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Jim Davidson

February 8, 2014
Jim Davidson

Jim Davidson

Expertise:   Resilience, Motivation, Teamwork

Speaking Style:  Compelling. Energetic. Vivid.

Travels From:  Denver, Colorado

Nancy Says:  ““Jim’s vivid tales are finger biting in scope and mesmerizing in spirit. Any group or business that’s facing adversity or intent on climbing higher will benefit from his message.”

Inspiring People to Be Resilient 

Adventurer and expedition leader, Jim Davidson certainly knows about resilience.  With over 30 years of high-altitude climbs, rescues and dramatic survival situations, he’s been in a few tight places…one so nerve-shattering, a TV episode was produced to tell the story.  Jim and fellow climber, Mike Price, were on Mount Rainer when a snow bridge suddenly collapsed, dropping them into a hidden crevasse, 80 feet deep inside the glacier.  Sadly, Mike did not survive the fall.  jim had to find a way up the dangerous ice wall, alone.

In the “I Shouldn’t Be Alive” TV reenactment – which airs regularly on Animal Planet – Jim’s tale of tenacity  against all odds is a lesson on overcoming adversity.  In his programs, Jim shares his inspirational stories and principles of rallying resilience so audience members grasp how to persevere, face challenges with courage and execute with determination.  Jim is the coauthor of the national bestseller, The Ledge: An Inspirational Story of Friendship and Survival.

Learn more about Jim Davidsion...

Jim Davidson is a resilience expert, high-altitude climber, bestselling author, and speaker who shares lessons distilled from a lifetime of mountain adventures. Blending his epic adventures with two decades of successful business experience, Jim shares uplifting messages of resilience that inspire organizations and audiences to be resilient and to overcome the difficult crevasses in their lives.

Since 1982, Jim has been a climber and expedition leader on expeditions to Alaska, Argentina, Bolivia, Ecuador, Mexico, Nepal and Tibet.  In 2009 he summited the sixth highest peak in the world, Cho Oyu at 26,906 feet.

Along the way, Jim barely survived the harrowing accident that took his climbing partner’s life, and left Jim buried in snow 80 feet down inside a glacial crevasse.  Trapped alone inside the glacier, Jim struggled to survive and then climb an overhanging ice wall before time ran out.

He is the co-author of the national bestselling adventure memoir called The Ledge: An Inspirational Story of Friendship and Survival, which won the National Outdoor Book Award and was selected one of the Best Books of The Year by Amazon.  His amazing survival story was also featured nationally and internationally on the hit TV show I Shouldn’t Be Alive (Discovery Channel/Animal Planet).


Presentation Topics

Rally Your Resilience 

Reach Your Summits in Business and Life

45-75 minute keynote

Buried alive inside a glacier. Trapped alone 80 feet down inside a dark crevasse, with no rescuers coming. Jim Davidson barely survived after a snowbridge suddenly collapsed beneath his feet, dropping Jim and his partner deep inside a hidden glacial crevasse. Somehow, he had to climb up an overhanging ice wall of the crevasse before time ran out.

How does someone face tremendous challenge? How can you overcome adversity?

When you experience Jim’s compelling, inspirational presentation, you learn valuable lessons about:

  • Persevering through overwhelming difficulties
  • Rallying resilience to overcome adversity
  • Confronting setbacks as you reach for your summits in business and life

From this epic experience, Jim shares an uplifting message that inspires organizations and audiences to be resilient and triumph over life’s crevasses. As Jim’s signature keynote, this riveting story is now featured in a one-hour TV episode of I Shouldn’t Be Alive and in a new adventure memoir called The Ledge (2011).

Resilient Leadership and Engaged Teamwork 


60-75 minute keynote or 1-2 hour interactive workshop

High-altitude expeditions and rescues face rapidly changing conditions, limited resources and uncertain team dynamics – just like today’s fast-paced business world. By examining some exhilarating mountain rescues that Jim and his teammates did in Colorado and Alaska, Jim facilitates a unique, interactive leadership presentation on:

  • Developing resilient leadership skills
  • Promoting engaged teamwork
  • Adapting to change while reaching your goals

Jim shares stunning mountain photos and riveting stories to set the stage, then the participants work in groups to “be the rescue team”. They analyze the complex situation, identify key leadership and teamwork skills, and develop solutions to intricate resource problems. Jim facilitates energetic discussions and brief self-reflections that help attendees expand their capacities and apply the lessons to their careers and personal lives.

Surviving Storms 


45-60 minute keynote or 1-2 hour interactive workshop

In life, business and mountaineering, there are storms. Mountain storms bring sudden wind and white-out blizzards. Life’s storms can be struggling with economic issues or facing a personal crisis. After 29 years of climbing high peaks around the world, Jim knows what it takes to endure such storms and he shares stories and insights to show you how to:

  • Adjust your plans, attitudes and actions
  • Engage problems through drive, direction, and discipline
  • Endure stormy times and resume ascending once good conditions return

It is certain that all storms end. Remembering this is crucial for surviving tough times, maintaining momentum, and thriving in spite of unexpected setbacks. In this thrilling presentation, Jim will share tips and techniques to help your team survive storms, and thrive afterwards.

Expedition Execution: Reaching Big Goals


45-60 minute keynote or 1-2 hour interactive workshop

Struggling and succeeding on BIG expeditions requires focused goal setting, self-discipline and commitment. Jim has reached dozens of soaring summits, including the sixth highest in the world (26,906-foot tall Cho Oyu in Tibet). From his many expeditions, Jim distills mountain-tested techniques for reaching BIG goals in life and in business.

His adventure stories, vivid photographs, and exhilarating videos bring to life his practical methods for how to:

  • Create plans for reaching BIG goals
  • Implement successful execution strategies
  • Reach your BIG goal, no matter how high

Through hard-won wisdom gained during expeditions from Alaska to Nepal, you’ll discover how to reach your BIG goals.

Reslience Retreats 


2-4 hour workshop up to a 1-2 day retreat

Every organization needs leaders and team members who are engaged, resilient and committed. Our Resilience Retreat uses a well-crafted Adventure Experience model for corporate team building that develops the crucial characteristics of resilient leaders and followers.

In this workshop, motivational keynote speaker Jim Davidson blends academic insight and hands-on experiential learning. It is built on field-tested knowledge gained during leadership and teamwork challenges on high peaks from the Andes to the Himalayas.

By blending the keynotes and workshops listed above with reinforcing activities, this corporate team building program includes:

  • Foundations of resilient leadership
  • Leadership styles, methods and techniques
  • Teamwork dynamics & the resilient leader
  • Developing and leading engaged teams
  • Energizing and enlightening teamwork challenges & much more

By dissecting real-world leadership and teamwork challenges from Jim’s expeditions and rescues, your team discovers how to implement a challenging plan while being resilient leaders and engaged team members. Attendees stay invigorated through a rotating pattern of presentations, small group interactions, and large group discussions. By alternating these learning methods we connect with all types of adult learners (visual, auditory and kinesthetic) and create a fun atmosphere. Multiple adventure-themed team-building activities make this workshop an experiential learning experience with meaningful networking opportunities.

Drawing parallels between dangerous mountains and risky markets, Jim shows that corporations often face the same problems as mountaineers and need the same determination and resilience to persevere.

As a workshop leader since 1990 and a trained facilitator, Jim skillfully guides your group. Jim will work with you to create a program that addresses your company’s exact needs.



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