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DeDe Murcer Moffett

February 14, 2014
DeDe Murcer Moffett

DeDe Murcer Moffett

Expertise:   Leadership, Resilience, Change

Speaking Style:  High Energy. Bold. Authentic.

Travels From:  Denver, Colorado

Nancy Says:  “What a brilliant blend of talent, heart and soul! DeDe is a beautiful woman with a beautiful message. An amazing singer, I love how she infuses music into her events.”


Entertaining Leadership Speaker: Moving People and Businesses Forward

A born entertainer, DeDe captivates her audiences with a combination of rich content and a profound message, encouraging people to “snap out of it!” DeDe spent 25 years in corporate America, 24 years as a blackout drinker. In 2007 she left alcohol behind, and returned to her true passion of combining powerful storytelling, entertainment and education into what she calls “keynote entertainment.” Coupled with singing, and a little acting and dancing thrown in, DeDe’s core message brings awareness to the ways we limit ourselves, and how we can draw on our inner strength to realize our dreams and discover what is possible.

DeDe, the niece of legendary New York Yankees baseball player Bobby Murcer, was a corporate executive for companies like Toyota Material Handling Corp., State National Insurance Company and Auto Financial Group. She’s the bestselling author of Wisdom, Wedgies and Life’s Little Zingers, and has performed in front of millions of people. She’s also a recording artist, actor and radio personality. In 2014, meeting professionals, through Meetings & Conventions magazine, named DeDe as one of their top favorite speakers.

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DeDe Murcer Moffett is a high-energy leadership speaker who was honored by being included on “Meetings & Conventions” magazine’s 2014 “Planners Favorite Speakers List.” (Others on the list include Bill Clinton, Malcolm Gladwell, and Magic Johnson.)

She is an enthusiastic larger-than-life personality who grabs the hearts and minds of audiences through powerful content and high-energy Broadway-style entertainment.

Her message: Being uncomfortable doesn’t mean “you can’t,” “you shouldn’t,” or “stop.” It means you need to Ignite Big League Courage, so you can take on important challenges and Do Something Amazing.

Through her own experience of 25 years in corporate sales and sales management, overcoming a 24-year alcohol addiction, building a second career, and finding her best life at the age of 50, DeDe shares stories of the strength and courage, as well as steps it takes to break through to success and perform at peak levels.



She is the author of the Amazon bestselling book, Wisdom Wedgies and Life’s Little Zingers, which is a collection of humorous thought- provoking quotes about challenging fear and doing what you think you cannot do.

She is the co-creator, along with Dr. Avery Carpenter, of the audio program, Pretty Poisons and Tasty Toxins, which teaches listeners about the foods that contribute to energy and well-being.

She is a featured entrepreneur in the book, A Cup of Cappuccino for the Entrepreneur’s Sprit, Women’s Edition, which was recognized as a leading business book by Small Business Trends.

DeDe’s inspirational story is featured in Choices and Illusions: How Did I Get Where I Am and How Do I gGet Where I Want to Be?, by New York Times bestselling author, Eldon Taylor.

She is the founder of the Snap Out of It! Radio Network,” founder of the “Snap Out of It Conference, and former host of her own Snap Out It! Show, interviewing hundreds of thought leaders, psychologists, and everyday rebels, willing to challenge the herd and hive mentality.



Before becoming a speaker and entrepreneur, DeDe spent 25 years as a corporate sales executive, selling millions of dollars worth of products. The companies she worked for include Toyota Material Handling, Waste Management, State National Insurance Company and Auto Financial Group. DeDe was one of the first successful women entering into “a man’s world” of heavy equipment and forklift sales.



As a singer, DeDe released her debut CD in 2009, titled I Believe. Her latest original song, Beautiful Addictions, is featured on a compilation CD for the nationwide anti-bullying campaign, The AnonymoUS Initiative, which brings awareness to the ways we bully ourselves, and sheds light on the devastation brought about by adult and adolescent bullying.

