Scott "Q" Marcus


Scott “Q” Marcus

Expertise:  Attitude, Happiness, Productivity, Communication, Inspiration, Wellness, Life Balance

Speaking Style:  Playful. Upbeat. Insightful.

Travels From:  Eureka, California

Nancy Says:  “I was blown away the first time I heard Scott speak. He’s that good. He’s so on target with his message, with a passion and joy that comes through loud and clear. I’m thrilled Scott is a part of my speaker family.”


Imagine losing over 2,300 pounds in your lifetime! That’s what Scott “Q” Marcus estimates he’s done since childhood. Using the skills he learned in maintaining a 70-pound weight loss since 1974, Scott playfully shows “recovering perfectionists” that it is better to accomplish many things well, rather than get nothing done perfectly. Through his signature keynote, This Time I Mean It, Scott is effective in getting people to change their attitudes, improve morale and create new habits.

Whether leading a workshop with managers on overcoming procrastination with staff, or delivering a lively keynote on how to finally drop the weight, Scott is a cross between “Business 101, group therapy, and a southern revival.”

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