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Annette Dubrouillet

February 4, 2014
Annette Dubrouillet

Annette Dubrouillet

Expertise:   Decision Making, Problem Solving, Leadership, Strategic Planning, Teamwork, Empowerment, Sign Language

Speaking Style:  Dynamic. Passionate. Knowledgeable.

Travels From:  Neward, New Jersey

Nancy Says:  "Annette and I first bonded on a personal level before I discovered the depth of her knowledge and superb speaking/training skills. Her ability to communicate through sign language is an added bonus that few can attest to.”


Helping People Make the Best Decision the First Time

Annette Dubrouillet understands the broad implications that just one decision can have.  It can be at the root of all success, or failure.  Author of Make No Mistake, Annette’s three-pronged approach to making decisions and solving problems is a practical, easy-to-use method that empowers people, teams and organizations to move ahead on solving problems the right way.  You’ll never make another major decision without using her information.

With 30 years’ experience in a variety of business, educational and presentation settings, including over 12 years in leadership positions with the Department of Defense, Annette is a seasoned speaker and training specialist equipped to guide businesses and leaders in matters of problem solving, strengthening teams, and empowering people.

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Annette Dubrouillet has 30+ years’ experience in a variety of business, educational and presentation settings. This means she has practical experience, understands theory and can communicate – all the requisite skills to provide audiences perceptive, intelligent, and stimulating presentations.

Over fifteen years as president/owner of her own speaking business Annette has gone from working in a very complex bureaucracy (the Department of Defense) to running a very successful speaking business. She has translated the expertise she gained in her Federal government experience to hundreds of clients from both private and public sector, including county governments, Fortune 500 companies, prestigious educational institutions and small e-commerce start-ups. 

Annette worked at all levels of the Department of Army – installation, major command and headquarters levels and at headquarters level for Department of Navy. She led large social services organizations with as many as 1500+ customers daily, 350+ staff, 300+ contractors and a $6+ million annual budget. She was also a quality assurance expert at the major command level. For her excellent performance of duties with the Army she received three high-level awards from three different installation commanders over a period of 9 years.


Presentation Topics

Beyond Brainstorming - From Confusion to Clarity

  • Make your problem-solving sessions really productive.
  • Experience a variety of Techniques to expand everyone’s solution generating abilities.
  • Capitalize on the brain power your group already has.


Get Out of Your In-Box 

  • Just luck or talent aren’t enough.
  • Learn practical, concrete methods to maximize your ability to succeed.
  • Find out how to function our of your “in-box.”


Creating Leadership - The Frankenstein Model 

  • Visit the famous doctor to tackle the old question – “Are leaders born or are they created?”
  • Explore leadership development from a really different perspective.
  • Determine the qualities and characteristics your group needs for their leaders.


Annette Dubrouillet - Helping People Make the Best Decision the First Time


Annette Dubrouillet - BOOK COVER