When an organization or business is intent on continually improving, one thing to consider is the branding. Does it reflect the personality, values, philosophies, and vision of the people behind the company? Is it easy to discern how the company is differentiating themselves from other companies offering a similar service or product?

In that regard, we’re excited to unveil our new website!  We think our online presence is very different from most speakers bureau’s sites…and that is definitely intentional. We didn’t want a corporate, cluttered look, but one that was clean and a bit playful, with heart and soul, and that conveyed our commitment to the speaking industry.

Also, you won’t find a drop-down menu on our site listing a litany of names. What is the point in that? We don’t just “list” speaker’s names with generic information on our site for the mere sake of having hundreds of names. We take the time to get to know each and every professional speaker we choose to align ourselves with – many we know and love so well we can’t imagine our world without them! How can we legitimately make qualified speaker recommendations if we don’t know the people we’re recommending?

When clients come to a speakers bureau’s site, they’re really looking for solutions; we feel it starts first with a meaningful connection whereby we get to know you and you get to know us – based on a foundation of trust, likeability, and confidence that we’ll provide you with the best speaker suggestions possible. We like to think of them as Brilliant Ideas!

When exploring our site, we also hope our clients and speakers get an instant sense of how much we value the “spoken word.”

At Nancy Vogl Speakers Bureau we have the highest regard for professional speakers and notable presenters who use their words to affect change, inspire, enlighten, empower and engage. We know that in one moment in time a connection can occur that can have an immeasurable influence on the life of a human being or in the life of an organization. This is our goal for your event.

Our joy is creatively linking speaker talents and innovative programs with meeting planners and audiences. We see ourselves as connectors and our work as purposeful, knowing we’re playing a part in making a difference.  It feeds our souls and drives our business.  And that’s a good thing.