DeDe has performed live in front over 100,000 people and for three million TV viewers.
She has sung the National Anthem for professional organizations such as the NBA’s Oklahoma Thunder, and MLB’s Houston Astros, as well as her beloved New York Yankees.

She is currently in production on her autobiographical one-woman show, If I Stop Then
Who Am I, written by award-winning New York composer and lyricist, Daniel Mate.



When people hear DeDe’s full name, DeDe Murcer Moffett, some invariably ask, “Murcer? As in Bobby Murcer? It’s true.

DeDe’s uncle was Major League Baseball player, Bobby Murcer: a 5-time all star and Gold Glove award winner, who played 18 years for the New York Yankees, San Francisco Giants and Chicago Cubs. After retiring from baseball in 1983, Bobby went on to become an award-winning broadcaster, spending 24 years with the New York Yankees in the broadcast booth, alongside announcing greats like Phil Rizzuto, Tony Kubek and John Sterling. In 2008, Bobby passed away after a 19 month battle with brain cancer.

DeDe and the entire Murcer family support the Oklahoma Brain Tumor Foundation and the great work they do for families suffering from cancer.

DeDe is married to stock trader Rick Moffett. They live in beautiful Evergreen, Colorado, just outside of Denver, with their three furry kiddos: Sheba, a 17 year-old blind cat; Sam the General, a Yellow Lab-Chesapeake Bay Retriever (who can’t retrieve a darn thing), and Asta the Runway Model, a West German Showline GSD.


Presentation Topics

To Ignite Your LIfe, Just...Snap Out of It!

DeDe’s most popular keynote is not only high energy, fun and educational but it renews courage, reignites creativity and rekindles the confidence necessary to prosper in our professional and personal lives.

Unproductive negative habits paralyze progress effecting bottom line results!  Learn the steps to Snap Out of It for good! Can we regain real passion and become engaged employees, excited about our careers?  Absolutely and DeDe will show you how. In this high energy presentation filled with easy to implement core tools, audience participation and laughter, DeDe demonstrates how to move through mental blocks that cause employees to become disengaged and distracted, wasting valuable time, money and energy.

This presentation is ideal for sales groups, middle managers, executives or anyone who has the desire to understand the power of emotional intelligence and the benefits of Snapping Out of It.  DeDe shows how to constructively and consistently move past confusion, insecurity, doubt and fear.

You’ll get bottom-line results to ignite your leadership, influence, creativity and personal power by learning how to:
  • Identify what is blocking you and discover the tools to breakthrough to success.
  • Understand what courage is and isn’t to take a leap of faith.
  • Apply authentic visioning to transform your life.


Leaders Do What They Think They Can't 

Are leaders born or made? While it is true that some people are born leaders, many great leaders are born out of adversity and struggle. Ordinary people facing life’s most difficult challenges emerge as some of the most inspirational and influential leaders of today.  Who would you be if you did what you think you can’t do?

In this presentation you will learn:
  • How to take on life’s challenges with a fresh perspective
  • Learn to stay positive while moving through what’s scary, unfamiliar and unknown
  • Understand how to influence, inspire and lead others to do what they think they can’t


What's Probable is Never What's Possible 

Most people think in terms of what is probable. They review the statistics and the current information. From this information they decide if it’s possible for them.  But the people who change the world, the people who create and innovate new ways of doing business, new ways of thinking and new ways of interacting in the world, are the people who never believe what’s probable is all that’s possible. Get out of the box, outside the probabilities and learn to create a whole new world of exciting possibilities.

In this presentation you will learn:
  • To ignite curiosity and expand possibility thinking
  • Techniques to keep going when encountering the naysayers
  • Create and harness powerful emotions to propel you toward your dreams.


Big League Courage: Do Something Amazing 

At times we all fear change — even when the proposed change is for the good. Why?  We fear doing things that are different, out of the box and unfamiliar. The unfamiliar can even paralyze an organization’s senior leaders and top performers.

Organizations and associations hire DeDe to deliver her big message as an energizing tone-setter for their most important conferences, meetings, and events. Her talk, “Big League Courage Do Something Amazing” teaches about the individual and team practice of making right choices and taking risk so organizations can accomplish the kinds of initiatives that make them stand out in today’s competitive global environment.

