-edge information that keeps her audiences involved in the process of learning. On top of that, when Karen speaks, you can expect a little pop-culture thrown in for good measure!  There’s nothing boring about a Karen McCullough presentation.

Learn more about Karen McCullough...

Karen McCullough knows branding and knows why great brands become great. She has worked for respected brands, studied high-performing brands, and built a successful brand from the ground up.  An inspiring speaker, Karen draws on her varied background as a highly successful educator, businesswoman, entrepreneur, and CEO to enlighten and entertain audiences from some of the world’s top companies, universities, and organizations. She’s also the co-author of The Seven Women Project: Your Personal Guides to Success in Work, Play and Dress.

Karen is a business keynote speaker and consultant focusing on change, branding and generational challenges. She loves learning, is open to technology, and wants to share her insight with others. Karen believes that her programs set people up for today and future success, and her well-researched content focuses on how people and organizations can evolve, grow and discover their excellence. Known for challenging and motivating her audiences to take the necessary steps to achieve positive results, she has the ability to bring out great leadership qualities in all audiences.

Karen innovates through her high humor, keen perceptions and her knowledge of human behaviors, business trends and even a little pop-culture. She is known for being on the cutting edge of relevant topics and resonates with audiences of all ages. And…she is fun and funny! With her uncanny sense of picking up behavioral traits that motivate and drive professional success,Karen McCullough has been able to successfully identify the key differences between the generations and has identified the strengths and prime motivators that drive their success.


Presentation Topics

Change is Good...You Go First

The Way it Was…The Way it is…Where it’s Headed!

Business as usual is over. Our pressures are constant andthere is no room for down time, waste or inefficiency. This program sets the course to find and execute a strong vision in a high-change environment and gives you the tools to use in becoming the change agent at your work, business or at home.

A New Look at the Generations 

Generation Y – Influencing the Workplace

Over 50% of the world population is under the age of 30! Gen-Y is revolutionizing your workplace creating their own culture…and demands. Learning how to create multigenerational teams is critical for success, productivity and profitability.

Customer Service with the "WOW" Factor 

Love Your Brand – Live Your Brand

The greatest taglines, logos, and marketing campaigns won’t help you win and keep your customers if your employees and teams don’t understand and support the company’s core values and brand promises. This program helps you align with your brand by exploring your unique culture.

Other Programs Available 

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Socialtunities : Leveraging Social Media for Business and Career Opportunities



Karen McCullough
Karen McCullough



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