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Alice Heiman

February 9, 2014
alice heiman

Alice Heiman

Expertise:   B2B Sales Strategies, Sales Management, Networking, Sales through Social Media

Speaking Style:  Compelling. Informative. Fun.

Travels From:  Reno, Nevada

Nancy Says:  “Alice doesn’t just share valuable tools for greater sales and effective networking; she helps client’s shift into a different mindset to create an environment for success. Plus, with such a delightful, engaging personality, she makes the process of learning very enjoyable. She’s awesome!”


The Sales Connector

Being successful in sales isn’t hard, according to sales expert Alice Heiman. In her lively keynote presentations, Alice reveals her simple process to generate leads, handle objections, close the deal and retain the customer. She knows that many of the traditional methods, like cold calling and email marketing may not be effective, and that advertising doesn’t always bring results. It’s still all about connecting, building and maintaining relationships.

A nationally recognized authority on all things “sales,” Alice motivates her audience and makes a profound difference in the way they approach relationship building and lead generation, with a proven record of leading and inspiring corporate sales teams and start-ups alike.


Learn more about Alice Heiman...

Alice Heiman is a nationally recognized sales expert. She’s made numerous guest appearances on television and radio broadcasts, in addition to being featured in print publications, including Entrepreneur’s Startups and Selling Power magazines. Over the course of her two decades of teaching others the fine art of selling, she’s earned a host of awards. Saleswoman of the Year, Marketer of the Year, and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Small Business Blue Ribbon Award are a few of the acknowledgments adorning her office walls.

Perhaps Alice’s greatest accomplishment, however, resides in the profound difference her approach has upon her clients’ business. Alice’s pairs an innate understanding of selling with the equally important talent for communicating easily with a variety of personalities and backgrounds. Through her dynamic articulation and training programs, business owners and sales teams quantifiably improve their business networking, lead generation and sales skills. Sales rep or business owner, her sales training will have you selling comfortably and successfully within an abbreviated learning curve.

Alice developed her sales expertise while at Miller Heiman, Inc. before striking out on her own and establishing Alice Heiman, LLC, in 1997. In her years at Miller Heiman she sold to and trained some of the company’s largest and most complex accounts, including Coca Cola, Dow Chemical, Merck and Hewlett Packard.

These days she’s tailored her international expertise so that it benefits an array of small business/entrepreneurial clients.

A consummate networker, she is the author of the eBook Connecting Your Way to New Business and co-author of Network to Increase Your Net Worth. She is also the creator of The BizTalk Blender®, innovative peer-to-peer networking events that connect business people so they can easily build professional business relationships, develop referral sources and form collaborative partnerships.


Presentation Topics

Sales Strategy to Win!

Plan to win. To do that, you need a strategy. You will build a winning strategy that defines what you are selling and who you are selling it to. It will include a plan for acquisition, retention and growth of customers and will ensure you stay on track to have your best year ever.


More Time Please! 

Time Management Practices

There is never enough time to do everything that needs to be done but a day can’t go by where you don’t get your sales work done.  You will learn some amazing techniques for time management that will change the way you do business..


The Formula! How to Exceed Your Goals

We all set goals and sometimes we attain them. In this class you will learn a fail proof method of goal attainment. You will take your goals and break them down into easy steps that give you a daily road map for success.


Build a Lead Generation Machine 

Got all the leads you need? Hardly!  We all need more leads but have little money to spend on marketing and little time to spend on social media. You will learn the best way to generate leads for your company.



alice heiman

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