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Shannon Pickard

Expertise:  Leadership, Academic Success, Prevention/Choices, Bullying, Educator Connections

Speaking Style:  High-energy. Interactive. Hilarious.

Travels From:  Houston, Texas

Nancy Says:  “Shannon’s programs are powerful and meaningful. He’s living and spreading the dream so others can understand how they, too, can excel.”


With 15 years on the stage and millions of people reached, Shannon Pickard has been called “America’s Most Requested Young Speaker,” speaking for more than 200 events each year. After starting his first company while just a sophomore in high school, Shannon quickly embraced a mission to impact young America in a big way.

Shannon is a writer, producer, and co-host of a weekly TV show called Teen Talk for Warner Bros, a series regular on TLC’s For Better or For Worse, and a regular performer at The World Famous Laugh Factory Comedy Club in Hollywood. He is also the acclaimed author of the top-selling book for teens, The Choice Is Yours; A Formula For Success, the college bound success book, A 4.0 with a 2.Effort, and the creator and author of IMPROV-ing The Power of Educators. 

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