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John Blumberg

February 4, 2014
John Blumberg

John Blumberg

Expertise:   Leadership, Business, Motivation

Speaking Style:  owerful. Engaging. Inspiring.

Travels From:  Chicago, Illinois

Nancy Says:  “John is a compelling speaker, and is intent on building meaningful relationships with clients (one of my core values).  He’s a true gentleman, on and off the platform.”

Building Value with Core Values 

For John Blumberg, it isn’t enough to present on leadership skills alone; he believes it’s imperative to help his clients become clearly committed to the core.  In fact, he wrote the book on it: Good to the Core. With John’s guidance, leaders grasp that it’s an opportunity and responsibility to shape a strategic advantage by leading personally and organizationally from core values.

John’s approach is to create an experience that reaches far beyond the keynote, which includes coaching CEO’s and top leaders who are serious about creating cultures that are genuine and authentic, enriching the bottom-line in more ways than one.  His upcoming book is entitled ROI: Return on Integrity.

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John Blumberg started his career as a CPA at Arthur Andersen, but shifted his focus from numbers to people and spent 14 years in human resources, including worldwide recruiting responsibilities at Andersen.

In 1996, John left behind a firm and a career he loved to follow his dream to go into professional speaking. Today, as a professional speaker, John speaks with organizations who want to strengthen their core values and turn their people into better leaders.

John’s approach is to create an experience that reaches far beyond a presentation.  Although an experience, it is not just philosophical and conceptual.  It is practical and actionable … clearly a call-to-action!  Through stories and examples, with introspection and interaction … John provides a sense of awareness and then establishes a sense of direction.  He strives to help participants move toward a refreshed sense of hope and a refueled passion to make a difference. John’s clients find him entertaining, but don’t hire him for entertainment.  They hire him to help them create a turning-point … a new beginning.

John has been featured in keynotes and workshops in 10 countries … and continues to speak with corporations, professional associations and universities across North America.  John has received the designation of Certified Speaking Professional from the National Speakers Association. The CSP is the highest earned designation in the speaking profession and held by less than 10% of the members of the International Federation of Professional Speakers.

John is also the author of a book titled Silent Alarm. It is a parable of hope for busy professionals! John’s newest book, GOOD to the CORE, was  published by Simple Truths.  It is a simple book with one powerful message on building value with values.


Presentation Topics

Good to the Core: Building Value with Values

If there has ever been a time where we need to return to the “core” it is now. The concept of core values sounds so simple. Nothing could be further from the truth. This keynote will challenge participants right to their core. Have any doubts if you are good to the core? This presentation will leave you with no doubt … and a lot to think about! 

This fast-paced high-energy presentation links personal values, others’ values, and organizational values to create lasting value.  This presentation builds directly out of John’s book GOOD to the CORE addressing three critical areas in sustaining core values:  Investigate, Indicate and Integrate.  When it comes to building core values, this will leave you with no doubt … and a lot to think about!

The Power of Focus: Becoming a Leader of Substance 

uilding from our insight of living in a world of rapid change … we slow down to explore the inside of becoming a leader of substance.  Today’s leaders are faced with intense pressure and demanding speed.

The Power of FOCUS moves you beyond the mechanical veneer of leadership … into the substance of solid leadership.  It is paradoxical call to lead with focus yet flexibility, with strength yet a need for others, and with courage yet vulnerability. It is about developing leaders who leave a legacy in the lives of co-workers and in the culture of organizations.

Silent Alarm: Creating a Refuse-to-Snooze Attitude 

Beyond a presentation, this is a wake-up call!  It engages the paradoxical insights of the alarming things that happen in our lives with the subtle, and often very silent, lessons that surface in the midst of these events. 

John’s presentation is a powerful call-to-action to bring meaningful change to the depth of our relationships, the motives of our mind and the way we choose to look at our journey at work.  It is about bringing substance to our sometimes surface-level lives in the way we lead … and in the legacy we leave behind.  Silent Alarm is about creating a refuse-to-snooze attitude in every step of our journey … and in every season of our life.  And once heard … you will never want to hit the snooze button again!



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