Patrick Henry #2


Patrick Henry

Expertise:  Motivation, Customer Service, Humor

Speaking Style:  Inspiring. Hilarious. Entertaining.

Travels From:  Burlington, North Carolina

Nancy Says:  “Patrick’s lineage (his father is the late, great speaker Robert Henry) would indicate he’s likely very good at what he does. But he isn’t just good. He’s incredible! Patrick’s talent and ability to engage an audience is evidenced by the well-deserved applause he regularly receives. Robert would be proud, and I’m very proud to know and share him with my clients.”


Patrick Henry believes that every speech is a performance. A former Nashville songwriter and musician, Patrick knows what makes for an exceptional experience. With original songs, hilarious stories, and thought-provoking insights, Patrick shows audiences how to shift their attitudes, increase sales, boost customer loyalty and build productive teams. People are instantly captivated because they’re laughing while learning, they’re entertained while being inspired, and they’re moved to make positive changes. What more could a meeting planner ask for?

In Patrick’s signature keynote, Keeping Your Team in Tune: How to Have Customers, Clients and Coworkers Singing Your Praises, he shows the three keys to creating an extraordinary customer/client/coworker experience. Patrick is heard daily on the SiriusXM Radio Family Comedy Channel and Blue Collar Radio, alongside Jeff Foxworthy, Bill Cosby and Larry, The Cable Guy.

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