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Brian Walter

February 9, 2014
Brian Walter

Brian Walter

Expertise:   Teambuilding, Branding, Motivation, Communication, Entertainment

Speaking Style:  Energetic. Quirky. Spontaneous.

Travels From:  Seattle, Washington

Nancy Says:  “Brian’s picture alone is an indication that this guy is no ordinary speaker. He’s hilarious with highly unique presentations. Naturally, no two talks are ever alike!”


Customized Infotainment to Make Meetings Memorable

What happens after the branding agency’s work is done? Branducation with Brian Walter, that’s what! When a whole new branding initiative is rolled out to employees, they’re often left with little or no understanding of how to translate the reinvention and brand concepts in their work. Brian writes, produces and performs your brand rally for you! Using the unique process he calls Branducation, Brian taps his extensive advertising and HR background to demonstrate to employees the tangible power and values of your new brand. Using cultural references, industry analysis and interactive exercises, Brian breaks down what each new brand component means, all to riotous laughter and cheers.

Brian’s programs are massively customized, fast-paced and memorable. In fact, he owns the trademark on Extreme Meetings!™ – a very acurate assessment of what audiences can expect when he speaks.

Learn more about Brian Walter...

Brian Walter is the founder of Extreme Meetings, Inc. He is a communications consultant, speaker, infotainment expert and multi-media producer. For over twenty-five years, in three careers, nine jobs, and five companies, he has specialized in transforming boring into compelling.

UCLA and then into retail

After graduating from UCLA with a BA in Communications, Brian leapt into retail…primarily for the 25% merchandise discount. He worked for two department stores (both now Macy’s).

Starting out as a sales associate and department manager, he was quickly promoted to positions in customer service, management training and company-wide internal communications.

Award-winning advertising commercial producer

While still in his twenties Brian was chosen to be the Director of Broadcast Production, and became a multi award-winning producer, managing the creation and distribution of 100+ TV and radio commercials a year. In 1994 he became a Guinness Book of World Records holder for producing the world’s shortest TV commercial. 

Freelance writer and video director

While still working in retail, Brian founded Writeaway Productions, specializing in fast-turnaround copywriting and video production services. He published a play and also taught retail advertising as an adjunct college professor at Seattle Pacific University.

Transition to Marketing and Speaking

In the mid ’90s, Brian made a shift to marketing and speaking. He became the Director of Marketing for The Effectiveness Institute, a boutique leadership and teambuilding firm. He produced their first website, and led a marketing transformation. He became a certified People Skills instructor and gave presentations on how to “click” better with colleagues and customers. 

Extreme Meetings is born…and takes off

In 1998 Brian created a new consulting/production service called Extreme Meetings. It was customized infotainment.  He joined the National Speakers Association, and began providing custom presentations for companies on topics from sales initiatives to customer service to gross margin improvement.

Brand Rallies nationwide

In the early 2000s, Fortune 500 companies began hiring Brian to provide”Branducation.”

He helped employees understand and express their brand value. He criss-crossed the country delivering brand rallies and All Hands meetings.

He also produced highly creative breakthrough videos on benefits and other internal company topics. Clients included Starbucks, WaMu, Costco, PepsiCo, Pitney Bowes, Best Western, and Wells Fargo.

The Verbal Ping Pong system

In 2007, Brian created the Verbal Ping Pong elevator speech system. It is used by companies, non-profits, and solo-preneurs to answer The Question (“What do you do?”) in a compelling, conversational way.

Also in 2007, Brian earned the coveted Certified Speaking Professional certification from the National Speakers Association, honoring him for proven onstage speaking expertise and for delivering high value content to clients.

New services to help clients tell their story

In 2009 and 2010, Brian expanded his services to include dynamic PowerPoint production, motion graphics video production, and consulting and visuals production for webinars.

Brian Walter awards, certifications, and memberships
  • Guinness Book of World Records holder for producing the world’s shortest TV commercial 
  • Earned the coveted Certified Speaking Professional designation from the National Speakers Association
  • Winner of International Association of Business Communicators “Gold Quill” Award of Excellence
  • Member of the National Speakers Association, Meetings Professionals International, and the Society for Advancement of  Consulting


Presentation Topics

Verbal Ping Pong

What is Verbal Ping Pong…and how do I play?

You’ve got about 3 seconds

Every Elevator Speech book, system or marketing expert you’ve ever read or heard has claimed you have 15-30 seconds to answer The Question (“What do you do?”). But you don’t. You’ve got about three…at first. Any longer and the other person will flee from you.

So hit the ball back

In an Elevator Speech you’re actually playing a game of Verbal Ping Pong. The person you’re talking to starts by serving you the ball with The Question. The game immediately ends if you hold on to it. The only way to keep the game going is for you to hit the ball back.

You’re talking to a person, not giving an interview to the Wall Street Journal

Powerfully position what you and your company does through a progressively-revealed, CONVERSATIONAL answer. Why? Because you’re giving your Elevator Speech to a person, not delivering a press release.

You’ll know they’re hooked when they give you the non-verbal “Baaaargh?” Scooby Doo Response.  That’s an opt-in signal that says “I’m interested…keep talking a little more” – Verbal Ping Pong.

  • Create surprise and interest the second you open your mouth
  • Reveal what you do in an engaging Wow, How, Now sequence
  • Connect with a dialogue instead of a self-sabotaging monologue
  • Vividly sell your value through five different “Now for example” story formats
  • Finally have a compelling answer to The Question that has tormented you 


Extreme Meetings

It's Showbiz About Your Biz

Like a Saturday Night Live show & mini rock concert all about your business

Brian Walter’s Extreme Meetings® makes your event’s content a rock star.

