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Carolyn Strauss

February 3, 2014
Carolyn Strauss

Carolyn Strauss

Expertise:   Business, Employee Engagement, Communication, Creativity, Motivation

Speaking Style:  Energetic.  Practical.  Informative.

Travels From:  Denver, Colorado

Nancy Says:  “Carolyn shines from the inside out, both in her presentations and in the way she connects with each individual in her audience.  I’m always impressed with her, both on and off the platform.”


Smart Motivational Speaker

Carolyn Strauss is a face familiar to millions of Americans, having appeared on Home Shopping Network regularly for over 15 years, as well CNN, Entertainment Tonight, Maury and PBS. A former 20-year top, plus-size model with the Ford Modeling Agency in NYC, Carolyn created and is CEO of her own fashion line, CSC Studio, a multimillion dollar apparel company which debuted on HSN in 1998.

As a speaker, Carolyn is a “Cultural Alignment” expert who specializes in communication, employee engagement and relationships, thus creating optimal workplaces. She is also an expert in personal presentation skills. With a lifetime of entrepreneurial ventures, a successful modeling career, and years of retail and on-camera experience, she brings a wealth of knowledge and wisdom, with a sharp sense of humor, to the stage.

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Carolyn Strauss is an internationally recognized Collaborationships© expert, focusing on all aspects of employee engagement, a keynote speaker and a successful entrepreneur.

Carolyn is the CEO, spokesperson and, for the past 14 years, the “on-camera” face of The Carolyn Strauss Collection – now C.S.C. Studio – a multi-million dollar clothing company exclusively sold on The Home Shopping Network. Under Carolyn’s direction, the company has experienced consistent growth.

She is a published author of four books and a former Ford model for more than 20 years in New York City.  She is a nationally-recognized fashion expert and has been a professional speaker for more than 25 years.  She has appeared on national television including- Entertainment Tonight, Maury, Good Day Colorado, and on CNN. Carolyn has also hosted her own radio show.


Presentation Topics

Gender-Based Leadership and Communication Strategies

Leaders, managers, supervisors, and support staff will come away with the ability to create synergy and ease in communication between men and women. This will enhance productivity within any organization and assist everyone in projecting the voice of the company.

By the end of this informative, entertaining and interactive program participants will understand how men and women process information differently. Gain the skill needed to generate your desired emotional response from both men and women. Learn to capture your listener’s attention and cause them to want to take action were everyone wins.


Presenting with Optimal Power: Is Your Image Hurting Your Image? 

This presentation also known as “Is Your Image Hurting Your Image” is funny, entertaining and interactive. Within the 45-60 minute time frame your audience will know themselves better, see themselves clearer and garner control of how others see them in the world.

As human beings instinct causes us to make immediate judgments of others based on how they look. Upon first impression does what others see match what you want others to see, think or know about you? Any incongruence or disconnect your appearance causes is an obstacle which is easily overcome.

  •  Enter a room “on purpose” in a way that creates confidence, approachability and a positive attitude
  •  Strategically select wardrobe and use body language to establish comfortable rapport with anyone
  •  Project a complete image thereby creating the desired results in both business and personal situations
  •  Incorporate touch into your interpersonal interactions in a way that is non-threatening and facilitates relaxed conversation


It's Your Move: You Know It By Heart

Women's Program

Women have come far in the past 60 years. We’re CEO’s , corporate executives, entrepreneurs, executive assistants, mothers, volunteers, wives, part-timers….and we are exhausted. Day to day responsibilities and the demands on your time, physical and emotional resources, leave you with no time and energy to formulate goals, solidify your sense of purpose, or to focus on your true heart’s desire – and where you are headed in life. Using a simple yet effective strategy attendees will:

  •  Learn how to set the goals that will lead to genuine satisfaction and create a clear path for reaching them.
  •  Allow the wisdom and strength of others to help you contribute your gifts.
  •  Explore living in the current paradigm, and learn a new way of living from your heart where being feminine allows you to do it all, and  have energy left for you.


Tame the Inner Critic for a Model Life: Being the Optimal You 

Women's Program

In this version of the “Presenting with Optimal Power” keynote, women will learn to use body language, clothing and just the right attitude to create an image that has maximum, positive impact. We will also explore how Women, unlike Men, have an inner critic with whom we are constantly at odds. Most women think “ I’m not good enough, pretty enough, sexy enough etc.” 

In this program you will learn to why you have an inner critic, strategies to tame her, acknowledge what she says, then have the power to tell her to sit down and shut up.



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