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Joe Castillo

February 11, 2014
Joe Castillo

Joe Castillo

Expertise:   Inspiration, Creativity, Entertainment

Speaking Style:  Compelling. Authentic. Inspiring.

Travels From:  Atlanta, Georgia

Nancy Says:  "Joe’s presentation is like watching artistic magic appear before your eyes…it’s almost hypnotic. Whether the goal is to offer creative inspiration or sheer entertainment, his program is a beautiful compliment to any conference agenda.”

As Seen on America's Got Talent

Joe Castillo’s SAND STORY is a unique way of storytelling that uses sand, a light table and music as a medium. His program is one of the most mesmerizing and memorable events ever! Combining a message with on-the-spot creativity, Joe challenges, amazes and surprises the audiences with every stroke. He has inspired millions of people through his “Sand Animation,” and introduced many to this new art form. In 2012, Joe reached the finals for NBC’s America’s Got Talent, where week after week, he astounded everyone with his gift.

Born in Mexico City, Joe has always been a storyteller with a passion for promoting a corporate message using the visual arts. His art has been sold worldwide, and he has performed for Kings, Presidents, dignitaries and CEO’s in many countries around the world. He performed twice at TEDGlobal in Edinburgh, Scotland and was featured in the PBS documentary, Turning the Tide.

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A native of Mexico City, Joe Castillo grew up in a bi-lingual home, surrounded by art and the cosmopolitan culture of an international city.

In his teenage years he developed a passion for using art to tell stories. He created his own comic book series and regularly combined one art-form with another. Moving to Florida, he attended Ringling School of Art, and graduated from Florida Bible College. He started his career by founding The Advertising Library, an agency in Knoxville, Tennessee. After 20 years in advertising, he returned to school and received a M.A. in Biblical Studies and M. Div. from Asbury Theological Seminary.

As an accomplished speaker Joe has communicated “WordStory” messages with enthusiasm and motivation to hundreds of audiences over 30 years of speaking. He has also created a series of live“ArtStory” presentations that use intricately crafted illustrations, drawn before audiences to teach life lessons. His artwork has been sold worldwide and touched the lives of thousands of people.

His latest art adventure is the amazing ‘live art’ presentation he calls “SandStory.”

Drawing in sand on a light table, he is able to create powerful, fluid illustrations for large audiences with an overhead video camera projected on a large screen. His presentations have been seen by thousands of people leaving them with a sense of awe. Make sure you watch video clips of some of hispresentations.

Joe is an artist, author and storyteller with a passion for promoting the visual arts as a way of touching the heart.Joe & his wife Cindy have four grown children, six grandchildren and call Atlanta, Georgia home.


Presentation Highlights


Joe Castillo has been using art to tell stories since he was a teenager. He has become a master storyteller. He developed ways to use his talent as an artist to enhance the powerful stories he crafts. Using a white board and marker, Castillo performs ArtStory and WordStory that combine his oratory and artistic gifts to relay a message, inspire, or entertain. He does this in both English and Spanish.

Amazing Sand Art 

Sand Art is otherwise known as Sand Painting, Sand Animation, SandStory. Castillo uses a light table, sand, and music to create a powerful message that speaks to the audience. As he creates different scenes, they are displayed on a screen for the audience to see. Music helps make the scenes appear fluid. The story typically needs no explanation. Traveling the world to perform his show, Castillo been introduced in 35 different languages, but his Amazing Sand Art is only told in one. It is a universal way to tell a story.

Motivational Performing Artist 

Joe Castillo has performed for many Fortune 500 Companies. He has performed for many audiences including kings, dignitaries, and CEOs. He has a passion for using his talent as an artist and a storyteller to promote a corporate message. He performs at banquets, new product launches, grand openings, and other corporate events. His gift is to take any message and make it resonate with the audience.



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