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Andy Hickman

February 11, 2014
Andy Hickman

Andy Hickman

Expertise:  Humor, Inspiration, Business Relationships, Change, Customer Service, Entertainment

Speaking Style:  Magical. Sincere. Entertaining.

Travels From:  Tyler, Texas.

Nancy Says:  “Andy is one of the most genuine people I know in the industry. Everything he says and does comes from a heartfelt place with the intention of making a difference. He’s a very special presenter.”


The Entertaining Encourager

Is he a motivational speaker? A magician? A funny, entertaining guy? An expert in dealing with people? All that and more! When the event calls for something more than just a “motivational speech,” Andy Hickman brings an uncommon experience that audiences will never forget. Weaving magic and fun moments, his presentations are memorable and meaningful. In his signature keynote, The Bonsai Principle, Andy challenges his audience to be ready for change and to “grow” in the process. Andy regularly receives praise after praise for helping to lift the spirits of an organization and its people.

Known for his gift for connecting with people, Andy has been presenting for over two decades, highly sought after by Fortune 100 companies and more. His varied background as a business owner of three companies simultaneously – a real estate development company, a property management group, and a mortgage/finance organization – all lend to his ability to relate from the platform.

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Motivational speaker Andy Hickman understands the importance of growing in the midst of change… which is why he is one of the most highly sought after speakers by Fortune 500 companies in America. Prior to receiving the highest earned designation from the National Speakers Association, the Certified Speaking Professional, Andy owned and operated three businesses simultaneously: a real estate development and construction company, a property management group, and a mortgage/finance organization. His varied background in business provides him a unique understanding of what it takes to succeed. In today’s unpredictable marketplace, one of the keys for a successful organization is found in the ability of its employees to adapt quickly to change. Andy’s background in the business world has helped him in developing keynote and breakout sessions that will not only affect attendees in their work environment, but also encourage them to examine what is truly important in their personal lives.

As a professional illusionist who has worked with David Copperfield’s “Project Magic,” Hickman combines a life-changing message with illusion, humor, and entertainment to deliver a powerful presentation. Andy is an inspiration to people of all ages, challenging them to see that the future is in their hands even in the midst of change.

An organization that focuses on personal growth will see its employees making sound corporate decisions based on solid priorities. Andy believes that building strong relationships at home and at work is vital to experiencing growth in both personal and professional arenas.

Even in the most customer-sensitive organization, employees need to be inspired to deliver excellent customer service, because in today’s marketplace, good customer service just isn’t good enough. Although he has enjoyed the privilege of addressing thousands of audience members throughout the world, perhaps his greatest honor was delivering the Keynote Address to the survivors of the Oklahoma City bombing. In addition to entertaining these brave people, Andy brought them a message of hope and renewal.

As author of the book titled, Stuff That Really Matters – Establishing Priorities for Your Business and Your Life, Andy reveals the secret to creating the future that you’ve always dreamed of… through wise choices made and commitments honored. Andy has also co-authored, Humor Me, a collective work from America’s top humorists.


Presentation Topics

The Magic of the Future is You!

Motivational/Inspirational presentation

This program is ideally suited for opening or closing your conferences or meetings. Andy combines entertainment with a powerful motivational message that will inspire each member of your audience to create their future through wise choices made and commitments honored.


The Bonsai Principle

Presentation on Change

This keynote is especially important to audiences who are facing changes in their lives, whether it is personal or workplace related. Andy encourages attendees to “break out of the mold” and challenges them to become all that they were designed to become!​


Life is a Hoot

Humor Presentation

Using magical illusions and a lot of audience participation, this after-dinner presentation is the ideal way to end a long day of meetings with good, clean fun! Your people will laugh hard, often, and loud while being energized for the evening.


Build Winning Relationships at Work and at Home

Presentation on Relationships

Like a well-tended garden, relationships need cultivating in order to be healthy. Andy will inspire you to create healthy relationships in your personal and business lives because the quality of your relationships will drive your success.


Stuff that Really Matters

Professional Development Program

“Stuff That Really Matters!” (Can also be a full day seminar) This program is based on Andy’s book by the same title. It will help your people establish clear priorities for their business and personal life, because it’s not all “small stuff.”


Lauging While Learning

Program for Educators

While Andy has had the honor of addressing most of the Fortune 500 and many State/National Associations, he is most passionate about speaking for professional educators because the influence of teachers changes the world.

Do you like to laugh while learning? Well, so does Andy! Whether you need a keynote for an education conference or a staff development program for your school district, Andy recognizes what a privilege it be to serve you.


Andy Hickman - The Entertaining Encourager


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