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Barry Lewis Green

February 11, 2014
Barry Lewis Green

Barry Lewis Green

Expertise:   Life, Motivation, Leadership, Spirituality

Speaking Style:  Real. Powerful. Fun.

Travels From:  St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada

Nancy Says:  “Every now and then a speaker grabs my attention in such a remarkable way I’m forever changed. Barry is a very special speaker and human being.”


Building Strong Cultures of Excellence, Growth and Change

Barry Lewis Green is The Unity Guy™. He is an educator by nature, wiring, experience and expertise.   Through speaking and consulting, writing, cartooning, music and dance, he rocks (and we mean rocks!) his work with youth and adults; building strong and youthful cultures of excellence growth and change. He works with companies, campuses or communities intent on building the kind of culture that is driven by character, capacity and creativity.  Barry brings people together to build extraordinary and epic success.

Barry’s body of work is broad and deep, in the private, public and non-profit sectors. An educator in strategic leadership and organizational behavior, he is noted as a strong connector who creates conversations of substance, offering authentic and strategic methods for leadership, and a deeper, cooler level of team building. He is also a Certified Master Facilitator with the global Virtues Project™ and a Certified Facilitator for Personality Dimensions®. Barry believes it is our commonalities and differences upon which we build amazing unity that strengthens and creates excellence. 

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Barry Lewis Green is The Unity Guy™; an educator by nature, passion, years and expertise.  He sees education as community building and “the sum total of voices, wisdom and talent which can be harnessed to achieve uncommon results”. To him, that is the core of excellence.  Barry helps companies, campuses, conferences and all communities to get there; in EPIC ways, speaking to engaging education as the path towards excellence.  He is an educator. He is a teacher, speaker, facilitator, trainer, and coach; all rolled up into his speaking. Ultimately, he helps you advance together in thought, will and action.

Excellence is ultimately and powerfully born of character, capacity and creativity. Barry is passionate and purposeful about this truth.

Barry teaches. 

First and foremost, Barry is an educator; and a professional educator for some 20 years.  He believes that education is truly the oldest and most noble of professions.  He is adamant about advancing the power of character, capacity and creativity based education to unleash potential.  He contends that the future demands it, now! 

Barry is a business educator...

and his expertise is over 30 years in community, economic and business development. With a Bachelor of Commerce specializing in Management, he is a certified Professional Manager and a business educator at college and beyond… with a powerful passion and purpose for strategic leadership, organizational behaviour, business ethics, human resource development and entrepreneurship.  He teaches on building prosperity through leadership, management and service born of excellence in character, capacity and creativity. He teaches in the corporate, college and community arenas, through his speaking. Ultimately, he champions a message… his core passion is around what we do, how we best do it, for whom we best do it… and how we do it together; excellence through education. Barry has spent the last 30 years doing just that; developing leaders and advancing cultures of excellence through character, capacity and creativity.

Barry is a motivational speaker, facilitator, trainer, coach and consultant.

He is experienced, skilled, versed and at home in ALL five roles.  Indeed, as a speaker, he does them all at once, In so doing, wholehearted communities at work, school and beyond are a core passion for Barry. Connected to the Global Speakers’ Federation, the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers, the St. John’s Board of Trade, the Canadian Institute of Management, the European Baha’i Business Forum and Common Ground, Barry lives his passion. Together, we are better. Strength hails not from mere numbers but the engagement and collaboration of wholehearted communities at work, community, school, play and beyond.  And Barry moves rooms with this message.

Barry is a community builder...

in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors; over 30 years doing it!  He really is The Unity Guy™. His brand is his wiring.  With a career in community and economic development that spans the federal and provincial public service, the private sector and the community sector… and as both a speaker and business educator… he has delivered on leadership and business management as a vehicle for community, economic and business development… to tens of thousands of youth and adults across North America.

Barry is an ongoing student of, and expert on, character leadership...

and its role in building prosperity.  He is a Master Facilitator and keynoter for the Virtues Project™; a globally engaging movement for character leadership and community capacity building. He is a Certified Facilitator for Personality Dimensions® and its work in temperament and personality assessment, a Certified Tutor/Trainer through The Ruhi Institute for spiritual and community development and a trained practitioner in crisis intervention with ASIST™.  As he writes his next book in 2015, Strategem:  Understanding the 5 Tribes of Leadership, Barry is a student of the work around character, leadership and building epic communities of excellence.

