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Holly Duckworth

February 4, 2014
Holly Duckworth

Holly Duckworth

Expertise:   Leadership, Association & Non-profit Leadership

Speaking Style:  Energetic. Passionate. Authentic.

Travels From:  Denver, Colorado

Nancy Says:  “Holly is a breath of fresh air, a delightful speaker who cares deeply about people and her work, knowing there is great purpose in what she does. I love that about her…and her energy!”


CTRL + ALT + BELIEVE: Helping Organizations Reboot for Success 

When Holly Duckworth takes the stage, or conducts a workshop, you sense you’re in for a real treat. As an experienced meeting professional and business leader, she’s skilled at delivering powerful strategies and insights to organizations bent on sound planning, training committed volunteers, and elevating their membership.

Holly’s expert guidance sheds insights on how to best recruit, retain and maintain effective Board Leaders and Volunteers. Her work includes helping organizations get a handle on their mission, goals, governing documents, and people processes. On top of that, she’s a whiz-biz at advising on social media opportunities to enhance the organization’s position on the internet.

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Holly Duckworth, CMP, CAE, the aurhor of CTRL + ALT + BELIEVE: Reboot Your Association for Success, is the President and Chief Connections Officer of Leadership Solutions International. Holly is a high energy, dynamic, and quality focused association management professional and professional speaker with more than 10 years of experience. She delivers organizational excellence by building quality business strategic planning, communications, and member educational opportunities to drive business results. She is a global thinker who can implement association initiatives, build consensus and influence volunteer leaders , and problem solve to make connections with volunteer membership.

Holly has won awards from several different organizations:
  • 2014 US Chamber of Commerce Faculty
  • 2013 American Council of Chamber Executives Top 200 Speakers of the Year
  • National Speakers Association (NSA) – So You Think You Can Speak – FINALIST Named one of top 5 up and coming speakers in the US  (2012)
  • Dian J. Lindsay Presidential Award – Meeting Professionals International (MPI) Oregon Chapter (2012)
  • Customer Service Excellence Award – Portland Oregon Visitors Assn. (2000-2006)
  • Torchlight Award – Meeting Professionals International (MPI) Oregon Chapter (2004)
  • Rising Star Award – Meeting Professionals International (MPI) Oregon Chapter (2003)
  • Best of the Best Award – National Middle School Association (2002)

Holly holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Management from Linfield College. On the faculty of the American Society of Association Executives University & the US Chamber of Commerce IOM program. Holly is also a pasts leader and author for  of the American Society of Association Executives National Component Relations Committee, a member and past president of the Oregon chapter of Meeting Professionals International and was a Regional Alumnae Manager for the Alpha Phi Sorority.  Today she is active with the Colorado Chapter of the National Speakers Association, Colorado Meeting Professionals International, Mile High Church and many other organizations.


Presentation Topics


Rebooting Thoughts & Inspiring Action in Your Organization

At the 24/7/365 pace of life today do you feel your organization is spinning out of control?  Do you ever wish rebooting your organization was as simple as hitting CTRL+Alt+Delete?  In this session you learn simple strategies to build the future of your organization.

CTRL:  Tips to learn how to let go of your need to control

ALT:  Look for alternate solutions to common problems such as lack of leadership, funding and resources

BELIEVE:  Now is the time create a new belief system in all you thought about how your organization works and create a new future.

If you are overwhelmed as a CEO, Executive Director or manager take an hour to slow down and gain simple strategies that will reboot and redirect your organization to meet it’s vision and mission now.


Volunteer Victories 

How to Recruit, Retain and Maintain Effective Board Leaders

Are you lacking enough volunteers to do the work of your chapter?  Do you wish you had a pool of people to draw from?  This interactive session will share tips on how to recruit the right volunteers and board members into your chapter, and then retain them on committees.  You will learn how every action you take influences your members to renew and participate actively through engagement on your board or at chapter events.  Volunteer Victories come to those who ask, delegate, and appreciate.  Come plan for your personal volunteer victory.

  • Evaluate your current volunteer team and determine what skills you have now and what skills you need to recruit.
  • Define what it means to be an effective volunteer and board member for your organization.
  • Demonstrate how to recruit a volunteer in a personalized manner that increases your odds of hearing “yes”.
  • Identify how to retain your volunteers by delegating tasks to committees who know the work contributes to the association vision and mission.


Lead Different 

6 Solutions That Drive Positive Organization Change

Everything about our associations is changing.   You may be running the race for relevance, or looking at your association in unorthodox ways… but, at the end of the day it comes down to leading people.

Are you ready to create more optimistic change in your organization?  Never before in history have associations had opportunities like they do now to spread a message, engage members and generate revenue. Bold changes, like retiring sacred cows and creating fresh new programs, may be needed. Now is the time to build connected teams of dedicated staff and volunteers who are excited to be engaged and lead.  Now is the time to “carpe diem” in your organization!

In this session you will discover:
  • The first thing you MUST do to achieve leadership success
  • How to attract mission-driven prospective members and staff
  • The “4 C’s” for leadership success and how to make them part of your organization’s culture


It's a Wireless Connection 

Communicating as a Tech Savvy Organization

Did you know there are over 800 million Facebook users around the world, 2 billion posts each day in over 70 languages?  According to Idealware, when it comes to reaching new potential supporters, most respondents (78%) felt Twitter was effective, followed closely by Facebook and blogs at 76% each, and video sharing sites at 72%.So, what is an association community with limited resources supposed to do?

In this session you will share “cool tools” your board uses and see new ways to embrace technology to exceed the needs of your membership.

  • Identify the tech tools that association board members are using in their volunteer board roles.
  • Formulate plans for the effective use of the top 5 board technology leadership tools.
  • Determine one or two new ways to use current business technology tools to simplify board business transactions and increase board efficiency.


Other Programs Available

TALKING UP: Elevating Conversations to Unleash Board & Committee Performance

ONE STEP AT A TIME:  Strategic Planning for Associations Member Motivation – Three Ways to Advancing Member Engagement

BOARD-OLGY: The Art & Science of Board Leadership


VOLUNTEERS: Building Teams that Work (Recruitment, Retention, And Appreciation)



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