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Ava Diamond

February 7, 2014
Ava Diamond

Ava Diamond

Expertise:  Employee Engagement, Women’s Success, Leadership, Motivation

Speaking Style:  High-energy. Authentic. Entertaining.

Travels From:  Fort Collins, Colorado

Nancy Says:  “Ava is a combination of down-to-earth warmth, yet frank; passionate, yet funny. I think she ROCKS!”


Inspiring and Empowering Top Performance

Ava Diamond shows leaders how to create environments that leverage the talent and potential of each of their people so they can increase their engagement level and maximize their contribution. She cuts through the jargon and confusion and provides practical strategies and tools for today’s world. She also has a mission to guide women to step into their power, to be bolder and gutsier, and to attain the success they crave. Ava shows them how to crash through their limitations to unleash their creativity, energy and talent to skyrocket their success.

Audiences love Ava’s high energy style that combines wisdom with humor, high impact content with stories to drive home her points, and relevant information with examples people can relate to. She uses her experience as a Fortune 100 manager, a consultant, and an entrepreneur to create powerful lessons that inspire immediate action and get results.

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Ava Diamond combines her roles as an entrepreneur, author, speaker, consultant, and former corporate leader to create programs that give people the inspiration and tools they need to transform their businesses and their lives.

An expert in employee engagement, high performance mindsets and women’s success strategies, she helps create organizations where people are passionately committed to results

Ava’s background includes ten years with a Fortune 50 computer company, where she provided leadership to major change and improvement efforts across the country.  She has also served as Executive Director of a non-profit, and has owned two businesses.

She has contributed to 4 books with co-authors such as Stephen Covey, Brian Tracey, Jack Canfield, and Ken Blanchard, and has authored Great Quotes from Feisty Women, combining inspiring quotations from accomplished women with her own down-to earth wisdom.

Participants in Ava’s programs walk away with great ideas and the know-how to implement them.  They find her inspiring, empowering, down-to-earth, and funny!

Ava is also passionately committed to helping women live the joyful, extraordinary lives they crave, and Power Up™ their business lives. Her combination of life changing ideas, powerful stories, and “tell it like it is”, down-to-earth wisdom gives women the inspiration and tools to make the changes in their lives that will really make a difference.

Ava lives in Colorado with Bud the Beagle.  Her proudest accomplishment was completing the Avon Breast Cancer walk—60 miles over 3 days.


Presentation Topics

Inspiring Top Performance

What Leaders Absolutely Must Know to Build a Culture of Engagement and Performance

As leaders, it’s our job to create an environment where we tap the full potential and leverage the talent of each individual. We have to engage their hearts, souls, and minds so that they want to give us their best. This can really be a challenge in today’s world! Your group will discover how to create a workplace culture where people want to perform at their peak and contribute all they can.

Attendees will learn:

  • The latest global thinking and research on employee engagement
  • Why employee engagement is a critical success factor
  • How to increase the level of leader and employee engagement in your own organization


The Heart and Soul of Leadership

How to Inspire Colmmitment and Loyalty, and Get Amazing Results

Research shows that high-commitment organizations outperform low commitment organizations by 47%! True leaders engage the heart, the imagination and the creativity of their people, and inspire passionate commitment. Ava Diamond will share strategies, tips, and success stories to help create strong leaders that tap into their deepest desire to lead and serve to create powerful results.

This program reveals:​

  • How to get people fired up and committed to your values and goals
  • Strategies to increase employee loyalty, commitment, and productivity
  • How to increase your bottom line by getting the best from every one of your people


Is Your "But" Too Big?

How to Get Out of Your Own Way and Power Up Your Success

Do your people want to take their lives and performance far beyond where they’ve ever been able to take them? Do they hold themselves back with limited thinking? Do they avoid taking risks when you need them to go full force?

This program will help them build a high performance mindset so they can:

  • Crash through unconscious self-imposed barriers that hold them back
  • Feel confident, focused, and powerful in any situation
  • Develop a mindset that says “no” to excuses and “yes” to taking confident action
  • Power up their through their thoughts, words, and actions to get unprecedented results


What Your Mama Didn't Tell You and Your Daddy Didn't Know

Success Stragegies for Women

In today’s world, women struggle to remain true to themselves while maximizing their business success. They work as hard as they can, but often don’t achieve the level of success they feel they deserve.

This program will help women:

  • Gain insight into how different childhood lessons learned by boys and girls impact business success
  • Use their female leadership style for competitive advantage
  • Speak powerfully and be heard
  • Build their reputation in their organization and beyond


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