Barry is a cartoonist, rocker, and dancer…

passionate about the power of cartooning, song and dance to bring us together.  Barry brings his love of these art forms to his work with EPIC Engage™.  Cartooning, singing and dancing require creativity, harmony and rhythm… and the freedom to let it go; key ingredients in creating epic engagement.  Bottom line is that, in a fun way, Barry delivers on finding the courage, creativity, harmony and rhythm to advance great work and results.

With all this in mind, Barry has indeed amassed both a breadth and depth of experience in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors. It is broad and deep, but it really means he speaks your language.  Yes, Barry is a speaker. He is a motivational speaker; and more. Beyond it all, he is an author, writer, boxer, footballer and archer and he brings it all to his work, rich in content and a ton of fun.  His content is rich. His delivery is real. His passion is undeniable and infectious. No matter the diversity of perspectives, he brings rooms together, engaging heart and mind in equal and powerful measure, for results.  Engage Barry Lewis Green. He will certainly engage you.


Presentation Topics

Barry's Epic Keynote: The Educator in You™

Character.  Capacity.  Creativity.  Barry Lewis Green and Epic Engage™ believe and contend that education is the path to excellence, growth and change… and that it demands relentless attention to the encouragement of character, capacity and creativity.  It is the best leadership.  This does not mean added work.  It does mean that we need to consider simple and powerful strategies for engaging learning and education at work, school and beyond.  This keynote is epic.  It engages.  It celebrates.  It challenges.  And it is fun!  Most importantly, it fuels real and sustainable results on the ground, in the classroom, at work, and in the community.  You will be challenged and love every minute of it!

Core Topics:


We advance noble leadership; the kind of leadership that builds cultures that are excellence driven.  Noble leadership is born of principle and high character; trustworthy and epic.   With The EPIC Leader™ we help you:

  • lead with high character and strength
  • align purpose and consistent practice, and
  • work together in powerful and united action

Unique capacity is about finding your strategic and competitive advantage; based on your character, knowledge, skills, abilities and talents… and the needs of your clients, customers, audience and all stakeholders.  It is about finding that crossroads between all you have to give and all that is needed in those you serve.  Therein lies a path to excellence; optimizing capacity to serve.  We focus on what you bring to the table; what everyone brings to the table, as the potential and promise to serve with excellence.  We focus on wholehearted education and capacity to:

  • identify and celebrate the powers of your entire team
  • build a remarkable unity of purpose, based on unique capacity, and
  • leverage the strategic advantage of all forms of diversity

Creativity is the power of imagination.  It unleashes our originality.  It makes us resourceful and better able to serve.  It fosters engaged learning, for excellence.  Flourishing creativity has a life of its own.  It is entrepreneurial.  We are passionate about education and building powerful learning cultures; and that starts with flourishing creativity.   We affectionately call it thunderstanding and enlightening.  We help you build engaged cultures of learning and creativity, driven by excellence in service.  We create cool conversations through speaking, listening, dialoguing, singing, dancing, creating and more; and all with purpose.  We get results. You will be challenged and love every minute of it.  We do it through:

  • encouraging a depth and breadth of entrepreneurial content and dialogue
  • exploring an array of creative forums including media, music, dance, and cartooning, and
  • engaging a lot of creative fun

The Virtues Project™ As a Certified Master Facilitator, Barry works with his team to develop leaders on campuses, in companies and throughout communities; leaders who are effectively trained to bring the character leadership work of The Virtues Project™ to the front lines and executive levels in education, community service, business and beyond.  For more on the truly global movement that is The Virtues Project™, check out  This is material that goes deeper but in amazingly purposeful, powerful and productive ways… drawing out our best, in practice.  Barry’s commitment is to the application of this ancient, adaptive wisdom to leadership, unity and capacity building the world over.


Personality Dimensions® Understand and apply a better knowledge of people and personality for greater results. As a Certified Facilitator, Barry applies this work within the context of collective leadership and unity building, fostering knowledge and conversation around our differences and commonalities and how they are both strengths on campus, in companies, and throughout communities. This is powerful stuff; and can revolutionize the team and its work with customers, stakeholders and beyond.​



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