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Greg S. Reid

February 8, 2014
Greg S. Reid

Greg S. Reid

Expertise:    Success, Motivation, Purpose

Speaking Style:  Powerful. Energetic. Passionate

Travels From:  San Diego, California

Nancy Says:  “Greg is a messenger for modern times. To be trusted with carrying on the profound work of Napolean Hill…it’s not only unbelievable honor, it’s a gift. And we’re the lucky recipients.” 


Think and Grow Rich...(again)

Hand selected by the Napoleon Hill Foundation to update the teachings from the bible of personal development, Think and Grow Rich, Greg S. Reid is dedicated to helping others achieve the ultimate fulfillment of finding and living a life of purpose. In Greg’s presentations, he delivers a fast-paced, story-formatted presentation that informs, entertains and educates the audience on the power of turning their “Obstacles into Opportunities,” based on his runaway bestseller, Three Feet From Gold.

A filmmaker, entrepreneur and motivational speaker, Greg is also CEO of several successful corporations and a bestselling author. He has been published in over 42 books, in 19 languages with over a dozen #1 bestsellers. Greg’s vision has been communicated through two powerful films. In Three Feet From Gold: The Movie, his quest was to uncover the attitudes and behaviors of top leaders. In Pass It On: More than a Movie, It’s a Movement, the film reveals the secret to creating a life of sustained abundance. Greg is also a contributor to the audiobook, Napolean Hill: The Road to Riches. Most recently, he teamed up with the Napolean Hill Foundation to write the next chapter in personal development: Think and Grow Rich: Stickability.

Learn more about Greg S. Reid...

Bestselling author, acclaimed speaker, and filmmaker, Greg S. Reid, is a natural entrepreneur known for his giving spirit and a knack for translating complicated situations into simple, digestible concepts.

As an action-taking phenomenon, strategy turns into results fast and furious, and relationships are deep and rich in the space he orbits.

Greg shares the same philosophy with other great leaders: “To get what you want in life, simply help others get what they want first.”

Greg is the founder and former CEO of Work$mart, Inc., an innovative advertising firm he sold in 2004, and is currently the CEO of two rapidly growing corporations in San Diego, The Millionaire Mentor, Inc. and Mui Fina, Inc. Greg created his success by applying real life principals he learned from his Mentors over the years and now travels the country passing along the same great wisdoms so that others may prosper from them as well.

What separates Gregory from the masses is rather than speaking from hypothetical theory, he shares his messages based on actual experiences that have made a positive impact in both his personal and business environment, as well as in the lives and corporations of many.

As featured on local and syndicated programs across the country, his messages can be listened to through television and radio broadcasts across the nation. Gregory is an in-demand, national public speaker, and his motivational talks to corporations, universities and charitable organizations are considered “one-of-a-kind” events.

He has been published in over 45 books, 28 of them bestsellers, featured in countless magazines, and involved in five films. Recently, Greg was hand selected by The Napoleon Hill Foundation to help carry on the teaching found in the bible of personal achievement – Think and Grow Rich.


Presentation Topics

THINK AND GROW RICH: Stickability – The Power of Perseverance.

THREE FEET FROM GOLD: How to Turn Obstacles into Opportunities

THINK AND GROW RICH…OFFSPRING OF THOUGHT: How to Capture the Power of a Great Idea!



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