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Deborah Gardner

February 8, 2014
Deborah Garnder

Deborah Gardner

Expertise:   Success, Competition, Peak Performance, Motivation, Sales, Teamwork, Customer Service

Speaking Style:  High-voltage. Sassy. Real.

Travels From:  Phoenix, Arizona

Nancy Says:  “Deborah is a powerhouse, loaded with enthusiasm and wisdom. She’s easy to work with, and goes beyond the call of duty. That makes everyone look good!”


Helping Companies Become Successful Through Competition

When it comes to competition, Deborah Gardner, CMP, knows firsthand what it takes to achieve success. As a Marine brat, Deborah’s had a lifetime of competitive practice, from an Olympic trial swimmer to one of the first female sports broadcasters, with both CBS & NBC, to an impressive, 27-year career in the hospitality profession. Along the way, she learned what it takes to win, whether it’s on the field, in the boardroom, or in the sales world.

Her Fortune 500 clients know her as the “Pit Bull in a Skirt.” That should give an indication that audiences can expect an energizing and entertaining program filled with real-world knowledge, geared towards each client’s needs. With Deborah’s astute guidance, ideas and strategies make sense, applicable for immediate gains. Goals turn into results!

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Meetings & Conventions Magazine “Planners’ Favorite Speaker List” 2014
Awarded as One of the Top 5 Most Requested Speakers by MPI
Honored as “Best in Class” Speaker by PCMA

Deborah Gardner is a competitive performance catalyst that companies and organizations call on to get more momentum. She helps organizations and individuals focus on what is truly important, inspires constant improvement, and motivates people to immediate action. Considered by many Fortune 500 companies, Deborah is better known as the “pit bull in a skirt.” As an author and international speaker, Deborah’s client list ranges from Wal-Mart, Bank of America, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Marriott Hotels, Henkel (formerly Dial Corp), Specialized Carriers & Rigging Association, Tennessee Quarterback Football Club, Arizona Broadway Theatre, MPI, PCMA, SGMP, Sheraton Hotels, Crowne Plaza Hotels, Non-Ferrous Founders Society, Silicon Valley Bank, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Pacificia Host Hotels, National Concierge Association and more.

With a lifetime of competitive experience, Deborah has a wealth of practice from being a Marine Brat, an Olympic trial swimmer to currently a 2-time gold medal Sr. Olympic winner to a ground-breaking leader as one of the first female sports broadcaster with CBS-TV & NBC-TV, sports reporter for WHO-Radio and a hospitality sales veteran working for hotels such as Hilton, Crowne Plaza, Marriott, Renaissance, Omni and Sheraton. A member of National Speakers Association, Deborah is a Certified Meeting Professional (CMP) recipient in which only 5 professional speakers worldwide have earned this honor. Most notably known as one of the top 5 most requested speakers by Meeting Professionals International, “Best in Class” speaker by Professional Convention Management Association and recently voted as Meetings & Conventions Magazine “Planners’ Favorite Speaker 2014. Among the short list of winners include Colin Powell, Bill Clinton, Tom Brokaw, Les Brown, Barbara, Corcoran, Walter Bond, Magic Johnson and Deborah Gardner.

Deborah has a captivating monthly video blog called THE WINNER’S CHANNEL. Author of several popular books such as “Naked Negotiating,” “How to Sell to Men Without Wearing a Low-Cut Dress”and “COMPETE BETTER NOW! 52 Challenges for a Kick Butt Winning Year.”

Presentation Topics

Deborah Gardner as a Presenter…

Deborah infuses her humorous and entertaining presentations with a lifetime of experience that includes everything from being an Olympic trial swimmer to a TV/Radio personality to the first female sportscaster with CBS Sports. She has a talent for identifying untapped potential by helping companies and organizations align strategies, goals and objectives with an “all hands on deck” approach to rediscover their competitive spirit.

One of the highest rated presenters in the Hospitality Industry, Deborah was also named to the prestigious list of “Planners Favorite Speakers” by Meetings & Convention magazine.

Compete Better Now!

Buckle your seatbelt! Watch as Deborah Gardner boldly unveils the most in-depth business topic in this humorous high-energy program. The world of competition breeds winners, and to become a winner you must perform. Yet, do you really know how to compete, consistently win or do you merely co-exist? Do you ignore the competition? Do you know who your biggest competitor is?

Competition is part of every facet of our lives…in business, in our families, in dating, in our daily activities and even within ourselves. Everyone’s goal is to win! And, every decision you make says something about YOU.

Hear astonishing real-life business and individual case studies that exemplify the three main drivers for better competition. Discover the ONE thing that separates you from others. Experience an immediate stimulation to the true meaning of competition and find out…are you going to win, or are you going to lose?

What you will learn:
  • Perception: A judging mechanism that brings awareness to your product, image, influence foundations, decide is it good or is it bad?
  • Position: Identifying and demonstrating why others want to work with you is all about positioning you correctly.
  • Performance: We judge our intentions but others judge us by our actions. To win, it’s about putting to work the right people, doing the right things with the right clients the right way. Find out what to start and stop doing in order to thrive.


Failure...The New Success 

News flash: You are going to fail! And by the nature of failing or making mistakes, you most likely will beat yourself up…another mistake. Yet, more importantly, what mistakes did you not make that cost you your success? You may never know unless you start realizing, mistakes are the only pathway to success.

If you want “Triumphant” success for you or your organization, then hear how Deborah shifts the path of failure through the science of success (SOS). Learn, cry, laugh while Deborah shares the many embarrassing train wreck mistakes that failed her right into success as one of the first ever female sports broadcasters to winning her first real Olympic gold medal and more.

In this humorous, motivating and jaw dropping program, learn how to analyze a setback and find the success message inside you while discovering new beginnings.

Program insights:
  • What to do when failure is not an option
  • Find out the #1 cause of failure
  • Hear why failure should be part of your everyday vocabulary


Going for the Gold 

Imagine your goal is to win the GOLD! Being the star in a new job, exceeding your quota or simply the joy of everyday victory, winning is a phenomenal sensation. Conquering goals comes from the intensity of three critical traits combined with personal and professional strategies to help you succeed:

  • Faith: With the true meaning of competition, believe in the emotional heart-activating techniques to your dreams, passions and interests you long desired.
  • Focus: Spotlight your momentum to velocity while concentrating on minimizing pain and maximizing gain to win.
  • Finish: Encounter the powerful “wave” created by experiencing your own experience!

In this program, Deborah Gardner’s shares her story of having only amateur swimming abilities to winning the gold after many failure attempts. Conquering something that even her swimming idol, Olympic medalist Michael Phelps has not done before. Discover your longtime ambition and purpose – experience your own experience – while going for your gold.



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