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Jeff Korhan

February 8, 2014
Jeff Korhan

Jeff Korhan

Expertise:   Social Media Marketing, Business Trends, Relationship Selling, Technology

Speaking Style:  Authentic. Informative. Inspiring.

Travels From:  Chicago, Illinois

Nancy Says:  “Jeff’s passion about his work is exemplified when he speaks. His nuts-and-bolts programs bring clarity to the confusing realm of technology. Top that off with a savvy business background, and you have a home run.”

Adapting Traditional Business Growth Practices to a Digital, Social and Global World 

Jeff Korhan is a compelling speaker helping small businesses use social media and Internet marketing to create exceptional customer experiences that accelerate business growth.  Audiences value his special skill for simplifying technology and business trends to make them practical and useful. His topics include: How to Design Your Business for Social Relevance and Success; Relationship Selling in the Trust Economy; and Essential Social Marketing Practices for Every Small Business.

He is a former Fortune 50 Sales and Marketing executive who later founded a construction services business that was twice named Business of the Year. Jeff is an author, syndicated publisher, and regular contributor to leading business publications; his own site is ranked among the Top 100 Small Business blogs in the world by Technorati Media.

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Jeff Korhan, MBA, is the author of Built-In Social: Essential Social Marketing Practices for Every Small Business and host of This Old New Business podcast.

Korhan was a Fortune 50 Sales and Marketing Executive for the first decade of his career. He then founded a landscape services company that was twice named Small Business of the Year during its two decades of operation.

Jeff now helps businesses adapt traditional business growth practices to a digital, social and global world. He is a trainer and coach for small business, and a keynote speaker for the associations and member organizations that support them.

Jeff Korhan's experience as a keynote speaker in a range of industries, including hospitality, retail, banking, franchising, tree and lawn care, construction, healthcare, rental, and agriculture enable him to readily customize programs to serve the specific needs of most organizations.

Korhan is a syndicated publisher and regular content contributor to leading business publications, with his own New Media and Small Business Marketing site ranking among the Top 100 Small Business blogs in the world.

In addition to his authentic and inspirational style, Jeff’s audiences especially value his skill for simplifying technology and emerging business trends to make them practical and useful.

He lives in suburban Chicago, IL USA.


Presentation Topics

How to Use Social Media to Sell 

Getting Buyers to Know, Like and Trust Your Business

According to Pew Research Center the Internet is now the leading source of information for consumers making buying decisions, ranking even higher than the recommendations of friends. 

Social selling today takes a media first approach for creating exceptional customer experiences that build relationships and earn trust. The profitable outcomes that follow are a natural byproduct of a process that focuses on relationships, not transactions.

  • Learn why social media and digital content are blurring the lines between marketing, selling and customer service, and how to leverage this phenomenon.
  • Learn why a unique selling process is a tangible and marketable differentiator for increasing sales conversions, and how to get started building yours.
  • Learn why your media should never stop answering the question: What's next?

Relationship Selling in the Trust Economy 

Want to differentiate your business in crowded markets? Stop selling products and services and instead "sell" your unique process that creates exceptional customer experiences, builds relationships, and earns trust.

Participants will learn:
  • How to build and refine the selling process into a powerful guidance system that makes everyone aware of what should be happening, and how to get on track when it isn't.
  • How to combine traditional selling practices with social media and Internet marketing to attract the attention of buyers, engage them with your business, and convert that trust into profitable outcomes.
  • How to sell more to current customers by moving from a transaction to a relationship mindset

How to Engage Customers with Business Storytelling 

Leading with story is a predictably successful path for engaging customers and growing an audience on any platform. Learn why big brands and small businesses are moving away from traditional advertising in favor of digital storytelling to nurture relationships and guide buyers along a journey for achieving outcomes that are better than they may have imagined.

  • Learn how stories remove buying obstacles and build meaningful and memorable experiences that get talked about.
  • Discover how stories based upon direct experience cut through the clutter to differentiate your business.
  • Learn three simple storytelling models and how they work with print, audio, video and other media to attract leads.


Up, Down and Sideways: How to Go the Distance with Your Content Marketing

Are you quitting on your ideas for helping that ideal audience? Accomplished athletes always go the distance because stopping even a little short is the difference between winning and losing.

In the world of marketing, winners not only create helpful content, they make the most of it by strategically planning how to reformat, repurpose, and redistribute it up, down, and across appropriate channels.

In this program you will learn from the ground up how to build an audience with your content to attract new business opportunities, and most important, how to do it smarter, better and faster.

  • Learn the essential 4 Pillars of Online Marketing™ that are either helping or hurting your SEO, and how to get them right.
  • Learn how to build a timesaving content generation system that progressively refines your content as it is reformatted, repurposed, and redistributed.
  • Learn why personal content curation is a leading trend, and how you can leverage it to help your communities.

Customer Experience: How to Use Digital and Social Media to Differentiate Your Business 

Differentiation used to be the result of product or service excellence, but now customers expect that. What your media does or does not do throughout the customer experience is the engine that drives success or failure, and that experience today starts online.

  • Learn how to map out the ideal customer experience, and how to use digital and social media to favorably affect how buyers are thinking, seeing, doing and feeling about your products and services.
  • Learn the practice of using content to convert challenges before, during and after the sale into memorable touchpoints with customers for enhancing and extending relationships.
  • Learn to think of markets not as places or things, but communities of conversations ripe with opportunity for businesses that are prepared to collaborate with their future customers.



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