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Jason Kotecki

February 10, 2014
Jason Kotecki

Jason Kotecki

Expertise:   Adultitis Fighter, Perspective Shifter, Stress Reducer

Speaking Style:  Relevant. Practical Inspiration. Coated in Fun,

Travels From:  Madison, Wisconsin

Nancy Says:  “Ahhh…to be a kid again! I absolutely love Jason programs, and his other half, Kim – who holds down the fort! Jason and Kim…they’re fabulous role models for making any environment harmonious, happy and healthy, even in the midst of daily chaos.”

Helping People Live and Work with Less Stress, More Fun!

Jason Kotecki, CSP, known as The Champion of Childhood, is an expert at helping individuals, families, and organizations “Escape Adulthood.” His playful, deliriously fun programs are designed to bring the kid out in all of us, proving it’s never too late to reconnect with our inner child. In his signature keynote, Escape Adulthood: Living and Working with Less Stress and More Fun, Jason helps audiences escape “Adultitis,” that dreaded condition that leaves its victims jaded and overwhelmed, with super high stress levels. With hilarious anecdotes, uplifting stories and powerful imagery, Jason shares witty observations and real-world techniques to cure what ails you.

In addition to speaking and writing, Jason is also known for his art and cartoons. His comic strip, Kim and Jason, delights readers worldwide. The inspiration for the strip hits close to home! Jason is only part of the equation in the process of annihilating Adultitis. Joined at the hip by his business partner and coauthor, his wife Kim, a former kindergarten teacher, she leads the charge, along with two adorable rugrats. Kim and Jason are the authors of There’s an Adult in My Soup.

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Jason Kotecki is an artist, author, and speaker who considers himself a professional reminder- er and permission granter. He is also a husband, dad, Batman fan, Star Wars watcher, retro T-shirt wearer, and avid eater of sugar-laden cereal. Jason is the author of five books, including Penguins Can’t Fly +39 Other Rules That Don’t Exist. Through his inspirational thought leadership and humorous anecdotes, his mission is to demonstrate how the secrets of childhood are timeless. 

He works with all kinds of organizations, sharing real-world strategies and practical ideas for driving innovation, preventing burnout, and achieving new levels of productivity. His content-rich programs are balanced with a refreshing mix of humor and emotion, serving as the perfect antidote for people who find themselves in a personal or professional rut. 

For over 10 years and with over 500 organizations, he has been helping individuals realize Adultitis-free lives with less stress and more fun. His refreshing and relevant insights leave attendees encouraged, entertained, inspired and motivated to explore new opportunities and strengthen the team dynamic to achieve success and accomplish what was once thought impossible. 

Jason is passionate about sharing his message that there is more to life than the hectic busyness, cynical lethargy and overwhelming stress that is typical of modern life. He believes that, left unchecked, Adultitis will eat productivity, teamwork and morale alive. He teaches that while it’s important to take our work seriously, we shouldn’t take ourselves too seriously, noting that people do their best work when they are having fun and are fully engaged. 

In 2005, Jason and his wife Kim co-founded The Cure Adultitis Institute, a mission-based organization focused on the awareness and early detection of Adultitis. Through the website, artwork, books, speaking programs and other tools, they empower people to live fuller, richer lives in order to eradicate Adultitis. 

Jason is recognized by the National Speakers Association as a Certified Speaking Professional® (CSP). This designation is the speaking profession’s highest earned international measure of professional platform competence. Only the top 10 percent of speakers in the world earn this credential. A CSP brings a proven track record of expertise and excellence. CSP’s are required to participate in ongoing education and held to the highest standards of the profession. They must maintain membership and subscribe to the NSA Code of Professional Ethics. 


Presentation Topics


The Art of Winning at Business and Life by Breaking Rules that Don't Exist 

The business world is moving faster than ever and the only constant is change. What worked yesterday probably won’t work tomorrow. In order to survive — and thrive — in this environment, we need to see the world with new eyes and identify the old ways of thinking that are holding us back.

In this light-hearted but hard-hitting program, Jason works with participants to uncover and annihilate these so-called rules that don’t exist. He’ll reveal some surprising principles from childhood that provide a powerful competitive advantage, foster breakthrough levels of innovation and profitability, and accomplish what was once thought impossible. Thanks to his uncommon combination of humor and pragmatism, this program provides an impressive array of inspiring and practical takeaways.

