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Erika Oliver

February 15, 2014
Erika Oliver

Erika Oliver

Expertise:    Motivation, Team Development, Positive Communication, Emotional Intelligence, Inspired Leadership

Speaking Style:  Dynamic. Interactive. Fun.

Travels From:  Charlotte, North Carolina

Nancy Says:  “Who couldn’t use a little more “happy” in their lives? Erika has a terrific, fun way of drawing her audience in with playful interaction, making people laugh and learn at the same time.” 


Recovering Pessimist Spreading Happy Crap© 

Take a big dose of motivation, mix in a splash of humor, sprinkle generously with authenticity and heart, and you have an Erika Oliver experience! This “recovering pessimist” shows audiences how to shift from the negative and focus on the happy stuff. Erika knows that 80% of our thoughts are negative, and most are only assumptions – things we make up.

Instead, why not create a positive story? Erika’s presentations show us how. Happy Crap© is an approach that helps to create positive relationships, increase productivity, feel peaceful, and allow for more of the good to come into our lives. When we’re happier on the inside, it’s also good for everyone around us, at home and at work. The truth is happiness is not a luxury but an economic/business necessity. And that’s a good thing! By the way, she’s also the author of Three Good Things: Happiness Every Day No Matter What.

Learn more about Erika Oliver...

Erika Oliver, MPA, Positive Approach Coach, helps people, teams and organizations find their “happy” to work and live from a positive approach. Erika Oliver’s expertise in formal and interpersonal communication – she is the creator of the Communication Miracles Model Ó –  along with facilitation and project management skills helps others create optimistic visions, build on strengths, and choose a positive approach.

Erika offers practical and easy-to-use methods and tools using her personal experience as a “recovering pessimist” and sharing what she has learned on her own journey to “happy”. She relates to all people across the happiness spectrum and is passionate about the role of happiness as a personal, organizational and even economic necessity. Erika has been described as “authentic”, “honest”, and “real” by her clients and program participants.

Erika has a background in nonprofit health care administration, small business project management, fund development for a national nonprofit and experience with grassroots local agencies.  She earned a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Nazareth College and a Master of Public Administration degree from Western Michigan University and has been an adjunct faculty member at Kalamazoo Valley Community College. She is trained as an Intrinsic Coach Ó and is a past member of the National Speakers Association.

As the author of “Happy Crap: Unleash the Power of Positive Assumptions”, the award-winning “Three Good Things: Happiness Every Day, No Matter What!” and “Three Good Things: A Coloring Book for Everyone!” Erika has spoken at regional and national conferences and is regularly invited to conduct employee development and health and wellness presentations. “Three Good Things” is also being used in ground breaking research to enhance the positivity of nurses in a hospital setting. The research is ongoing and has won a professional poster presentation award. She has published articles and been quoted in several periodicals and newsletters including Nonprofit World, Healing Garden Journal, Web MD, and Women’s World. Erika is a guest on radio programs as an expert resource for positive communication.


Presentation Topics

Three Good Things

Choose Happiness Every Day, No Matter What!

Based on her awarding winning book, Erika shows us how and why we choose unhappiness and how to easily rewrite our story. As a recovering pessimist, Erika applies the lessons she teaches and understands the benefits of negativity.


Optimistic Leadership:  It's Not for Sissies

Is your organization, team or family bogged down with negativity? Do gossip, blame and negativity reign? Being an optimistic leader in a pessimist world is not for sissies. Bring your willingness to be part of the “positive” solution and Erika will provide you with courage, tools and motivate to cultivate optimism in your group.


Positive Change: Up a Creek WITH a Paddle! 

Positive Change Strategies for Successful People

You have your to-do list ready, your clothes are picked out and the coffee is programmed to be ready when you get up. You have organized your day for a smooth ride down the river of life. Just as you begin to enjoy the ride, your boat tips over. Will you land face down, drenched and without a paddle or keep your balance? “Change is the only constant,” is the modern mantra. If that’s true – it’s predicable – so why do you get tipped over? Successful (and happy) people know that tipping (crap) happens so they learn to use their positivity paddle. Learn what change really is, how humans respond to change, why change can be difficult, and positive paddling strategies to manage rocky spots while enjoying the smoothest ride possible. Are you ready to tip the boat over?

Importance of this Topic:

Change is happening at an unprecedented pace. Changing resources, rules/laws, competition, globalization, and technology can cause things to feel as if they are “tipping over” and negatively impact all aspects of work performance and life satisfaction.

It’s not even an option to “go with the flow” or “wait and see what happens” –if you want to arrive at a particular destination – achieve a goal – action is required.

Harvard Business Review (January/February 2012) devoted a full issue to the importance of cultivating positivity to improve organizational success – profitability, productivity and people. Using positivity in your change strategy will engage your team – the 2013 Gallup Employee Engagement Poll says only 20% of your workers are engaged – and help you navigate obstacles that can’t be planned for, take advantage of surprise opportunities, and remain loyal to your mission and values.



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