Your audience is engaged through an amazing mix of customized rock ‘n roll parody songs, original game shows, executive skits, mock newscasts and extreme audience interaction.

Extreme Meetings® Infotainment is perfect for:
  • Brand Rallies/Rollouts
  • Leadership Summits
  • Sales conferences
  • Manager meetings
  • Incentive trips
  • All Hands town halls
Hook emotions, impact behavior

Custom infotainment hooks your attendees’ emotions and creates excitement and buy-in to your specific initiatives. They’re laughing so hard they don’t even realize how much they’re learning.

The Extreme Meetings® Players

Your Extreme Meeting is a scalable production. And Brian can expand his onstage performance with a cast of Extreme Team specialists, from actors and musicians to Emmy award-winning writers and lyricists.



Brand Value Employees Can Actually Value

What happens after the branding agency’s work is done?

Most companies hire an agency to reinvent their brand. But then…

After countless focus groups and executive brainstorming sessions, the deliverables are: a new logo, a brand promise, a mission statement, several pithy brand values (usually “pillars”), and supposedly distinctive brand attributes.

Next, the agency recommends a brand rally be held to roll all of this out to employees…and then leaves.

When all this hits the employees at the rally, they don’t get it. Without real world translation, other than the logo (which they aren’t sure they like) everything else about the brand is perceived as management gibberish. Uh-oh.

Brian Walter writes, produces and performs your brand rally for you. Using the unique process he calls Branducation, Brian taps into his extensive Advertising and HR background to demonstrate to employees the tangible power of your reinvented brand.

Using cultural references, industry-analysis, and interactive exercises, Brian breaks down what each new brand component means. He provides the WHY behind the WHAT.

Employees discover that their new brand is…

  • A recognizable look and feel
  • A promise that is consistently experienced and delivered
  • An emotional connection between the customer (or client) and the company


Custom Game Shows

Games deliver the goods (engagement) 

What your meeting audiences want is surprise, real interaction, physicality, fun and genuinely useful information…an Extreme Meeting! 

The most powerful way to deliver this type of engagement is with organized audience competition…a game show.

Everybody wins

In companies, knowledge isn’t power until it’s shared. Brian Walter’s custom game shows feature non-trivial trivia about your business. He crafts questions and answers that entertainingly serve as internal myth-busters. (What do employees believe to be true that frustrates management because it just isn’t?)

Hokey? Not Brian’s games

Playing games in meetings is never hokey IF the content is relevant. Quizzing employees on company-specific trivia theyshould know, but may not, creates instant engagement.

Clients call on Brian to craft entirely original game formats, or to parody game shows everyone knows.

Either way, the shows are filled with flashy visuals, exciting effects and snappy banter, all directed at identifying and reinforcing vital messaging.

Past client examples include:
  • Payless Minute to Win It
  • Who Wants to be a Verizonaire?
  • Bank of Hawaii 1 vs. 100
  • Sodexho Jeopardy
  • Sherwin Williams Fact or Crap
  • What’s Your Windows Embedded IQ?
  • Microsoft Two Truths & a Lie


Don't Break Your Breakout 

How to Rearch, Craft, and Deliver a Breakout Session Your Audience Wants to Hear

The problem with non-professional presenters

Subject matter experts (SMEs) usually over-use their strengths. They know the details of their topics so well they forget what it’s like NOT to know them. So their presentation turns into a droning deep dive instead of a revelation of insights.  Crack… the breakout is broken.

SMEs are often sent to standard presentation training months before they give a breakout. They’re taught to not look at their notes, keep their hands out of their pockets, and avoid saying “um.”  None of this actually helps them or their ultimate audience.

Just-in-time, only what they need to know

Brian Walter’s Don’t Break Your Breakout provides SMEs with five actionable tactics that will make an immediate difference in their next, imminent breakout session.

Don’t Break Your Breakout provides:

Ask & Answer strategy for generating audience-oriented breakout content
Moving from Information to Insight to Impact
PSSST presenting (Point, Story, Show, Stat, Testimonial)
Turning recipient into participants
Sound Bite Summary

Supporting SMEs just in advance of when they are actually creating their presentation content is the magic timing for maximum impact.


Four Easy Steps to Maximum Frustration

Why Work is Such...Work!
Different not difficult

Do you wonder why some co-workers are so irritating to work with?  Or, more important, why anyone would think of YOU as a difficult person? Odds are they aren’t actually difficult…just different.

Brian reveals the hidden power of preferences

Using hugely entertaining and insightful examples, Brian Walter reveals and dissects the four specific work life preferences that cause most of our workplace friction.

Brian’s humor makes it easy for you (and everyone else in the audience) to ratchet down your mental defenses.  And by revealing the many ways others around you make decisions, relate to people, organize their environment, and pursue wildly different standards of accuracy…you can dramatically reduce the frustration it causes.

Discover how to click with colleagues and clients

You’ll learn the magic of making slight adjustments in your own perception and behavior that will significantly improve your ability to immediately CLICK with co-workers, bosses and client

You will realize how to make work… less work.


Sticky Content

How to Use MiniBrands and Production Values to Make Your Content Memorable

Give your audience an E-ticket experience…

Until 1982 Disneyland charged an admission fee and then separately sold coupon books for the attractions. The best ones were the E-ticket rides.

And that is exactly what audiences want from your speech or training class…an E-ticket experience: memorable, exciting, interactive.

Make messaging “sticky”

As a communications consultant and infotainment expert, Brian Walter will show you how to make your speech or training class’ messaging more sticky.

How will he do that? With an action-packed, example-laden, steal-these-ideas-now session on memory-enhancing presentation skills. The key is to hook participants’ emotions.




Customized Infotainment Preview