With fresh perspective that is free from stale corporate lingo and business buzzwords, Jason will share several commonly held rules that don’t exist. By the end, the audience will be armed with tools for getting better at identifying rules that don’t exist, and tactics for breaking them with confidence.

Curing Adultitis

Your Prescription for Less Stress and More Success

Adultitis is an epidemic that is coming hard after us every single day. It can infiltrate even the best working environments, producing stress and instigating burnout. Left unchecked, Adultitis will eat your productivity, teamwork, and morale alive. Surrender need not be an option, however.

In this light-hearted but hard-hitting program, Jason will arm your people with the fresh perspective they need to reclaim their passion and create a better harmony between work and home. He provides witty observations, humorous anecdotes, and real-world techniques that will entertain and inspire the audience to live a richer, more balanced life. They’ll learn easy, practical tips for bringing more fun and less stress to the job at hand, contributing to a workplace that’s more enjoyable and engaging for employees AND the people they serve. Adultitis may be a formidable foe, but Jason can help you annihilate it. 

Jason’s message is as relevant for a boardroom of executives as it is for an auditorium filled with educators. That being said, he has a vast palette of artwork, stories, and action items that he draws from in order to create a customized message specially tailored for each audience. Truly, Jason never gives the same speech twice. 

Although Jason will work with you to develop the best program for your event based on your unique theme, terminology, and daily challenges, here are some examples of how he tailors his message for a few specific types of audiences that regularly hire him: 

Business / Corporate At business meetings, Jason tends to gear his program toward improving employee engagement and helping attendees to achieve breakthrough levels of innovation, while providing concrete strategies for creating a more positive, productive, cohesive work environment. 

Healthcare For healthcare professionals, Jason places a special emphasis on dealing with compassion fatigue, creating a stronger team dynamic with colleagues, and specific tips for increasing patient satisfaction. 

Education In audiences comprised of educators, Jason focuses on common challenges they share, helping to revitalize their passion for making a difference amidst the burden to do more with less while navigating the ever-evolving landscape of changing curriculum and regulatory requirements. 

Adultitis Strikes Back

How to Find Balance, Beat Burnout, and Work Happy

This program serves as a great follow-up program to “Curing Adultitis” for clients who loved Jason and want to have him back with different content. It provides just enough “review” for people who’ve never experienced one of Jason’s programs, but the bulk of this presentation features new stories and insights. As always, Jason carefully chooses his images, anecdotes and actionable steps to match the tone and objectives of your specific event. 

Superheroes, Star Wars & Cinema

A Geek's Guide to Fighting Adultitis at Work and Home 

Jason uncovers the evil scheme that Adultitis has to disrupt your productivity, health, and happiness. This wildly creative and practical program features a variety of pop culture references and memorable movie moments interspersed between Jason’s trademark humorous storytelling in order to deliver down-to-earth strategies for managing stress, building productive teams, and unleashing your inner superhero. 

Breaking Rules & Starting Rebellions

Everyday Strategies for Overthrowing Adultitis 

Breakout or Workshop

Did you know there are countless rules you’re dutifully following every single day…that don’t actually exist? Even worse, they’re stressing you out, sapping your energy, and keeping you from living your best life. Jason will help you shed light on some of these surprising rules, and give you the tools you need for instigating what he calls small rebellions. Discover what small but mighty actions you can take today to turn your life into the fun, adventurous and exciting story you deserve.

Memory Maker

A Cheap and Easy Guide to Big Fun

Breakout or Workshop 

In today’s modern world, it’s really easy to have a week jam-packed with activities and yet emerge having collected very few — if any! — memorable moments with the people we love most. The sad part is, creating these great scenes is not every hard at all. In this session, Jason will share a ton of simple ideas for families and friends looking for cheap ways to have big fun, while creating stronger bonds and amazing memories that will last forever.

Balancing Act 

Overcoming Adultitis Amidst the Stress of Everyday

Breakout or Workshop

You were not designed to live a life that leaves you stressed out, worn down, and constantly running on empty. But in the crazy, fast-paced, technology-driven, always “on” world in which we live, there is more change, more choice, and more demands than ever before, pulling you in a million different directions. Maintaining a mindful and meaningful level of life balance is HUGE. And messing it up can wreak havoc with your career, your health, and your relationships. In this session, Jason will share insights that get to the heart of the problem and simple ideas for designing a balanced life that is less stressful and more fun.



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