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Anne Obarski

February 9, 2014
Willie Jolley

Anne Obarski

Expertise:    Customer Service, Customer Retention, Business, Retail

Speaking Style:  Energetic. Inspiring. Practical.

Travels From:  Columbus, Ohio

Nancy Says:   “Anne is a real pro because she’s been in the same trenches as her clients.  She’s brilliant at what she does, bringing real value way beyond any speech. And that makes for very happy clients.”


Making Your Retail Business Contagious...on Purpose!

Looking for ways to keep your customers coming back again and again? How to make your business environment so enticing you attract new clientele? Or, how to thrive even during a slowdown? Anne Obarski is the expert who can deliver the ideas and solutions to make your business contagious, on purpose! Specializing in the retail arena, Anne’s keynote presentations and workshops provide the nuts-and-bolts to take your operation to the next level.

Anne, originally a fashion buyer for a major retail operation, began a retail consulting service in 1984, working with all sizes of companies who want to develop profit building strategies to retain customers. She also developed a mystery shopping service, with over 2000 stores nationwide utilizing her company’s services.

Learn more about Anne Obarski...

Anne M. Obarski, the “Eye on Retail Performance,” is a professional speaker and author presenting internationally, who works with retail organizations who want to become CONTAGIOUS…on purpose! She is the founder of Merchandise Concepts since 1984, a retail speaking and coaching service.

Past sportswear buyer for a million dollar department for the May Co. Department stores (now under the Macy’s name), college business instructor for 15 years, and as a retail consultant and speaker, have all helped Anne bring real life experiences and advice to the thousands of audience members that have heard her passionately speak over two decades.

Anne is the author and co-author of five books on customer service, with the newest book “Make Customer Service CONTAGIOUS” recently released.

Anne’s fun and educational sessions provide strategic “contagious” ideas that successful companies can implement right away.  The result?  After applying the principles gleaned from Anne’s programs, client’s find that their customers come back again and again, and make referral after referral.  Why?  Because they’ve infused a high level of  remarkable customer service that is infectious, enviable, and repeatable.


Presentation Topics

Retail Business is Show Business!  

Strategies that will Keep Customers Applauding

Your customers rate your “performance” every time they come in contact with you and your shop. Their critique starts with what they see, hear and experience. We’ll explore how color, lighting, inventory control, merchandising, smells, sounds and well-trained “actors” are all part of the retail stage. You’ll discover important display techniques that successful retailers use to create add on sales.


Make Your Business CONTAGIOUS! 

Drive Them to Your Business and Make that Experience Infectious!

Marketing, service and creating a customer experience is the key to successful retailing. Learn how creating “Contagious Experience” for your customers drives customers o your store the first time…and then makes them return and spread the word along the way; most importantly, anywhere they can!


Bullfrogs have it Easy...They Eat what Bugs Them! 

How to Get Along with Almost Anyone Around your Store!

You’ll discover the critical behavioral styles that make communicating with staff and customers an important facet of your business. In the world of “relationship building techniques” you’ll learn how to recognize and correctly communicate with staff; better yet, with customers. Sales will skyrocket when you have the tools to make building a strong friendship with your customers. “How” your customers want to buy is far more important than “what” they want to buy!


Ann Obarski - Making Your Retail Business Contagious…on Purpose!


Anne Obarski - BOOK COVER