DeDe, who “Meetings & Conventions” magazine named to its meeting professionals “Favorite Speakers List” draws upon the latest cognitive and behavioral research, her 25 years in corporate sales, plus the tough lessons learned on and off the field from her uncle, five-time major league baseball All-Star and New York Yankee, Bobby Murcer.

DeDe leaves audiences thinking and most importantly feeling different about fear and change through her fun Broadway-caliber entertainment, her do-it-now exercises and by instilling powerful emotional anchors so each attendee can continue to breakthrough stuck points and become courageous, productive dynamos for life.

It’s not about banishing fear. It’s about using Big League Courage to keep stepping up, keep risking forward and Do Something Amazing!


I Got Tired of Being Someone Else

How Authenticity Sells and Propels Success 

People buy personalities more than they buy products and services.  Consumers today are far too smart and aware of marketing gimmicks and propaganda due to being bombarded constantly with slick sales ads from radio, news and the Internet.  If you want to engage your clients and get them to pay attention to your message, products and services then cut the hype and connect honestly.

In this competitive, busy and distracted world people are yearning for real authentic connections. Everyone is talking but who’s really listening? Are you taking the time to build trust based on honest communication and feedback?  Make that connection and you will unlock the secret to success and sail past your competitors as you watch your sells skyrocket!   Authenticity in business is the new currency that propels your success forward faster.

In this high energy and content rich presentation, audiences are engaged from start to finish.  They walk away with real core tools that they can implement immediately to authentically connect with clients, co-workers and colleagues while improving their careers, personal lives and the bottom line.

  • Learn to Be Vulnerable But Powerful
  • Understand How the “Success Trap” Kills Authenticity and How To Avoid It
  • Learn 3 Steps to Connect Immediately With Your Ideal Clients
  • Learn Why Showing Your Weaknesses Strengthens Powerful Relationships


Living a Big Life Takes Big Balls

How to Step Up and Move Forward Now

Career experts point out that your beliefs really do influence outcomes. Unless you first believe you can and will find the job or career you want, you’ll end up defeating yourself.

The second obstacle to success is knowing what you want more than what you don’t want.  People are afraid to declare what they want because they’re afraid they might not get it. Time doesn’t stand still and business opportunities are lost to someone else while you’re deciding if you’re good enough.

Grow a pair and take a leap!

In this hilarious and high-energy presentation, DeDe uses parodies and audience participation to open up the minds and hearts of attendees while delivering a no nonsense “ballsy” approach to living a more successful career and life.

DeDe leads participants to question the validity of their limitations and the laugh at the absurdity of unfounded fears while showing real techniques to help them step up and speak up in their careers and personal lives.

  • Learn Techniques to Suspend Disbelief So You Can Do What’s Important Now
  • Learn to Get Clear On What You Want So You Can Seize
  • the Opportunity In Front of You
  • Learn Why Having Big Balls Might Be Uncomfortable But Pays Off Big
  • Learn the Secret to Keep Your Best Ideas from Dying a Slow Death


Snap Out of It! Develop Creativity, Innovation and Passion in Any Job

Are you losing market share and wasting good talent by not fostering creativity within your organization?

In a 2012 Adobe Study, 75% of workers say they are under pressure to be more productive on the job instead of creative.  There is little time to explore unchartered and unfamiliar territory the very thing that is required to discover new and exciting opportunities, ideas, products and services.

In order to be a leading edge company in the overcrowded marketplace, you must understand the importance of and learn how to foster creativity within your organization.

In this fun and informative presentation learn how to unleash creativity that sparks innovation so that employees become passionate as they move the company forward and increase the bottom line.

  • Learn to Carve Out Creativity Time Without Losing Productivity Time
  • Wipe Out the “Mistakes and Failures are Bad” Mentality to Move Forward Faster
  • Undo 5 Bad Habits That Kill Innovation 
  • Find Out if You’re Working In The Right Position For Passion To Explode



DeDe Murcer Moffett
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